Top 10 Biggest e-Sports Prize Pool Games Of 2018

esports top prizes 2018

Top 10 Biggest e-Sports Prizes Of 2018As 2018 came to an end, it gave us all a chance to see a few impressive numbers in the e-Sports world. Earnings are fun, right? The more the prize pool earnings, the bigger the brand and the bigger the future. Between the top best games awarded more than $ 130M.

Top 10 games With The Biggest Prizes

  1.  Dota 2: $41.26M
    The numbers Dota 2 put in 2018 are just staggering. It has no match. The Dota International Tournament or World Championship had a prize pool of $25.M which is more than any of the other games offered through the year. Fornite’s tournament authorities have promised to follow the steps of Dota 2, but right now, Dota is on a league of its own.
  2. Counter-Strike- Global Offensive: $22.7M
    The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) 2017 gave $1.67M total between men’s and women’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. Every year the prize pool has increased about $3M over the last two years.
  3. Fortnite: $19.96M
    Fornite was the trending game in 2018. Celebrities helped the game get free-play users and became a mainstream get during last year. The question remains if this game is a one-hit-wonder or will be able to carry its success in 2019.
  4. League of Legends: $14.1M
    The difference between League of Legends and the rest of the previous five games is more than double in prize pool earnings. The League of Legends World Championship is the event most fans are waiting for, loaded with both, lol game and betting action. 2019 should be crazy both in participation and earnings.
  5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: $6.73M
    While the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Global Invitational 2018 had around $2M in prize pools, they are aiming for international expansion in 2019. This might be one of the best games in earnings next year.
  6. Overwatch: $6.7M
    The Overwatch league was a success in 2017. It had enough hype in 2018, but it didn’t deliver as expected. The rumors say the prize pool for the Overwatch league in 2019 will top the $5M. That might get them in the top 5 next year.
  7. Heroes of the Storm: $6.52M
    They didn’t reach the numbers in 2018, down from $6.7 in 2017. Blizzard might want to consider relaunching the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC). That’s where the money is.
  8. Hearthstone: $4.95M
    The 2017 Hearthstone World Championship had a $1M prize pool. In 2018 there were other tournaments lined up to get close to $5M in earnings. They will be aiming for more in 2019.
  9. StarCraft II: $4.53M
    The strategy involved at the StarCraft II is still is appealing in the eyes of many, especially when it pays so much.
  10. Call of Duty: WWII: $4.17M
    I’m certain Call of Duty fans were waiting for this number to be a lot higher, in 2018 the series wasn’t among the favorites. Yet paying $4.17M in prize pool earnings give it a spot in the top 10.
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