TopBet: Still A Bad Bet

TopBet: Still A Bad Bet

We warned players about TopBet Sportsbook back in April and have added a warning to our Review, as well. They’ve made the news once again at They’re behind again on payouts.

This time, they have owed a player $10,000 for several months. He requested four withdrawals for $2,500 each. Despite the funds being deducted from his account – he has not received a dime. The player has been quoted by SBR:

I’ve also asked about bitcoin payouts, and I’ve always been told that they are not an option yet. I’ve heard that you’ve helped people in the past, and I’m hoping that you can help me. Thanks.

No Bitcoin Option is Not Acceptable

TopBet isn’t paying players likely because they almost certainly just don’t have the funds, but their lack of a Bitcoin cashier option is worrisome in itself. One could argue that Bitcoin has saved offshore betting sites.

Nearly every sportsbook servicing U.S. players uses Bitcoin as their primary cashier option these days. Even smaller operators have utilized the crypto-currency, due to its speed and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional fiat-currencies.

TopBet’s lack of a BTC option their cashier is a major red flag. Their issues are far likely to be centered around insolvency than processing issues, but Bitcoin would allow them to process deposits and payouts much faster.

Is There Hope for TopBet?

Of course, we don’t recommend depositing at TopBet. The online sportsbook has a lot of red flags and should be avoided. However, we’ve gotten several emails sent to us from players that have money in TopBet and are hoping to get and asking for advice.

We advise reading our article on if you’re not being paid by sportsbook. There is not a lot you can do from a legal standpoint and being rude or threatening to staff is not going to get you anyway. Being assertive and not rude is your best route.

Instead, ask for your money through email every week or so, while being polite. TopBet may get an influx of deposits with NFL season coming closer, which may allow them to pay players they have owed for months.

However, it’s obvious that this is a temporary “fix” to a much bigger problem. We’re hoping that TopBet comes out of it and pays past due players. For now, they’re an easy avoid.

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