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Best Sportsbook for Betting On
Green Bay Packers
  • Various NFL promotions and bonuses
  • Generous sign-up bonus for new members
  • Fast and secure payouts
  • Accepts credit card and crypto deposits
Best Sportsbook for Betting On
Green Bay Packers
  • Various NFL promotions and bonuses
  • Generous sign-up bonus for new members
  • Fast and secure payouts
  • Accepts credit card and crypto deposits

Green Bay Packers Betting

Green Bay Packers Betting Online

The Packers are one of the league’s most storied franchises. People have been betting on the Packers since 1919, which was their first competitive season of professional football. They joined the NFL in 1921.

The Packers won six NFL championships from the years of 1929 to 1944, including three straight titles in 1929-31. Under legendary coach, Vince Lombardi, they won five NFL championships and three straight between 1965 and 1967.

The Packers Super Bowl titles

The Super Bowl trophy, the Lombardi Trophy, is named after Vince Lombardi. The Packers have won four Super Bowl titles, with the last one coming in the 2011 season.

The Packers have had quite the legacy when it comes to Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks. Bart Starr led them in the 1960s, Brett Favre in the 1990s, and now Aaron Rodgers.

Top Sites To Bet On The Green Bay Packers

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How to Bet On The Green Bay Packers Online

Before taking a look at strategies, let’s check the basics of choosing a reliable sportsbook and placing our bet on the packers.

  1. Choose a Trusted NFL Betting Site – Proper research is essential before choosing and depositing at an online sportsbook. There are many that are outright scams and others that can’t hold a candle to the top betting sites out there. Here we share only the most trusted sportsbooks for betting football. We bet at most of these sites ourselves!
  2. Maximize Your Bonuses – Depositing at a sportsbook and not maximizing your bonus is a mistake that too many bettors make. You should always try to receive the maximum bonus possible and receive the most freeplay. There is usually only one first-deposit offer when you make a new account, and you need to make it count. For instance, if you have a 50% Bonus up to $250, deposit $500 to receive the maximum in freeplay.
  3. Deposit Your Funds – NFL betting sites have a variety of deposit options. All traditional methods used for online shopping can be used at sportsbooks, such as credit cards, debit cards, and bank wires. However, the option we recommend is cryptocurrency deposits, which have no transaction fees and have offer faster payouts.
  4. Choose Your Betting Markets – Every Packers’ game may have a hundred different betting markets at an online sportsbook. Choose your bet, whether it be a side, total, football moneyline, or more, and move onto the next step.
  5. Line Shop for the Best Price – Always getting the best price available on each bet is vital to your success as a sports bettor. That’s why we advocate using multiple sportsbooks, so you can always pay the least amount of vigorish on your bets.
  6. Place Your Bet – Always be sure to check your wager amount and that the market is correct before you click confirm to confirm your bet. Many sites have two-click confirmations, but several top betting sites these days are allowing bettors to confirm their bets in a single click. You are now ready to go!

 Best Sportsbooks To Bet On The Packers 2022

Rank NFL Sportsbooks Deposit Bonus Highlights Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $2,500 Highlights
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Offers VIP Program
  • Great software
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2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
  • Softest odds in the market
  • Very fast payouts
  • Strong promotions and bonuses
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3 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $1,000 Highlights
  • Popular Brand
  • Good Banking
  • Variety Of Bets
Bet Now

Check our full list with the Best NFL Betting Sites

If you’re from Wisconsin or elsewhere and looking to bet on the Packers or are already doing so – you might be wondering, is what I am doing legal?

Well, if you’re an individual that is merely placing bets on the Packers and other NFL teams, you’re not running afoul of state or federal law.

Wisconsin Law Prohibits Gambling On Sports

The only form of gambling legal in the state is bingos and lottery games. It is unlikely that bettors in the state will see any regulated sportsbooks anytime soon. Don’t fret, however.

There are many other options. There is no doubt that many local bookies are operating Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee. But, there are several advantages when betting online compared to betting with locals.

For one, there is more assurance that you will be paid. Also, there are generous NFL deposit bonuses, which can easily add thousands of extra betting dollars to your bankroll.

Finally, the number of betting options at offshore sportsbooks usually far outweigh the locals.

Popular Green Bay Packers Team Bets

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular teams in the NFL and one of the most successful, both as of late and throughout their history in the league.

There are a ton of betting markets available for Green Bay each Sunday and many centered around their star power, most notably, All-Pro quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay Packers Spread Betting

NFL point spread betting is the most popular way to wager on football.

Despite the consistent competition, they’re going to be a favorite at home against just about every NFC team.

Green Bay Packers Team Futures

There are NFL futures bets available for the Packers as a team, and MVP betting options for players like Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay Packers Prop Bets

Each game will have dozens of options to place football prop bets on the Packers. The most common season-long prop is the number of wins a team might have.

The Packers Odds To Win The Super Bowl 2022

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Winning Odds

They’re certainly behind the Eagles, Vikings, and Rams when it comes to their rosters. But we find the Packers are +1400 to win the Super Bowl.

If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy and their defense improves, this team could make some noise in the postseason. They still have the best quarterback in the league, and he has stolen many games for them in the postseason.

Green Bay Packers Team Rivalries

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings and the Bears have been at the top of the division in recent years and have a rivalry dating back to 1961. The Vikings lead the all-time series 60-52-2.

These two teams play twice a year, and the home team usually wins the first meeting, leading to a grudge match in game two. Minnesota has won the last three meetings heading into the 2018 season.

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

The Bears and the Packers are two of the most successful franchises in history. They have 22 professional football championships between them, which include four Super Bowls for the Packers and one for the Bears.

Green Bay has dominated the series as of late and took an all-time lead at 96-94-6 after the 2017 season.

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

It’s not so much as a rivalry as the Packers dominated this series, but their final divisional rival, the Lions, have played far better as of late.

They bested them in record last season and have made the playoffs a few times in the past several years. Green Bay has dominated this series to the tune of 100-70-7 all-time.

Take Advantage Of Our Best NFL Betting Strategies

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