Chicago Blackhawks Betting

betting online on Chicago BlackhawksBetting on the Chicago Blackhawks means wagering on a team with the most fantastic winning runs in NHL history in the last decade. The Blackhawks have achieved three Stanley Cups in a span of six years. When betting the Blackhawks, you will be putting your money on a team that is going all or nothing every single season. They have only one thing in their head: win the Stanley Cup.

As a city, Chicago was spoiled by the Bulls in the NBA during the 90s, but most recently by the Blackhawks in hockey. The last time the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup was in 2015, finishing a magnificent three-Cups run that started in 2009. The NHL betting lines respect Chicago every time they jump on the ice as they should. The Blackhawks are the finest team filled with talented playmakers. Betting on the Chicago Blackhawks is a good investment on a side with winning pedigree.

Best NHL Betting Sites To Bet On The Chicago Blackhawks

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How to Bet On The Chicago Blackhawks

  1. Pick Trusted NHL Gambling Betting Sites: Avoid online sportsbooks that are scams in terms of bonuses and paying out money. How do you pick the good from the bad ones? Our experts at Safest Betting Sites, have put together plenty of reviews of the safest hockey betting sites.
  2. Get The Welcome Bonuses: Find a betting site that also offers the biggest bonuses for signing up. Those bonuses are usually attached to a certain amount of rollover so read the terms and conditions. Take advantage of these signup bonuses by placing smart bets to clear the rollover.
  3. Deposit Money: With the online sportsbook already selected, the process of adding money to your account is easy. All betting sites allow credit or debit card for the deposit. Other let adding funds via bank wires or cryptocurrencies.
  4. Line Shopping:  If you really like an NHL betting line there is nothing wrong with looking around across other sportsbooks. The idea is to find when books have made a mistake in the NHL odds and hammer them with a solid bet.
  5. Place Your Hockey Bets: With those four steps behind you, it’s time to place the bet. Pick the betting line you feel comfortable with and add as much money as you want. Double check the bet just in case for mistakes. Sit back and enjoy the Blackhawks game.

Popular Chicago Blackhawks Team Bets

For a while, the future bets on the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup were very common. Chicago remains a good team to bet when playing at home, and not so much on the road. The good thing about betting on hockey is you can get the money line of your liking every night, or either play with the pucklines or game total. Let’s review a few good bets you can make on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Chicago Blackhawks Money Line Betting

Betting on the Blackhawks is one of the easiest bets out there. It’s basically choosing them to win against any particular team. The number of goals they score or the winning margin don’t come into play. It’s only betting for Chicago to win outright. Let’s see this example:

  • Vancouver Canucks +100
  • Chicago Blackhawks -120

We use the Canucks as an example because they are one of Blackhawks rivals, and for a while, their meetings were amongst the best in the NHL. In this scenario, Chicago is the favorite to win the game. The minus (-) sign next to their name indicates they are the favorite and how much money the betting fans will need to lay down to win $100. In this case, a bet of $120 needs to be made to collect $100 with a win by the Blackhawks.

Knowing Vancouver is +100 in the money line bet, it suggests a bet of $100 pays $100 if the Canucks are the ones winning the match. Keep in mind, the money line bets are based on the amount of money needed to win $100.

Chicago Blackhawks Pucklines

When betting on the puck lines the winning margin does matter. Unlike the money line where an outright winner will declare the outcome of the wager, here we do need to see by how many goals the favorite won.

  • Vancouver Canucks +1.5 (-270)
  • Chicago Blackhawks -1.5 (+220)

The puckline is the number right next to the name of the team. Inside the parenthesis is the vig, or the amount of money you need spend to make the play. The team listed as the favorite in the money line will always have the +odds in the puckline. Chicago is +220 on the -1.5 puckline in the game against Vancouver. That means a $100 bet on the Blackhawks to win by two goals or more will pay us $220. Chicago does need to win by two or more, otherwise, the wager will drop on the Canucks’ side.

Let’s take a look at Vancouver’s situation. The Canucks are -270 on the +1.5 puckline. The bettors need to invest $270 to collect $100 with their puckline, but Vancouver has several scenarios to win. They can win the game outright or lose by a one-score difference, and the wager would be a winner.

Chicago Blackhawks Total Betting

To bet on the Blackhawks totals is betting on how many goals will be scored in a game combining the two teams playing. The betting sites will give you a game-total number, and you need to choose if there will be more goals than that number or fewer. For example:

  • Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks
  • Total: 5.5 goals Over -110 / Under -110

In the example above, the people making the odds put the game total number at 5.5 goals. The bettors can select to wager the Over (-110), and to win, between the Blackhawks and Canucks would have to score at least six goals combined. Let’s say we took the Under (-110), then we are hoping for both Vancouver and Chicago to score fewer than five goals collectively. The number in parenthesis means the amount of money you need to lay down to win $100. In this case, to bet either the Over or Under, you need to invest $110 to win $100.

Chicago Blackhawks Futures

Placing a future bet, as its name says, it’s betting on an outcome that will happen in a few months down the line. Most NHL future bets are attached to the team winning or not any of the titles available. You can bet on a divisional title, a conference title or to win the Stanley Cup. On an individual level, you can bet on a player winning the Hart Memorial Trophy as well, which is given to the best player of the year.

To put in context, in a future bet to win the Stanley Cup in 2020 the Chicago Blackhawks could be listed +1400. A $100 wager on the Hawks will pay $1400 if they end up winning the cup. But the bet can’t be collected right now; only down in the future, ergo, the name: future bets.

Chicago Blackhawks Prop Bets

The people making the betting odds have a lot of fun with the proposition bets in hockey. The craziest thing you can imagine can be bet on during a hockey, and especially in a Stanley Cup final series. We can bet if there will be a fight in the game, and which team will win the fight. We can also bet the length of the National Anthem, both the US anthem and Canada’s. However, the most common proposition bets during the season are if a team is going to score a goal shorthanded; or if a player will score a hat-trick. Whatever situation that is not particularly normal, it might be available in the prop bets.

Chicago Blackhawks Live Betting

Some people prefer going to the local sportsbook to place a bet, and then, there are the rest of us. One feature where the betting sites have the edge is the live betting option. Imagine having the chance to place a bet on the Blackhawks at the same time they are playing. That’s is what happen with the hockey live betting option.

If Chicago is winning the game, you can double-down and bet with confidence. After all, you are watching the game, and you know how the team is playing. If they are winning, the betting odds might not have the highest value, but the probability of winning will increase with every minute. But there is always the other scenario. If the Blackhawks are losing, you can always take a chance and bet for a comeback. The betting sites will surely give great odds for this particular wager, and that only means an opportunity to collect with a huge payday.

Best NHL Betting Sites To Bet On The Blackhawks

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Legality Of Betting On The Chicago Blackhawks

legality of betting on the Chicago BlackhawksFor us who love betting on hockey, the efforts the NHL is making to give fans to experience sports betting is phenomenal. The NHL has been advocating for sports gambling to be allowed in the states where it’s legal.

At this point, eight states have legalized sports betting since the bill passed in 2018. Nevada started it all years ago, so they really don’t count when talking about groundbreaking states. New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, and New Mexico have approved sports gambling in the last few months. With those states clearly taking a stand towards the sports betting practice, there are several other states either planning to join the party or at least intrigued.

New York and Arkansas are the next two in line to approve sports gambling before 2019 is over. Back in 2013, NY had passed a law to allow sports betting in four specific locations. The proposal was vetoed in 2018, but it was introduced again in 2019. It appears is a matter of time until it becomes entirely legal. Other states like Michigan, Kentucky, Connecticut, Indiana, and Massachusetts have all the wheels in motion to approve sports betting within the next year or two. Many have suggested it won’t take that long.

Out of the 50 states, eight have approved sports gambling, and two are really close. Six more have been actively moving towards legalization. 39 in total have either discussing the idea of having sports gambling legalized or already drafting the bill to be addressed. What’s undeniable is that in a matter of years legalizing sports betting will be an afterthought, mostly because it will be the norm in most parts of the United States.

But even if you are in a state where sports gambling hasn’t been declared legal, that’s no reason to avoid betting on hockey. The internet is a beautiful thing, and sports betting online allow us to bet on the NHL and win from any place in the world. Placing an NHL bet online is simple, and it has so much more benefits than driving up to your local sports betting shop. Betting on the Blackhawks can be made at the comfort of your home, local bar, or at a friends’ reunion. It’s pretty much having a sportsbook in your pocket.

The Chicago Blackhawks 2018-19

betting on BlackhawksAfter ending the 2018-2019 season with a 36-34-12 season, the Chicago Blackhawks have some work to do in the offseason. A fan base like this one won’t allow their team to miss the playoffs for a third consecutive year. The Blackhawks gave the keys to the castle to young coach Jeremy Colliton after abruptly firing Joel Quenneville back in October. Quenneville’s tenure with the team was fantastic, but the team wanted a new brand system.

Chicago ended the season in the mix to make the playoffs but came up just short. The Blackhawks finished the season with 84 points, with 260 goals scored and 246 goals against. Five of the teams in the playoffs came from inside their division. They need to improve to compete against tough opponents.

Chicago Blackhawks Team Rivalries

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings Rivalry

The Blackhawks and the Red Wings are part of the “Original Six” teams that opened the NHL in the early 1900s. No other two teams have played more against each other during the regular season than Chicago against Detroit. In 2013, Detroit was sent to the Eastern Conference, and the rivalry is now inter-conference, meaning they face each other only twice a season.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks Rivalry

For about five seasons from 2008 to 2013, the Blackhawks against the Canucks was considered the best rivalry in the NHL. Both teams had high-quality players and always aimed for the Stanley Cup. During those five years, Chicago and Vancouver met three times in the playoffs. The Blackhawks won two of the three meetings.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues Rivalry

The Blackhawks and the Blues have been in the same division since 1970. Their hatred for each other is nothing new. Between the 80s and the 90s, this rivalry usually ended up in a brawl. According to the official stats from the NHL, no other two teams have combined for more penalty minutes and fights than Chicago and St. Louis.

Chicago Blackhawks 2020 Stanley Cup Winning Chances

With the Blackhawks eliminated from the playoffs, they need to start looking to the 2019-2020 season. There is a lot to be corrected, especially their defensive efforts. Jeremy Colliton is the youngest coach in the history of the NHL, so he will be looking to earn some respect as well. The upcoming season will be the first Colliton has the team with the entire offseason to make the right moves.

Betting on the Stanley Cups FinalsThe Blackhawks are a team used to getting far in the season. Their recent history suggests they are not happy with what has happened in the last two years. From 2008 to 2017, Chicago was a glorified name in the league. During that span, they were always in the playoffs and won the Stanley Cup three times. The team has 62 playoffs appearances, and six total Stanley Cup wins.

Chicago will have a chance to reload in the 2019 NHL draft. The Blackhawks won the third overall pick with just 3.0% chances in the lottery. There were other 11 teams with a better probability than them. They also have three extra 5th-round picks in the NHL draft to add depth. The Blackhawks will have playmaker Patrick Kane on his 12th season in the league. Kane remains the best asset on the team, but he might need some help to get Chicago back to the top of the league.

Chicago Blackhawks Key Players

Whenever the Blackhawks have made a deep run into the playoffs, they have been led by at least three big names. Chicago might need a deeper bench for next season, but they have three guys to lay the foundation and go back to the winning path in 2019-2020.

Patrick Kane

Whenever you think about the Blackhawks success, the first name coming into mind is Patrick Kane. Although Kane has been on the team for about 12 seasons, he remains the best player by far. Unlike many playmakers who are centers, Kane makes all his magic coming off the right wing. Patrick had the best year of his career, posting 110 points in the 2018-19 season. With a little help and his skills, Chicago should be back in contention.

Jonathan Toews

Center Jonathan Toews is the Robin to Patrick Kane’s Batman. He has always been a tremendous contributor to the Blackhawks success, despite to not getting all the recognition in the world. Whenever Toews is healthy and at a high level, he will make Kane’s and the rest of Chicago’s offense job so much easier. Jonathan Toews’s 81 points in the 2018-19 season were the best mark of his career.

Corey Crawford

Every good team needs a solid goalie to make a run. During Chicago’s heydays, Corey Crawford was that goalie, stopping everything going his way. Crawford’s number one job for the 2019-2020 season is to stay healthy; he hasn’t been able to do so in the last two seasons. The Blackhawks needs the best version of Corey Crawford to be back on top. Without him at his best, they will have too many problems along the way. Crawford averaged 55+ starts per season from 2011 to 2017. Over the last past two seasons, he played 67 games combined.

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