Pittsburgh Penguins Betting

Pittsburgh Penguins Betting OnlineBetting on the Pittsburgh Penguins has proven to be very profitable for bettors over the last few years. The Penguins have built a team that tends to be contention for the Stanley Cup glory each year and is filled with a set of the best players in the NHL. Whenever they jump on the ice, there is a great chance to collect money betting on one of the best teams in the NHL league.

Once again, the 2018-19 season presents an opportunity to add another Cup to the five they have won since 1990. Since 2016, the Penguins have won two Stanley Cups. Whenever Sidney Crosby or “Sid the Kid” as they call him Pittsburgh, is on the ice for the team, they already have the upper hand over any opponent. Crosby is arguably the best player in the entire NHL and one of the best in the history of the league. Betting on the Penguins means to have a real playmaker on your side.

Best NHL Betting Sites To Bet On The Pittsburgh Penguins

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How to Bet On The Pittsburgh Penguins

  1. Pick NHL Betting Site: The first thing is to select a good and trustable sportsbook to place your NHL bets. There are many options out there but you need to find one with a good reputation and fast payouts. If you have no idea where to start, check our recommended NHL betting sites. Our experts have spent a lot of time on each sportsbooks trying to rank the best.
  2. Maximize Your Welcome Bonuses: Most of the sportsbooks will give you welcome signup bonuses. This could be considered as another step to pick a good NHL betting site. Pick one based on the reputation and the best bonuses.
  3. Do Some Line shopping: Between sportsbooks, there might be a difference in the betting lines. Some would be slightly more favorable toward the bettors versus others. There is nothing wrong with line shopping at different betting sites and pick one that favors you the most.
  4. Make a Deposit: With the sportsbook already selected, the next step will be adding money to your account. Pick a reasonable amount you are ready to invest in starting your bankroll. Making a deposit is relatively easy. Most betting sites allow deposit via credit or debit card and most recently with various cryptocurrencies.
  5. Place Your Bet: With the betting website picked, the money deposited and with the play in mind, it’s time just to place the bet. Double-check it just in case all is as you wanted. Then, go get a beer and enjoy the Penguins winning while making some money.

Popular Pittsburgh Penguins Team Bets

Unlike the other major leagues in America, betting on the NHL is slightly different, or at least the lingo is. That makes it fun. I mean betting on the puck line just sounds cool. Now, betting on the Penguins is profitable on an every night basis. The team is always on contention for a win, and the playmakers on it make it easy to collect money around this team. Let’s check a few of most popular bets you can place on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Pittsburgh Penguins Spread Betting

In other sports it’s called a bet on the spread; at the NHL is betting the puck line. You will find the Penguins either a -1.5 (+100) favorite or a +1.5 (-110) underdog; it depends on the scenario and the venue they are playing. If you find the Penguins -1.5, then they need to win by two goals or more for you to cash in. Keep in mind in NHL, teams down a goal usually pull the goalie to add another position player trying to go for the tie.

Many squads take advantage of it and score on an empty net, covering the puck line. That’s half a goal in the puck line will be the difference between winning and losing the bet. Consider the vig inside the parenthesis next to each puck line. That’s the amount of money you will have to lay down or will win on a $100 bet.

Pittsburgh Penguins Team Futures Betting

Every time you bet on the Penguins you have a real chance to win, mostly because of the quality of their players. This is particularly true when you place a future bet on Pittsburgh. NHL future bet is set based on a winning possibility of a game in the future. It is either winning the Conference title or the Stanley Cup title. For example, beating on the Penguins to win the cup pays +1600 right now. A $100 bet on Pittsburgh has a $1600 return, but it can only be collected in a few weeks if the Penguins actually win the Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh Penguins Over/Under Betting

Betting the game total is one of the easier bets available and many times some of the more profitable to land. The people that make the NHL betting lines at the betting sites will set a number of goals they believed teams could score in the game. Those betting on it need to wager either thinking it will go Over the number set, or Under.

Pittsburgh Penguins Prop Bets

NHL propositional bets are always fun. The people that make the betting odds have fun setting them, and so does the bettors putting money on it. A prop bet can go on how many goals will a player score or even the way they score them. During the Stanley Cup finals, you can bet whether Sidney Crosby will score on a slap shot or shorthanded. Or whether Crosby can get a hat-trick during the game. It’s both fun and profitable.

Pittsburgh Penguins Live Betting

Perhaps the coolest feature about sports gambling online is the betting NHL live. If the Penguins are down on the scoreboard, you can bet for a turnaround and get very favorable odds. If they are winning, you can double-down your initial play and secure more money. The great thing about betting live is you get the feel of the game. You can make you betting pick while watching Pittsburgh face off against any opponent.

Best NHL Betting Sites To Bet On The Penguins

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Legality Of Betting On The Pittsburgh Penguins

legality of betting on the Pittsburgh PenguinsLuckily for the Penguins fans, sports betting is legal in the state of Pennsylvania. It is one of the eight states where sports gambling is legal in the United States. Since the bill passed in 2018, Pennsylvania joined Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Rhode Island as the state where you can place a bet on sports.

The states of New York and Arkansas are next in line. They are ready to make sports gambling legal in the next few months. Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Maryland are working towards the legalization of sports betting. It will take them a little longer, put the pieces are moving in the right direction. There will be a time where we won’t remember an entire movement was made for sports betting to be legal. Everything is moving towards having sports gambling legalized in most of the United States.

One of the movements includes the NHL making a partnership with MGM that gives the gaming company access to NHL intellectual property, including all trademarks, for marketing and promotion. The league is telling you exactly how comfortable they feel about sports betting in hockey. Other teams like the New Jersey Devils and the Vegas Golden Knights have betting deals in place with different gaming companies. The NHL is openly going on the route to allow fans to bet on their games.

The Pittsburgh Penguins 2018-19

Pittsburgh Penguins logoLast season the Penguins lost their chance for a three-peat in the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They were eliminated by the eventual Stanley Cup champion Capitals. The hope for this season is to catch fire at the right time while making another run for the Cup. This is the 52nd season of the Penguins. They currently have the third best record in the Metropolitan Division and the sixth-best record in the Eastern Conference.

It’s safe to say Pittsburgh would like to have a better position at the moment. But in the playoffs, they will be a dangerous team no matter the situation they are in. What makes the Penguins so daring to bet on is the experience of their roster, but not any kind of experience, but a winning one. The team added Matt Cullen, Jimmy Hayes, Jack Johnson, and Derek Grant as part of the free agency acquisitions. They lost Jean-Sebastien Dea who was acquired by the New Jersey Devils. Other than Cullen, none of the movements were beyond impressive.

Most of them were looking to add depth to the roster lineups. The Penguins did record a few milestones in the current season. Kris Letang scored his 100th career goal back in October; all of those goals scored with the Pittsburgh uniform. Jake Guentzel scored his first career hat-trick In November, and Sidney Crosby reached his 900th career games played, not to mention his 1200th career point.

This is the Penguin’s 4th season under coach Sullivan. In two of his previous three, he won the Stanley Cup. Under Sullivan, Pittsburgh always has the expectation to go and win it all. He has a knack for getting the best of his players in the most critical time of the year. When betting on the Penguins this season, be sure you will be investing on an experienced team, which has won the Stanley Cup recently. They have the best player in the NHL.

Pittsburgh Penguins Team Rivalries

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers rivalry

The Penguins vs. Flyers rivalry is called the battle of Pennsylvania, and it gets very intense on both sides. Both teams entered in 1967 as part of the NHL’s new six. It’s clearly a rivalry of two franchises trying to claim they dominate the state. The 2012 incidents in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, where several players were fined and suspended helped increase the rivalry.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Islanders

The matchups between the Penguins and the Islanders started back in the 1970s. Both teams have met four times in the playoffs with New York having the best of it with three wins. In 1975 the Penguins had a three-game lead in their playoffs series, and the Islanders came back to win the next four. It’s only the second time in NHL history where a team comes back from a 0-3 hole.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals

The two teams have met 11 times in the playoffs. Pittsburgh leads the playoffs series 9-2, but last season they clashed in the second round and the Capitals won and advanced. Not only that, but Washington ended up winning the Stanley Cup. In fact, these two squads have met in the last three postseasons, and the winner of the series went on to win the Cup.

Pittsburgh Penguins 2019 Stanley Cup Winning Chances

After winning the Stanley Cup in 2017 and 2016, but missing out in 2018, the Penguins want to be back on top once again in 2019. It’s not going to be easy, but teams know Pittsburgh becomes one of the most dangerous teams in the playoffs once they punched a ticket.

Pittsburgh Penguins 2019 Stanley Cup WinningPlayoffs experience matters a lot in the road to the Stanley Cup. Teams that are savvy in these instances don’t overreact after a loss, and they certainly know how to make adjustments when they need to. But beyond the experience, the fact that they have playmakers on their side helps a lot. The combination of Sidney Crosby, Phil Kessel, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang put opponents on their heels.

For many teams reaching the playoffs would be the ultimate goal. For other winning a few playoffs games and perhaps a series would make the season worth it. Not for Pittsburgh. They have created a culture where it’s winning the Stanley Cup or bust. The Penguins might not have had the best regular season, but once the tournament they are a team to keep an eye on. No one would be surprised if they win another Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh Penguins Key Players

To successfully bet on the NHL you need to find a team with a hot goalie and two playmakers on it. A great coach would help as well. The Penguins have all four factors, and that’s why they will be in contention for another Stanley Cup run this season.

C Sidney Crosby

“Sid the Kid” is already 31 years old, but with a lot of hockey left in the tank. Crosby is considered one of the best players not only in today’s NHL but in the history of the league. He’s the definition of a playmaker and a leader at the center position. He’s one of the fastest players out there but also one of the smarter ones. This season Crosby has already recorded 94+ points, the most since 2014. He’s the reason this team might win the Cup again.

RW Phil Kessel

The right wing Phil Kessel is used to coming second in the conversation of the Penguins’ best players. It doesn’t bother him at all. He is a real player used to record a lot of assists and goals for his team. Kessel was drafted by the Boston Bruins in 2006 and spent only three seasons there. Then the next chapter was spending six years in Toronto with the Maple Leafs. His best years have come in Pittsburgh, where he arrived in 2016. Kessel has a crucial part of the team’s Stanley Cup success in 2016 and 2017.

G Matt Murray

The young goalie Matt Murray is the reason the Penguins got rid of the veteran Marc-André Fleury last season, despite being a symbol of the franchise. Murray is a quick goalie with excellent reflexes. For Pittsburgh to make another Championship run, Matt Murray needs to be at his best.

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