Detroit Red Wings Betting

betting online on Detroit Red Wings Betting on Detroit Red Wings means placing wagers one of the few teams in the NHL that have played both in the Eastern and the Western Conference. The Red Wings are a classic hockey franchise, part of the original six teams from that start of the league early on. In fact, their fan base is one of the most intense in the entire NHL league.

When betting on the Red Wings, you will be investing in the team with the second most Stanley Cup wins. Detroit is always aiming at playoffs and at a chance to add another cup. If for some reason they miss NHL playoffs, be assured the front office will be looking to avoid it from happening again in the following year. The fans in Detroit won’t allow their franchise to be a laughingstock. It’s Stanley Cup or bust for the Red Wings fans everywhere.

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How to Bet On The Detroit Red Wings

  1. Pick Reputable NHL Betting Sites: When betting on the Red Wings, the first step is to pick a trusted sportsbook. The trust between the customer and the sports betting site is critical. To find which are the good sportsbooks read our NHL betting sites ranking prepared by our experts.
  2. Squeeze The Welcome Bonuses: Every sportsbook wants your business, let’s just be honest. Several will try to attract you with signing bonuses. Try to find the best available so you can take advantage of your initial investment. Some bonuses are attached to a different type of rules; read them all, so you don’t get fooled by the small print.
  3. Make A Deposit: If you are a sports betting beginner, you should know trying to add money to your account is one of the easiest steps. Add an amount that will allow you to make a few good bets. Don’t go all in on one bet. Spread the bets and increase the bankroll. You can add money via debit or credit card deposit.
  4. NHL Line Shopping:  It’s never a bad idea to compare betting lines between different NHL betting websites. Some sports betting sites will have more favorable betting odds than others. The difference between one and the other should not be gigantic. However, if you really like a Red Wings matchup, spend some time looking for the best betting line possible.
  5. Place Your NHL Bets: Once you have sorted out which sportsbook gives the best bonuses, but also read the reviews, and made a deposit, then, it is time to play. Go to NHL section of the sports betting site and find the best Red Wings betting line offered. Place your wager, sit down and enjoy making money with Detroit.

Popular Detroit Red Wings Team Bets

There are several ways of making a very good bankroll betting on the Detroit Red Wings every time they jump on the ice. From betting the Red Wings to win outright, to the puck line, game totals or even a bet that will pay off in a few months down the line. Let’s take a look.

Detroit Red Wings Money line betting

Placing a wager on the Red Wings money line is the easiest of the bets available. The money line bets are based on the amount of money needed to win $100, and the result of the wager is grounded on the outright winner. This means it doesn’t matter by how many goals they win; as long as your team is the winner you will win.

  • Chicago Blackhawks +100
  • Detroit Red Wings -120

The Blackhawks and the Red Wings have been rivals for a long time, so a meeting between them always have extra flavor. Detroit is the home team and is -120 favorite in the money line. Because the Red Wings are listed as the favorites bettors would have to invest $120 to win $100. Chicago is the underdog; meaning a $100 bet on their possible win would payoffs $100. The outright winner of the game will decide the outcome of the wager. It doesn’t matter if a team wins by one or a five-goal difference.

Detroit Red Wings Pucklines

Unlike the money line, betting on the puckline does involve the goals difference to declare a winner. Let’s take a look using the Blackhawks vs. Red Wings rivalry game again.

  • Chicago Blackhawks +1.5 (-270)
  • Detroit Red Wings -1.5 (+220)

The usual number of the puckline is -1.5. Sometimes bettors can find a puckline up to 2.5 goals, depending on the sportsbook, but it’s definitely not the norm. A team listed favorite in the money line will have + odds in the puckline. Detroit is +220 on the -1.5 puckline in the example above. It means a $100 bet on the Red Wings will pay $220 if they win by two goals or more.

The wager has a bigger payoff because the guys setting the lines at the sportsbook are asking Detroit to win by at least a two goals difference to collect the money. Instead, Chicago is -270 in the +1.5 puckline. Bettors would have to lay down $270 to win $100. If we bet the Blackhawks in the puckline, the wager has two possible outcomes. Bettors will win if Chicago is the outright winner of the game, or if they lose by a one-goal margin.

Detroit Red Wings Total Betting

Betting on the game total means taking a side on whether the combination of both teams would score more or less goals, than the number established by the oddsmakers. It’s basically wagering on the number of goals scored in a Red Wings hockey game. Let’s look at an example.

  • Chicago Blackhawks at Detroit Red Wings
  • Total: 5.5 goals Over -110 / Under -110

Choosing a side is simple. It’s about betting there will be more than 5.5 goals score or fewer. If we pick the Over, between the Blackhawks and the Red Wings need to score at least six goals to make us winners. If we bet on the Under, then we are aiming for Chicago and Detroit to score a combined fewer than 5.5 goals. The -110 odds next to both the Over and the Under is the amount of money we need to lay down to win a $100.

Detroit Red Wings Futures

Placing a future bet is very profitable, but it’s not collectible in a short time. It’s usually a wager you make thinking way ahead in the future. The most common future bets are aligned on the outcome of a team winning or not a title; either a divisional title, a conference title or the Stanley Cup. Future Bets usually have very favorable odds.

For example, let’s say we find the Detroit Red Wings at +2500 to win the Stanley Cup in 2020. A $100 bet on Detroit will pay $2500 if the Red Wings win the Cup in the 2020 season. The bet can be placed right now, but it can only be collectible in a few months when we know if Detroit is the winner or not.

Detroit Red Wings Live Betting

One of the features that a local betting shop can’t emulate, compare to an online sportsbook is the NHL live betting feature. Let’s say you are at a local bar with friends watching the Red Wings crush any opponent, then you can place a bet on Detroit even if the team is already ahead on the scoreboard. The odds might not be as favorable as at the beginning of the game, but it will grant you a better chance to win.

You can also go the other way. Let’s say Detroit is down in a game, but you can feel a comeback. Maybe the team is playing better than the opponent, but they have been a little unlucky. Then, you can place a wager on a possible Red Wings’ comeback and win tons of money with the live betting odds available.

Detroit Red Wings Prop Bets

The proposition bets in hockey are not as common as in football, but there are still ways to make it profitable and to have fun with it. Prop bets are wacky things the people making the odds thought it might happen during a game. They set up the odds for the bettors to have fun investing money on it. The prop bets could come from betting a specific player to score a shorthanded goal during a particular time in the game. Or even betting if there is a fight or not. Bettors can ever wager on who will be the winner of the fight. The odds usually have a money line.

Best NHL Betting Sites To Bet On The Red Wings

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Legality Of Betting On The Detroit Red Wings

legality of betting on the Detroit Red WingsThe NHL has been very open about allowing fans to bet on hockey. The league enables sport betting in the states where sports gambling is legal, and while those are not the majority of the states right now, it’s only a matter of time for it to be.

With Nevada being the only state permitting sports betting before 2018, several states pushed for the bill to go through and it finally happened in May 2018. Now joining Nevada is New Jersey, New Mexico, Mississippi, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. On deck are the states of New York and Arkansas, which means by the end of 2019 the total count will be at least up to ten states.

Others like Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maryland are moving towards the legalization of sports betting. It won’t be a surprise if these states get gambling legal before 2019; it is just going to take a little more of an effort.

What has separated NHL hockey betting from any other sports entity is they were one of the first to embrace the partnership between the league and sports gambling companies. The NHL signed a deal with MGM Grand a few months ago where the betting company can use the logos, stats and the official trademarks from the league. That by itself should tell you the NHL is embracing sports gambling with more than open arms. In the near future, sports gambling will be legal in most of the states.

The four major leagues in the United States generate way too much money for the states to pass on legalizing sports betting. But even if they don’t, there is always a more comfortable way as sports betting online is available for everybody. Betting online is both the present and the future of sports gambling; there is no other way to put it. Betting on the Red Wings on the comfort of your home can be made right now from any device. It will save you the hazard of driving to a local betting shop or sportsbook. Placing a bet online can be made from home, work or at your local bar while enjoying the game with friends. It’s easy and there are a ton of safe options available

The Detroit Red Wings 2018-19

Detroit Red Wings team betting onlineDetroit ended the 2018-19 season with 74 points after 82 games played. It’s quite simple to say this was not the outcome of the season they were hoping for when the year started. The task now is to make enough changes to get back on top quickly. The Red Wings have missed the playoffs in the last three seasons.

That’s unacceptable for a franchise that is used to making deep runs into the postseason. Detroit would finish the season scoring 227 goals and allowing 277. If there is anything good about the year, it is they ended the regular season on a high note, winning seven of their last ten outings. It’s time to reload for the 2019-20 season.

Detroit Red Wings Team Rivalries

Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Rivalry

The Red Wings vs. Maple Leafs rivalry dates the 1920s, and it is an intense one. These two have met in 23 playoffs games and five Stanley Cup finals. In 1950, there was an incident where Detroit’s young star, Gordie Howe, had to be taken to the emergency room as a result of an in-game crash with Toronto’s Ted Kennedy.

Another great chapter was added to the rivalry in 2014. The NHL Winter Classic was played between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on January 1, 2014. The game broke the attendance record for an NHL game.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks Rivalry

The Red Wings and the Blackhawks have faced each other more times than any other two teams during the regular season in the history of the NHL. Both are part of the original six that started the NHL. Chicago and Detroit meet only twice a year now, but fans of both franchises absolutely hate each other. If in the near future they clash during the Stanley Cup finals, things could get out of hand.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche Rivalry

This rivalry cemented itself in the 90s and early 2000s. In a seven-year span, the Red Wings and the Avalanche met five times during the playoffs. Three times a Stanley Cup finals ticket was on the line at the Western Conference finals. During those seven seasons, the teams combined for five Stanley Cup wins and four President’s Trophies. In 2013, the NHL sent Detroit to the Eastern Conference, making this series an inter-conference matchup. In 2016, they met in the league’s stadium series at the Coors Field in Denver, where the Detroit Red Wings won 5-3 over the Colorado Avalanche.

Detroit Red Wings Stanley 2020 Winning Chances

The 2019-2020 season will be the 94th in Detroit Red Wings’ history since they were established in the league back in 1926. The team has missed the playoffs three times in a row, and they will enter the season looking to avoid a fourth consecutive time. The last time this happened in Red Wings’ franchise history was back in 1982 as part of a five-year playoffs drought that started in 1978.

Betting on the Stanley Cups FinalsThe Red Wings have a 9.5% of chances to have the first overall pick in the 2019 NHL draft. Only New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Ottawa have better odds at this point. Detroit will also have an extra second-round pick from the New York Islanders after a trade made last February. That move sent Tomas Tatar to Vegas in exchange for a first-round pick in 2018 and a third-round pick in 2021.

Detroit is likely to give coach Jeff Blashill another year next season. He will enter his fifth season with the team with added pressure considering he has missed the playoffs three times in the previous four seasons. Blashill is regarded as an excellent coach suffering the growing pains of the job. He has been at the helm of the U.S. Men’s National Team for three years. The Red Wings have been patient about their possible turnaround, but this upcoming season, they need to deliver a playoffs appearance. If not, a lot of heads will be cut off.

Detroit Red Wings Key Players

For a team that is thinking about the future, it is great when their best players are young studs waiting to blossom in the league. Detroit has just that. Youngblood with lots of talent, paying their due the hard way, in the first few seasons in NHL. The good news is they are getting a lot of experience for the near future. These are the Red Wings playmakers you need to know about:

Dylan Larkin

Center Dylan Larkin just finished his fourth season with the Red Wings, and he’s getting better and better with each year. Larkin is only 22 years old, and he’s already the best player in Detroit. This hometown kid from Michigan ended with 73 points due to 32 goals and 41 assists during the 2018-19 season. He doubled his 16 goals from the previous year and became the go-to-guy for the Wings.

Andreas Athanasiou

The future is bright when your second best player is only 24 years old. Center Andreas Athanasiou had 54 points in the 2018-19 season on 76 games played. That is by far the best numbers on his career. Athanasiou scored 30 goals this season and is aiming to get to 40 next year. Not bad for a 4th round pick coming from Ontario.

Anthony Mantha

The right winger Anthony Mantha couldn’t play near the 80 games this season and finished with 48 points in 67 outings. Mantha brings a lot of speed and skill to Detroit, and if he stays healthy, he will be hard to stop. He could have had his best season to date, but injuries played against him. Anthony had the same amount of points (48) than last season, but with 13 fewer games played. He’s improving. There’s no doubt about it.

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