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Betting on League of Legends

The League of Legends betting scene grows stronger each year and the best online sportsbooks have their early market odds ready for everyone’s pleasure. This week several LoL leagues and tournaments are hot, and the majority of the main LCS leagues will have their finals on April 7th and 8th. To be a bit more specific, the following league/tournaments will be having matches on the first weekend of April:

LCS North America (LCS NA) Finals April 7th & 8th
LCS Europe (LCS EU) Finals April 7th & 8th
LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Playoffs Round 3 April 8th
LoL Pro League China (LPL) Regular Season Week 10 April 7th & 8th
Latin American League North Mexico (LLN) Semi-Finals B April 7th

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League of Legends: LCS North America – Matches to Bet On

The LCS starts off with 10 teams facing against each other twice for a total of 18 matches. The starting point of the tournament is played as the Best of 1 Format. The Playoffs that are being played right now are comprised of 6 teams in a single elimination tournament; each team competes in a Best of 5 format. This weekend, 4 teams will be set against each other:

  • Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves will compete for grand prize!
  • Echo Fox vs Clutch Gaming will compete for Third Place.

The Grand Prize is of around $230,000 USD and the crown of the NA LCS Championship.

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves: NA LCS Finals Prediction

Team LiquidThis is clearly the most awaited match for the whole region. Even above LLN and LPL competing, in terms of popularity against LCK and EU LCS. Team Liquid is a classic team for the finals. The finals match is against the recently created team, 100 Thieves; they have the highest winrate of the tournament, reaching 68% in 13 matches and Team Liquid follows them with 60% in 12 matches.

Team Liquid’s roster is filled with famous pro players and streamers including: DoubleLift (ADC), Impact (TOP), and Olleh (SUP). if all were the same we would bet our money on them, but due to personal reasons, there is great pressure on DoubleLift (DL). We have some doubt about his performance since the whole team normally revolves around DL.

The underdogs, 100 Thieves, do not lag behind in terms of roster, with: Aphomoo – the highest rated SUP – and Meteos, who is cited by many a “godlike” jungler.

Team Liquid (-180) vs 100 Thieves (+147) – Picks and Bets

100 Thieves, despite being a very new team, will be a solid rival for Team Liquid and will surprise many at their first ever NA LCS Championship final. Their solid and impressive roster, combined with their winning strategies during the regular season, has proven to be deadly.

Our NA LCS Championship Pick: 100 Thieves (+147) at

Echo Fox vs Clutch Gaming Prediction

Echo FoxEcho Fox started really strong in the current LCS, but later on ended up loosing against the current finalist while having a 63% win rate. Huni is currently on their roster and is considered a consistent and great pro LoL player and currently plays at the TOP position. This has a big impact on the game when the team synergy allows it. We currently favor Echo Fox to win third place.

On the opposite side of the match, we find Clutch Gaming. They are a recently created team (~1 year old), with an interesting match history. They find a well balanced, intermittent win rate of 55%. We consider them our current underdogs for this match. Even though they have Feviben and LirA in their ranks, both great MID and JUNGLER respectively, they may not be able to beat Echo Fox.

Echo Fox (-120) vs Clutch Gaming (+100) – Picks and Bets

Despite Clutch Gaming being a good adversary, Echo Fox will end up taking third place due to their better team and roster. They have a proven and solid season record, and that will make the difference when the pressure is on.

Our NA LCS 3rd Place Pick: Echo Fox (-120) at

Betting on the 2018 LCS Championship – Analysis & Overview

This is the end of the LCS Championship for both the North American and Europe regions. On April 7th & 8th will be decided who gets to go to the worlds, but bare in mind that only the third place is at play here, since both the second and champion have already earned their rightful place to compete at the worlds.

So, who’s to win the LCS Finals? We bet our money from the NA side for the Echo Fox to win the third place and for the 100 Thieves to earn the final prize! Take into account that if you bet during these games on 100 Thieves, for every $100 you could earn $147! What are you waiting for then? This is a perfect time, the perfect moment to win with your favorite team. LoL betting

NA LCS Championsip Odds at offers some of the best lines and odds for any eSports, including live betting on League of Legends matches. New members at can claim a great 75% up to $1,000 Bonus to start with a bigger bankroll when betting on the upcoming LoL matches.

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