Demian Maia Vs. Ben Askren UFC Fight Night 162 Betting Picks And Odds

Demian Maia Vs. Ben Askren UFC Fight Night 162 Free Expert Betting Picks And Odds

UFC Fight Night 162 takes place in Singapore this Saturday. It is not the most attractive fight night we’ve seen in terms of names. However, the main event of the evening promises to be a grappling battle of epic proportions.

The headliner is an incredible welterweight matchup for all the grappling fans. Ben “Funky” Askren is facing, in my opinion, one of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu players in the history of the promotion, Demian Maia.

Let’s take a look at the odds, what can we expect from the fighters, and where the value is to add some money to our bankrolls.

What The Odds Say About Demian Maia (27-9) vs. Ben Askren (19-1)

Fighter Moneyline
Demian Maia +155
Ben Askren -185
Bet On Maia vs. Askren At

Askren has been a firm favorite according to the odds since they got released. Early markets had Ben Askren at -162. Currently, the odds are still in favor of Askren to take the victory home. And we find Ben Askren at -185 at

Considering how his last fight with Jorge Masvidal turned out, these odds are interesting. If you missed it, Ben Askren was out within 5 seconds (fastest KO in UFC history) due to a devastating flying knee.

My best guess is that the betting public is aware of his top-level grappling background and Maia is not precisely a young fighter. Maia is 41 years old now and he lost against Woodley, Covington, and Usman. All three are fighters with legit wrestling ability.

On the other corner, we find that the underdog. Demian Maia opened at +128. Currently, we see him at +155, according to MyBookie’s oddsmakers. However, I think we might still find value on the underdog, but we’ll discuss that in a moment.

Ben Askren’s Edge Over Maia

After Jorge Masvidal destroyed Askren with a perfectly executed flying knee. Several questions arose about Ben Askren’s ability to handle good strikers in the UFC.

I still have nothing but respect for the guy. We’re talking about a four-time NCAA Wrestling Champion and One Championship Champion with an undefeated record.

Don’t forget he also survived a storm of punches from Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler that would have broken the spirit of many others and almost ended in a KO. This being said, Ben Askren is a one-dimensional fighter and MMA isn’t about one weapon.

This is a great opportunity to see what happens with Askren when he’s facing another grappler. I believe we won’t see several changes in his game plan.

I don’t see Askren actively trying to land devastating punches. Especially when in the press conference, he said he has been studying Maia’s ground game, which makes me believe he’s down for a ground battle.

What Can We Expect From Askren?

The best Jiu-Jitsu guy Askren ever faced, in my opinion, was Douglas Lima in Bellator 64.  I can imagine Ben Askren initiating several takedowns attempts and trying to stay on top after the scramble.

Either in full mount or on top of Demian Maia’s half guard to hit significant ground and pound strikes while he’s in control. What I believe is unlikely to happen is Askren submitting Maia.

This fight for Askren is his opportunity for redemption in the promotion. He knows another defeat, and particularly against a grappler won’t look great for his fighting career prospects. He needs to get the win, and that’s why I believe this is going to be an incredible fight.

Demian Maia’s Edge Over Ben Askren

I’m aware Maia is in the late years of his UFC career. In fact, in November, he’s turning 42 years old. Which is not ideal to stay on the top in one of the most violent and physically demanding sports in the world.

Maia’s age difference with Askren doesn’t mean he has the victory in his pocket by default. Demian Maia has created an effective formula for his BJJ in modern MMA with amazing results over his career. This year he had two legit wins against Lyman Good and Anthony Rocco Martin.

It is not a coincidence that he has thirteen submission wins in his UFC career. Remember, you might find lucky KOs, but there’s no such thing as a lucky rear-naked choke. Maia is a world-class submission artist.

Maia’s Striking Ability

For the first time, I firmly believe Maia has the striking advantage in a fight. In the past, he faced legitimate wrestling guys and lost. However, Woodley and Covington were heavily focused on defending and avoiding a ground fight.

Askren, on the other hand, is ready for a long grappling fight. That’s something we can’t ignore when considering where to put our money in this bout.

Demian Maia is far from being a sharp striker, but I’m convinced he can dominate Askren on his feet. Another critical factor in Maia’s game is that he has been forced to round out his game to become a well-rounded mixed martial artist and keep his career up.

Askren, I still believe, is a wrestler who fights MMA and not a well-rounded fighter. It seems to me that Askren can’t be dominant in every single aspect of the game during his bout with Maia.

Demian Maia Vs. Ben Askren UFC Fight Night 162 Betting Prediction

We know that there’s a big possibility that this fight is going to be five rounds, I can’t picture any of the fighters knocking the other out in the first two rounds.

I see Askren trying to impose his funky wrestling style from round one. Even if he’s not going anywhere with his takedowns, aggression, and control, this might affect Demian Maia’s stamina.

However, Maia has enough experience and technique that is possible he can control Askren in this scenario. I am confident that in every other aspect of the game, besides wrestling, the Brazilian might have an advantage.

This might go two ways. In the first scenario, Askren dominates the wrestling game with takedowns and lots of aggression for a few rounds. Once he gets to the ground, he realizes how hard it is to control and dominate Maia.

Is a KO Victory Even Possible?

It would be unexpected, but if they start to stand up and exchange punches often, then it could happen. Based on what I’ve seen on Maia’s basic kickboxing. I would take a shot at the dog winning by KO. Props are not out yet, but this might be one I would put money on.

The second scenario, and my personal favorite, I don’t see how these two top-level guys can submit each other in 5 rounds. It might happen, but not sure how with these two grappling freaks inside the Octagon.

However, I’m happy to bet the dog at +155, and a prop with Maia winning by decision sounds attractive to me as well.

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