Formula 1 2019 Australian Grand Prix Odds & Picks

Formula 1 2019 Australian Grand Prix Odds & Picks | F1 Betting

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix betting is just a day away from going into a full swing. The 2019 Formula One season is about to kick off down under at the Melbourne circuit. Will the Silver Arrows with Hamilton at the helm once again dominate and win both championship. Will finally the Prancing Horse return to its glory of years’ past? How about the young blood, Leclerc and Verstappen? What about Kubica’s comeback?

It is shaping to be an exciting season for F1 fans around the world and 21 races full of betting opportunities to make money. For Australian Grand Prix betting I am using Bovada Sportsbook and since this is the first race of the season I am increasing my typical bankroll to $1000 as I will be betting on some F1 prop bets alongside the Grand Prix overall winner.

Australian Grand Prix Winner Betting Odds

Normally, I would wait till the qualifying and pole position results to place my bets but this is the first race of the season. We really won’t learn much more from the qualifying that we haven’t seen in both testing sessions earlier in the year. There is too many unknowns like the true race pace, the performance of the tires, or what we can expect in terms of race reliability of each car. I am betting $350 on Vettel at +165. Why? Based on Ferrari’s performance during the testing and I spoke to him in Mexico last year and he is really a nice bloke.

Australian Grand Prix Pole Position Betting Odds

We got the race winner out of the way so let’s talk about who will take the pole position.  Again, if it was later in the season and we had some better data and points of reference for each team the usual scenario would be to have the pole winner take the race win. Australian Grand Prix isn’t Monaco or Singapore so the pole isn’t super important. There is plenty of space and opportunities to overtake in the race. Long pace race car reliability is also something one needs to keep in mind here. I am banking of Lewis continuing with his pole position winning streak hence I am putting $200 at +175 on him to take it.

Australian Grand Prix Prop Bets Betting Odds

My typical bankroll for a motorsports event is $500. Since I have increased it to $1000, I am going to wager on a few Formula One prop bets to make watching the Australian Grand Prix more exciting and leverage the power of proposition bets to increase my future bankroll. If you have not tried props before I recommended them to include in your betting arsenal thou with caution and really at events where the return on investment seems to be positive.

Australian Grand Prix Practice 1 Winner Betting Odds

I am wagering $150 on the young blood, Leclerc +350, in his Prancing Horse to win the practice 1 session.

Australian Grand Prix Fastest Lap Betting Odds

Winning the fastest lap and not finishing in the top 10 means nothing this season. Max Verstappen is my pick and at +900, I am putting $150 on him at Bovada Sportsbook.

Australian Grand Prix First Driver To Retire Betting Odds

Did you say Williams? Kubica because the physical demands of an F1 race are too much for him? But as a Pole, I cannot bet against him but just based on how little Williams has done with the car this season betting on Russell seems the obvious choice. I am putting another $150 on him at +900 at Bovada Sportsbook.

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