Formula 1 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds & Picks

Formula 1 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds & Picks

Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix race betting is just a day away from going into a full swing. This is the last race in Asia before the drives move back to the European circuits. We are expecting some exciting racing as the majority of teams has put in new upgrade packages. With this excitement of better performance and faster speeds come the uncertainty of race performance and liability. So far judging after FP2, Ferrari has the upper hand but not by much and we have seen the Prancing Horse in this position before but it has amounted to nothing at the end.

Lewis took the 1000th Grand Prix in China and clearly, he’s the favorite. One hit wonder Bottas is starting to look like a solid competitor for the title this year. The Ferrari boys need to get their act together as Red Bull is charging forward full speed ahead. Either way, it is shaping to be an exciting race for F1 fans around the world full of betting opportunities to make money. For 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix betting I am using MyBookie Sportsbook. My bankroll is $500 and I will be betting on some F1 prop bets alongside the Grand Prix overall winner.

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Winner Betting Odds

Normally, I commit the bigger part of my bankroll on the Grand Prix winner bet. However, so far this season it hasn’t provided any big value. The preseason hopes that the difference between teams is very small and won’t have only one car completely dominating the racing hasn’t really materialized. Clearly, the Silver Arrows have the upper hand again and betting on the race winner seems to be easy to predict. So without further ado, I am betting only $100 on Lewis Hamilton at +150 to take the win at 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Formula 1 Driver Odds at MyBookie Sportsbook
Lewis Hamilton +150
Sebastian Vettel +225
Valtteri Bottas +250
Charles Leclerc +350
Max Verstappen +2000

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Head To Head Bets

This is the 4th race of the 2019 F1 season. We are clearly starting to see which driver is the favorite or has performed better so far this year. These Formula One prop bets provide a better profit value versus the standard outright bets like pole position or race winner. I have picked three head to head bets I am betting this week on driver pairs between each there is a clear fight for dominance and the title of the #1 driver.

hamilton vs. bottas head to head Betting Odds

Hamilton vs. Bottas head to head bet at the first glance seems to be no brainer. Yes, Hamilton leads the championship but Bottas hasn’t just gotten lucky so far this season. Clearly, something has changed from the 2018 and Valterri won’t play the second fiddle at the Silver Arrows anymore. He’s is going for his first title this year. I am betting $200 on Bottas at +155, my hedge to the race winner bet, to beat Lewis tomorrow.

vettel vs. leclerc head to head Betting Odds

Vettel vs. Leclerc head to head bet shows a clear and obvious fight for the #1 driver on the team. Vettel has lost his shine. The former champ looks a bit tired and past his prime. Leclerc is faster than him in each race. Only due to the team’s orders he is behind Seb in the championship points. Once again, Charles has shown speed in Azerbaijan in FP2. Yes, it hasn’t translated well to the race conditions but he’s hungry and not tired of trying. I am putting $100 at +105 on him to beat Sebastian tomorrow.

kubica vs. russell head to head Betting Odds

This is the least expected drivers pair one would pick to place a head to head bet. Indeed, Williams is the laughing stock of the F1 this season but the fight for survival is fierce there. Kubica’s return to F1 is an amazing story but so far he hasn’t been able to find any “grip” either it be in qualifying or races and has been outraced by the young George each time.

Azerbaijan is a new circuit for both of them so their chances are even here. Kubica needs to start showing his skills or the team management will start thinking about replacing him since the money he has brought to the team isn’t big enough. I am betting $100 on Kubica at +200 to beat Russell.

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