Formula 1 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix Odds & Picks

Formula 1 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix Odds & Picks | F1 Betting

Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix betting is on and after the Friday’s practice, we now have a better idea what’s for the weekend. Since, Australia all we heard is Valtteri, Valtteri, and Valterri as if he was part of the Brady Bunch. Certainly, he did have a great race, the best of his career as he mentioned in the interviews. But let’s put it all into a perspective, his Formula One career spans over a decade now so one out of blue win doesn’t make him right away the favorite to win the championship or prevent either Lewis or Sebastian from getting it.

We are in Bahrain for some desert F1 action. This is a very different track from what we have seen in Melbourne. It is windy, it is sandy and it is all about the track temperature as it drops as the race goes deeper. Tire performance and tire management are key here. Who is the favorite? I shall break it down below but it or even they look very red to me. I am rolling with the typical bankroll of $500 for this race. I will be betting on one F1 prop bet alongside the Grand Prix overall winners. All my F1 bets are put on at Bovada Sportsbook.

Bahrain Grand Prix Winner Betting Odds

Vettel finished fourth in the season’s opener but he’s the reigning two-time champ here. So he should be the favorite. Did I forget to mention that Vettel also won this event in 2012 and 2013 while finishing second in 2009, fourth in 2010 and fifth in 2015. Ferrari has six wins on this track in the last 14 events and Vettel has four victories in the last seven years so yes he is the favorite. Add, the so improved performance of the Prancing Horses in the Friday’s practice and winner and podium looks very red to me. I am betting $200 on Sebastian Vettel at 140+ to win Bahrain GP this weekend.

The youngster Leclerc finished 12th in his debut on this track in 2018 so he clearly doesn’t have much experience or history to his name, but he did well in Melbourne and only due to the team orders finished 5th behind Sebastian. Leclerc beat everyone at the opening practice with a time of 1:30.354 and finished 2nd on when the sun sets on the Arabian peninsula. He will get the podium but not the win as again the team orders will come into the play if Vettel is first. Winning the driver’s championship as well as constructor’s is above personal glory in F1.

What about Valtteri and Lewis? Hamilton finished a whopping 20 seconds behind Bottas last weekend but it was due to the damage to the car. Hamilton has won in Bahrain twice in his career and he’s going to be highly motivated after last weekend’s so-so opening act. Not only did Bottas completely blow away the field last weekend, but he also finished second in this event a year ago, third in 2017 and fourth in 2015. Bottas will challenge his Mercedes Hamilton for the win this year but I think Bottas is just “one-hit-wonder” so I am betting $150 on Lewis Hamilton at +240 to take the win.

Australian Grand Prix Prop Bets Betting Odds

This is a fun Formula One prop bet I am putting on for this race. Clearly, Ferrari has found its pace. Or maybe the Silver Arrows are going backward? Either way, being 0.6 seconds off the pace in P2 is suboptimal and based on the past history it doesn’t bode well for the race. Bahrain GP is a tough race and if the Prancing Horse of Vettel gets away and stays in the clean air from the start the winning victory margin will be more than 0.6 seconds. I am betting $150 at +275 that the margin will be somewhere between 4 to 8 seconds at the checkered flag.

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