Formula 1 2019 Chinese Grand Prix Odds & Picks

Formula 1 2019 China Grand Prix Odds & Picks | F1 Betting

Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix betting is just a day away from going into a full swing. The world has gotten over Leclerc’s mechanical misadventure, Lewis’ lucky win, Bottas’ subpar performance that gave him a podium and Ferrari’s lack of pace. So we are back in China for the 1000th Grand Prix. Plenty of emotions around going back in the racing memory lane. Each driver wants to do his best this weekend to go down in the history books. It really will depend more on the weather, the rain, and cars’ performance rather than one’s drivers desire.

Either way, it is shaping to be an exciting race for F1 fans around the world full of betting opportunities to make money. For 2019 Chinese Grand Prix betting I am using Bovada Sportsbook. I am using my typical bankroll of $500 and I will be betting on one F1 prop bet alongside the Grand Prix overall winner.

Chinese Grand Prix Winner Betting Odds

Normally, I’d wait till the qualifying results to place my bets but as we have seen in the first two races the pole advantage hasn’t really played out well. The Prancing Horse needs to get its act together and I believe they, thou practice session 2 Leclerc’s problems make me worry, have worked hard since Bahrain to get things sorted out for China. Further, Seb hasn’t won yet and he hasn’t won in China in the past few years. He needs to show that he is the leader of the team before they make him driver #2. I am betting $200 on Vettel at +135.

Chinese Grand Prix Pole Position Betting Odds

We got the race winner bet out of the way so let’s talk about who will take the pole position. So once again, we see Bottas closing it as the fastest driver at the end of practice 2 on Friday. He merely piped Vettel for the win to be honest. If you watched the practice you have seen the Silver Arrows having a lot of problems with grip and a few spinouts. But really both Ferrari and Mercedes looked head to head in terms of speed for the qualifying. I am banking of Lewis continuing with his pole position winning hence I am putting $150 at +325 on him to take it.

Chinese Grand Prix Fastest Lap Betting Odds

I am going to wager on a one Formula One prop bet to make watching the Chinese Grand Prix more exciting and leverage the power of proposition bets to increase my future bankroll. If you have not tried props before I recommended them to include in your betting arsenal thou with caution and really at events where the return on investment seems to be positive.

So the new rule and extra point for having the fastest lap in the race, given you need to finish in the top 10, has added some extra excitement and motivation for the drivers. We have Bottas leading the championship because of that extra point. This is a punt for me so I will bet $150 at Charles at +225 at Bovada. The kid deserves something for a horrible outcome of Bahrain’s Grand Prix.

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