Israel Adesanya Vs. Yoel Romero UFC 248 Betting Odds & Pick

Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya and Yoel “Soldier Of God” Romero will step into the Octagon this Saturday as the main event of the evening for UFC 248.

The middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, who in less than two years became a household name in the UFC, returns to action after calling out Yoel Romero to defend his title.

Full Analysis of Adesanya Vs. Romero UFC 248 Odds And Betting

Get an in-depth look at UFC 248 fight, betting odds, and picks from our MMA writer and expert bettor Gustavo Santiago:

Adesanya vs. Romero Fight Information

  • Date And Time: March 7, 6:15 p.m. ET
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue: T-Mobile Arena
  • TV: PPV, ESPN+

Romero comes to this fight looking for redemption. He lost three of his last four bouts and now has his back against the wall.

The MMA media and the fans are excited about this matchup.

And for us, it’s not only an exciting bout but another excellent opportunity to keep growing our bankrolls. 

What The Odds Say About Israel Adesanya Vs. Yoel Romero

Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero
-260 Odds to win +200
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No surprises here, Israel Adesanya at -260 as the favorite to defend his title. After his last fight with Robert Whittaker to become the champ, the Last Style Bender as a large favorite makes perfect sense.

We shouldn’t ignore how sharp of a striker he is, and the oddsmakers seem to be fully aware of his ability on that front. An impressive 18-0 record with 14 KOs is not an easy goal to attain in the most competitive MMA promotion in the world.

In the other corner, we find the contender, Yoel Romero, as a +240 underdog to win this fight.

He lost his last two fights by decision. We can make a case for a draw against Robert Whittaker. However, against “Borrachinha” it’s hard for me to make the same case for him.

Romero couldn’t take Paulo Costa down more than a couple times. Costa was dominant the whole fight and it was the more accurate striker that night. Solid octagon control, amazing takedown defense, and lots of aggression.

I won’t say he can’t win, but +240 sounds accurate to me. If you’re a Romero fan and genuinely think he can pull off an upset, you might want to take him to win by KO in the prop markets, which will be released later this week.

Israel Adesanya’s Edge Over Romero

Israel Adesanya has shown us over and over that he’s an elite-level striker. I know he doesn’t like the comparison, but he reminds me of a young Anderson Silva.

We already established Israel Adesanya is a world-class striker. His kickboxing background translated into lots of success in MMA. His reach, distance management, and how he jabs to set you up for his traps, it’s incredible to watch.

Great footwork, head movement, accuracy, reflexes, and outstanding takedown defense make him a very dangerous striker to face. I can imagine Israel outstriking Romero the same way he did with anyone else he met so far in the UFC.

What Will Lead Adesanya To The Victory?

Certainly, the key to the victory for him is his striking, mental strength and takedown defense. It won’t be an easy task to defeat the contender, as Yoel Romero brings his devastating KO power, athleticism, and Olympic level wrestling to the table.   

However, Romero seems to have issues establishing and retaining dominant positions in the ground. Let’s remember, Olympic wrestling is all about the takedown and the points. MMA wrestling is about takedowns to pin the opponent or to pass the guard to land submissions and strikes. 

There are levels to this, and I’m not saying he can’t submit anyone, but he’s not at Khabib Nurmagomedov level of a ground game, as some in the UFC media want us to think about his MMA wrestling. 

As long as Israel’s takedown defense, range management, and scramble agility are on point – I don’t see Romero’s wrestling as a major threat. 

Romero’s devastating knees, elbows, and abilities in the clinch are a more significant threat for the champ.

Yoel Romero’s Edge Over Israel Adesanya

Romero is durable, explosive, athletic, flexible, relentless, and on top of that, he has crazy KO power. 

All these characteristics make him a savage inside the Octagon. At the age of 42, he will be giving it all he has this Saturday against Adesanya to take the middleweight champion belt home. 

If you need proof of his KO power, you can always ask Luke Rockhold how it feels to get a clean shot from Romero.

Israel is not the easiest opponent to hit when he’s comfortable with his reach, but I do believe in close distance Romero is a beast as we’ve seen before. 

As we stated above, I can’t imagine Yoel’s wrestling being the defining factor of this fight, but if Israel’s takedown defense is off, then a TKO won’t be a crazy scenario to consider.   

But I believe an explosive KO in the close distance it’s way more possible than a TKO after a takedown. Don’t forget Yoel Romero has 11 devastating KOs under his belt.

Where I see a hole in his game that Israel Adesanya can exploit is in his counterattacks, which is an area Israel excels. The control and pressure the champ can put on Romero is not something to underestimate. 

Israel Adesanya Vs. Yoel Romero UFC 248 Betting Prediction

I usually don’t like taking favorites, but I do see value in taking Adesanya at -260. Overall the champ has a more technical stand up game with legit KO power. Which opens the door for a KO or decision victory.

With Yoel Romero, for some reason, I only imagine a win by KO if Adesanya’s distance management and takedown defense are off that day. But, from what I’ve seen from the champ it won’t be the case.

More Reasons to Bet on Israel Adesanya

Another good argument for picking Israel is that he called out Romero for this fight, which makes me think he wanted the challenge. He probably has the right strategy in place for whatever Romero will throw at him.

When it comes to his agility, head movement, footwork, KO power, and elite-level striking I’m happy to take a shot with the champ at -300.

Props aren’t out yet, but if you find a good price, you should take Adesanya by decision too. Yoel Romero is durable and seems almost impossible to knock-out. 

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