League of Legends World Championship: SKT vs Samsung Galaxy Match Preview

League of Legends World Championship SKT vs Samsung Galaxy

In 2 days, Korean vs Korean finals will be upon us. Number 2 seed SK Telecom (SKT) and the number 3 seed Samsung Galaxy (SSG) face off in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing. By the end of the night, there’ll be another Korean world champion 3 years in a row. For our betting needs, however, we have SKT as the favorites at -172 and SSG at +129 underdogs.

Final: SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy – SKT -172, SSG +129

Coming into this match, SSG has been the more dominant team with a 3-0 win over Longzhu and a 3-1 win over World Elite. SKT, on the other hand, has limped their way to the finals with a 3-2 over Misfits and a 3-2 over Royal Never Give Up. However, history suggests SKT shouldn’t lose this finals. In their history as a team, SKT is undefeated in elimination games and best of 5 series at worlds. This is a daunting task for any team to stop, especially SSG who are known to play the early game slow and rely on late-game macro plays.

League of Legends World Championship SKT vs Samsung GalaxyThis doesn’t bode well for them if SKT’s jungler Peanut plays to his early game strengths that he’s known for. Ambition, SSG’s jungler, is very consistent, but is definitely not flash early game and relies more on making the right engages. This could prove to be incredibly tough against SKT’s team play which is revolved around making the other team feel as cornered as possible, forcing them into a forced fight.

Watching these two teams play, it feels like SSG is the better form but SKT did win a very tough series vs who many call China’s best team RNG. Peanut’s gameplay in game 5 really shows what SKT is capable of if given even a slight lead. Faker is also able to play non carry champions such as Galio and still make it work. This series definitely won’t be a 3-0, but I do think SKT takes this match and the world championship 3-1. Definitely, take the -172 on SKT in this must-win game. The odds seem to really undervalue SKT’s strength on the big stage.

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