League Of Legends LEC Spring Playoffs Betting Preview & Odds

League of Legends LEC Playoffs Finals Betting Odds

Shocking early results have thrown the League of Legends European Championship’s 2020 Spring Split Playoffs into turmoil. First-place winnings of €80,000 ($87,508) and a Mid-Season Invitational bid are on the line, but favorites G2 Esports have been sent to the lower bracket, blowing the entire tournament wide open.

The Winner’s Bracket Finals, featuring perennial powerhouse Fnatic and newcomers MAD Lions, is set for Saturday, April 11, with the winner advancing to the tournament’s Grand Finals.

On Sunday, April 12, top-seeded G2 Esports looks to get back on track in the Loser’s Bracket semi-finals. Their opponent: Origen. The winner advances to face the loser of Fnatic vs. MAD for a final shot at a Grand Finals berth.

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MAD Lions Vs. Fnatic

On April 3, MAD Lions shocked the League of Legends world when it edged top-seed, and reigning MSI champions G2 Esports, 3-2, in the Semifinal round of the Spring Split Playoffs. The irony of it all is that G2, which posted a 15-3 record in the Group Stage after finishing runner-up at the 2019 World Championship, chose MAD as their Semifinal opponent only to be upset in dramatic fashion.

MAD Lions New To LEC Playoffs

MAD Lions, a new addition to the European Championship field, finished fourth in the Group Stage standings with an 11-7 record in their rookie season. The Madrid-based organization placed third in a field of 10 in gold-per-minute (1,774) and Drake rate (58.8%) while finishing in fifth with a 58.8% Baron rate.

Fnatic Looking To Win Finals Spot

Fnatic, the second seed, shrugged off Origen, 3-1, in the Semifinals on April 4 to book their spot in the Winner’s Finals. In the final week of the Group Stage, Fnatic defeated MAD but went on to drop a disappointing result to last-place Team Vitality. The loss was concerning, but Fnatic’s convincing win over Origen in the semis seemingly settled the uncertainty surrounding the team.

What we have in the Winner’s Finals are two eager teams looking to prove something. MAD, the new kids on the block, are salivating at the prospect of winning a split in their first season while Fnatic, which used a different but creative draft strategy against Origen, looks to assume the role of favorites with G2 now having to fight through the lower bracket.

Fnatic led the league in Drake rate (73.6%) and was second in gold-per-minute (1,857) and Baron rate (68.6%). They defeated MAD in their most recent meeting and will likely overwhelm the Spanish side with their unorthodox approach and individual skill. Fnatic in four.

LEC 2020 Playoffs Pick: FNATIC TO WIN

G2 Esports Vs. Origen

There were concerns that G2 was playing a reckless brand of League of Legends, relying on pure talent alone as opposed to working as a unit. Those concerns were legitimized when MAD edged the reigning LEC Summer and Spring champions in the Winner’s Semis last week.

Origen To Look For G2’s Weaknesses

What MAD did well was to identify G2’s weaknesses and exploit them. Origen, who tied Fnatic with a 13-5 record in the Group Stage but entered the playoffs as the third seed, will undoubtedly look to do the same. The biggest difference between Origen and MAD, though, is the former is a more talented side. Whether or not they can exploit G2’s weaknesses from a strategic standpoint is a different story entirely.

G2 Makes Critical Moves

G2’s decision to swap star mid laner Caps with ADC Perkz this split has been a decisive one, and many analysts feel it’s a major reason the champs lost to MAD and now find themselves in the Lower Bracket. Don’t expect to see Caps switch back to mid lane against Origen, but do expect Origen to attempt to exploit the perceived weakness. 

On the stats side, G2 led the league in average gold differential by the 15-minute mark (1,401) while Origen ranked fourth (595). G2 was tops in many kill stats, but Origen was first in mid/late-game rating (22.1) and Baron rate (79.2%). 

G2 won both of the teams’ two Group Stage meetings, in Weeks 2 and 7, so there’s that, but as we’ve seen in these playoffs thus far: anything can happen. That said, G2 will be motivated to put forth a strong performance and begin to set straight some of the doubters. Origen will not go quietly, but this is a 3-1 victory for G2.

LEC 2020 Playoffs Pick: G2 TO WIN

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