MLB Season Win Totals Betting | Teams & Over/Under Odds

MLB Season Win Totals Betting

Prep for the MLB regular season and its games by making some wagers on spring training games, or you can look into MLB futures betting.

Betting on MLB season win totals can be an interesting way to make money at the end of the season. Throw a few bucks on the over/under of a win total, and then forget about it. Maybe get a payday at the end of the season.

If you’re an MLB bettor, you can head over to MyBookie or BetOnline and place your bets on team win totals. The odds set for the season and ready for you to bet on them. 

Today, we’re going to examine a few win totals that you should get in on now. 

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Los Angeles Angels – Total Wins: 85.5

Angels fans get to see a completely different bunch on the field this season. The addition of Joe Maddon in the dugout and Anthony Rendon at third base cannot be overstated.

Their expected total is 85.5 wins, and you’re going to want to take the over here. The odds are -130 for the Over. 

Although the Angels only won 72 games a season ago, there is a slim chance Joe Maddon allows the club to finish under .500. With a healthy Mike Trout, Rendon protecting him, and their pitching staff adding Dylan Bundy and Julio Teheran, the Angels should be close to a 90 win team. Bet the over with confidence.

New York Yankees – Total Wins: 102.5

For a solid under bet, let’s look at a team that nobody expects to finish under their win total, the Yankees. New York’s season win total is 102.5 with -110 odds for the under bet. And I’d go hard on the under.

This is primarily due to their health. Stanton won’t be back until shortly after the season opener, and Aaron Judge is out for at least another week. 

Once again, Giancarlo Stanton kicks off a season with an injury. He hasn’t played a full season in 4 years. Although, the Yankees are likely deep enough to cover positional injuries, their pitching depth would be what scares me away from the over. 

Luis Severino is ruled out for the season for Tommy John surgery. James Paxton has surgery on his back, and won’t return until early June. Bet hard on the under for the Yanks.

Over And Underestimated | Dodgers Total Wins: 102.5

Let’s talk about a National League team, starting with the Dodgers. Los Angeles’ win total is set as the same number as the Yankees, 102.5. Unlike the Yankees, you will want to take the over on the Dodgers. Mostly due to their utterly absurd lineup. They are stacked like an All-Star team. The odds for the over is +110. 

A large part of the Dodgers’ improvement comes in the form of one name, Mookie Betts. Betts is likely just behind Mike Trout as the best player in the game. Betts can single-handedly add a handful of wins. A healthy Corey Seager shouldn’t hurt the win total either. 

With no one else in the NL West making vast improvements, the Dodgers are set up for success.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Total Wins: 89.5

An often underestimated team in the AL East, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays win total is set at 89.5. And in this case, with the Yankees and Red Sox win totals likely declining, I’m taking the over.

The odds for the over are set at -140. The Rays show no signs of slowing down after their vast improvement last season. 

Taking the over for the Rays has more to do with a declining and injured AL East, rather than offseason moves made. However, the Chris Archer trade will still pay dividends in 2020. 

Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow have turned into the player that the Pirates saw in them as prospects. They will flourish this season in Tampa Bay.

Good Luck All Season Long!

There you have it, some of our favorite 2020 season win totals. With the Astros cheating scandal, among a lot of other MLB drama headed into the regular season, you won’t want to miss it.

Complete 2020 MLB Season Win Totals Odds & Lines

Want to bet on other MLB teams? Take a look at the complete list of odds and lines for the 2020 MLB season win totals:


Arizona Diamondbacks 85 OVER 84.5 (-115) UNDER 84.5 (-115)
Atlanta Braves 97 OVER 91.5 (-105) UNDER 91.5 (-125)
Baltimore Orioles 54 OVER 56.5 (-115) UNDER 56.5 (-115)
Boston Red Sox 84 OVER 83.5 (-135) UNDER 83.5 (+105)
Chicago Cubs 84 OVER 84.5 (-130) UNDER 84.5 (+100)
Chicago White Sox 72 OVER 84.5 (-120) UNDER 84.5 (-110)
Cincinnati Reds 75 OVER 84.5 (-110) UNDER 84.5 (-120)
Cleveland Indians 93 OVER 85.5 (-125) UNDER 85.5 (-105)
Colorado Rockies 71 OVER 73.5 (-115) UNDER 73.5 (-115)
Detroit Tigers 47 OVER 56.5 (-135) UNDER 56.5 (+105)
Houston Astros 107 OVER 94.5 (-110) UNDER 94.5 (-120)
Kansas City Royals 59 OVER 64.5 (-120) UNDER 64.5 (-110)
Los Angeles Angels 72 OVER 85.5 (-130) UNDER 85.5 (+100)
Los Angeles Dodgers 106 OVER 102.5 (+110) UNDER 102.5 (-140)
Miami Marlins 57 OVER 63.5 (-125) UNDER 63.5 (-105)
Milwaukee Brewers 89 OVER 83.5 (+105) UNDER 83.5 (-135)
Minnesota Twins 101 OVER 92.5 (-120) UNDER 92.5 (-110)
New York Mets 86 OVER 86.5 (-115) UNDER 86.5 (-115)
New York Yankees 103 OVER 102.5 (-120) UNDER 102.5 (-110)
Oakland Athletics 97 OVER 89.5 (-120) UNDER 89.5 (-110)
Philadelphia Phillies 81 OVER 84.5 (-120) UNDER 84.5 (-110)
Pittsburgh Pirates 69 OVER 69.5 (-105) UNDER 69.5 (-125)
San Diego Padres 70 OVER 82.5 (-135) UNDER 82.5 (+105)
San Francisco Giants 77 OVER 68.5 (-115) UNDER 68.5 (-115)
Seattle Mariners 68 OVER 67.5 (-105) UNDER 67.5 (-125)
St. Louis Cardinals 91 OVER 87.5 (-105) UNDER 87.5 (-125)
Tampa Bay Rays 96 OVER 89.5 (-140) UNDER 89.5 (+110)
Texas Rangers 78 OVER 79.5 (-115) UNDER 79.5 (-115)
Toronto Blue Jays 67 OVER 74.5 (-130) UNDER 74.5 (+100)
Washington Nationals 93 OVER 89.5 (-125) UNDER 89.5 (-105)

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If you get bored with totals betting, you could always bet on MLB props, like how many times the Astros get beaned this season. That’s a new and exciting way to bet. So have fun during the MLB 2020 season, good luck!

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