Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Betting Guide – Odds & Prediction

How To Bet On Paul vs Silva

I got to give it to Jake Paul. He’s done it again. He will have us glued to the TV looking to see his battle with former UFC star Anderson Silva as they square off on October 29, 2022.

I’m not a Jake Paul fan, but he knows how to market his fights. He gets interesting enough challengers to make us wonder about the outcomes of these boxing bouts.

Paul also takes advantage of his popularity and how much people hate him. Many will bet on Silva, hoping he puts Jake in his place, while others just want to see the show. But we’ll all be watching.

Here we will explain the odds of the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing match. In the end, you will find a prediction to bet on the fight, alongside the best offshore sportsbooks to place your wagers.

Best Sites To Bet On Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

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    50% Up To $1,000
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    125% Up To $2,500
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Best Odds To Bet On Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

Below you will find how the betting odds for the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva clash stand at BetUS, BetOnline, and Bovada.

These are the top offshore betting sites we recommend for boxing wagers.

Paul vs. Silva Odds At BetUS
Jake Paul-115betus logo
Anderson Silva-115

Paul vs. Silva Odds At BetOnline
Jake Paul-110betonline logo
Anderson Silva-120

Paul vs. Silva Odds At Bovada
Jake Paul-103bovada logo
Anderson Silva-115

If you are already thinking about betting Jake Paul, then Bovada gives you the best price at -103.

For those new at sports betting, this means you will bet $103 to win $100 if Paul ends up as the winner of this fight.

You can always bet more than $100. That’s just the standard number to understand the odds.

If you are looking to bet on Anderson Silva, BetUS and Bovada will give you the exact price at -115. BetOnline, instead, has it at a more expensive rate at -120. Once again, it’s a $115 wager to win $100.

BetUS or Bovada To Bet On Silva?

How to choose between BetUS and Bovada? Well, both are trustworthy and solid sportsbooks. However, BetUS has a more exotic welcome bonus lineup for new users.

Their crypto bonuses, sports-only bonuses, and sports + casino rewards are exciting prices from top to bottom. They will give you more for your initial deposit than any other sportsbook.

Check our BetUS vs. Bovada comparison if you want more info to make your decision.

How To Bet On Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

  1. Open A Sportsbook Account

    We recommend you choose between BetUS, BetOnline, and Bovada. We fully trust them, and we use them constantly.

    Pick one and sign up. Creating a betting account is very easy at those sites.
  2. Claim Your Welcome Bonus

    You will get a big bonus from our recommended sportsbooks with your first deposit.

    Fund your account to be able to bet on the fight and watch how the bankroll grows as the bonus activates.
  3. Find Paul vs. Silva Odds

    Browse through the sportsbook and find the latest odds on the fight under the Boxing menu.

    Look for profitable opportunities and click on the odds to add the wager to your bet slip.
  4. Place Your Bets

    Choose the amount of money you want to bet and review your bet slip, making sure everything is in order.

    Once you are ready, confirm the bet, and that’s it. Time to wait for the fight and hopefully make some money!

Where To Bet On The Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Fight

You can bet this event on any of the trustworthy sportsbooks below. Whichever you select, don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus.

Rank Top Betting Sites Deposit Bonus Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Bet Now
3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $2,500 Bet Now

Betting On Jake Paul To Beat Anderson Silva

Jake Paul Boxing

Jake Paul is a loudmouth YouTuber. There is no shame in saying that, but he also can punch.

Paul has power and has taken this semi-boxing career somehow seriously. He understands that there is a cash grab in these fights. But to make it work, he needs to deliver a quality product.

Jake is 5-0 in his boxing career, with four wins coming via KOs. But let’s review these fights for a second.

He started by beating YouTuber AnEsonGib in Miami via TKO. Gib is not a boxer by any means.

Then he obliterated former NBA player Nate Robinson with a KO victory in the second round. Robinson wasn’t a fight either, and Jake Paul had a height advantage.

His third fight was against former UFC fighter Ben Askren. It was the first time he fought what was supposed to be a legit threat.

But Askren (a wrestler) showed up all out of shape with no intention of giving a good performance. Paul defeated Askren via TKO in the first round.

Paul’s last two fights were against former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. He won both, including a KO win in the sixth round in the rematch.

That last fight was the only evidence we might have of Jake Paul beating a legit opponent. Sure, Woodley is not a boxer, but he was a legit fighter and, in his heyday, took severe punches during his UFC career.

So if you consider taking Jake Paul to stay undefeated, you already know the best price is at Bovada at -103. This might change, so hurry up!

Betting On Anderson Silva To Beat Jake Paul

Anderson Silva

Most of Jake Paul’s opponents are here just for the cash grab. They show up, fight for a bit, and cash the check without caring whether they win or lose.

Anderson Silva might do the same. But from all the fighters Paul has faced, he’s the one legit menace to his small undefeated record.

Silva is among the best UFC fighters of all time. For many, he belongs on the UFC’s Mount Rushmore with the best of the best. Furthermore, he still holds the record for the longest title reign in UFC history at 2,457 days.

The thing is, he’s 47 years old now. His legacy has already been established. He doesn’t gain or lose anything with the result of this fight.

Silva is a former boxer who can take Jake Paul to the woodshed if he wants to. My problem is that I don’t think he cares about how this fight goes.

Instead, he can keep the illusion that Paul is a solid fighter if he shows up, gives a competent outing, and then loses in the end.

Remember, Jake Paul is a money-making machine. He’s a marketing juggernaut, and everybody wins if Paul stays undefeated.

In the end, at 47 years old, Anderson Silva has little to no interest in winning this fight.

If Silva genuinely wants to win, he has the technique and power. But I question his motivation behind it other than grabbing the prize bag at the end of the evening.

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Betting Prediction

Paul vs Silva boxing prediction

We must first understand that this fight is all about money. Once we have established that, it’s easy to see through the matchup.

This isn’t a real boxing fight. There are no hopes and dreams behind the result. Neither of the fighters will get an actual boxing title or climb in the boxing rankings. None of that is happening here.

With that in mind, these Jake Paul events grab a lot of eyes and make plenty of advertising money. For this money-making machine to stay relevant, Paul needs to win.

He must stay undefeated and obnoxious. That way, there can be another event with another superstar whose storyline is: will fighter X finally beat Jake Paul in a boxing match?

And then we talk about it, bet on it, and Paul wins again. It’s a cycle that makes money, but it only works if Jake stays relevant.

This is not a jab at Anderson Silva, but these ex-fighters look at Jake Paul as the last money grab of their sporting career. There is nothing wrong with that.

But we would be fools to think they have genuine aspirations of beating Paul and killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Bet on Jake Paul to win the fight.

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Betting FAQ

When is the fight between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva?

The boxing fight between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva will occur on Saturday, October 29, 2022, at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Where and how to watch the Paul vs. Silva fight?

There are plenty of options to watch the Paul vs. Silva main event. Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu will broadcast the fight.

What’s the best site to bet on Paul vs. Silva?

BetUS Sportsbook offers the best welcome bonus to bet on sports. Bovada Sportsbook has the best odds on Jake Paul at the moment. Choose depending on your pick.

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