Trump vs. Biden Before Election Day 2020

Trump Vs Biden Before Election

In less than one week, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will finally face each other on Election Day.

Biden has been leading with a vanilla ice cream approach to his campaign since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Trump has been getting a little closer in certain battleground states that could determine the election for either candidate.

Most pundits will tell you that their candidate is going to win the election, based on their own bias.

If you can find a middle-ground, Biden is certainly leading and it looks like he’s going to win this thing. But only because Trump is such a gargoyle who is barely capable of normal human functioning.

So, it’s no surprise that the milquetoast Democrats would run somebody like Biden. Everybody’s calling this the most important election of their lifetimes. But as usual, both of these candidates suck.

People are tired of staying inside, without any work. Kids can’t go to school full-time.

The world is looking to America next week. Will be.

Screw it.

Odds to Win the US Presidential Election

Candidate Odds
Biden to win Presidency -170
Trump to win Florida -160
Trump to win Texas -400
Biden to win Iowa +130
Biden to Win Georgia +120

Who’s Favored to Win the Election?

Obviously, Biden’s favored to win the election next week. Trump has been woefully abysmal this entire year when America has needed a leader the most.

It was clear that his reign as Commander in Chief would be spent steamrolling the Democrats until a natural disaster struck down his narcissism and delusions.

But even after 200,000 COVID-19 deaths, the Democrats don’t mind losing the election, really.

They’ve failed just as much with their lack of backbone against Trump’s record-setting third Supreme Court justice in one term and there’s still no stimulus for Americans during a long withstanding depression/pandemic.

Both political parties in America are wholly corrupt. The duopoly swings back and forth. Like a money-grubbing pendulum hanging above the heads of the American populace.

That’s why the opposition is leading with just a week before Election Day. So it remains to be seen who else can [email protected]#$ this $#! up.

Odds Breakdown for the General Election

Candidate Odds
Biden -170
Trump +130

Biden is favored (-170) to beat Trump (+130) for the general election. (These odds increased in Biden’s favor by about one percent just in the last hour or so.) This is a heavy lead with gambling odds when there’s only six days before Election Day.

I couldn’t have imagined this would be the outcome, months ago. But then, it would’ve been hard to guess that Trump and the Republican leadership could be so out-of-touch when it came to running the country for the electorate.

Instead, Trump and his administration have bailed out Wall Street. And themselves. While the country burns.

Just like the Obama administration helped Wall Street to loot the working-class with “bad bets” and elitism. It’s not so much that Biden is a decent candidate. Americans are just tired of Trump’s American idiocy.

Biden looks like a phoenix. Although cross-eyed and tongue-tied. At least he knows when to shut up?

And that’s the only reason why he’s leading—heading into next week.

Breakdown of the Swing States

Swing States Betting

Perhaps where the most turmoil this year has taken place is during the campaign trail among the swing states. However, in the last few weeks all that has shifted.

Trump had been leading in some of the places that won him the election in 2016. After cops gunned down more African Americans, protest movements across the country have drastically changed that dynamic.

Additionally, Trump’s promises have fallen flat in the Rust Belt. No jobs have been brought back. His rhetoric has become like mud underneath the wheels of a Ford pick-up truck. Dumb and useless.

The only hope Trump has of winning next week is within the swing states where the outdated Electoral College can save a bratty, deranged white dude who also happens to be running the most powerful country on the planet in his seventies.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country, the same formula applies to Biden and his bottle and bib.

This is going to be hard to watch. But let’s check out some of the gambling odds…

Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania

The top swing states between Trump and Biden are Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Winning these states is going to be crucial for an all-out victory next week.

Currently, the Republicans are strongly favored (-450) in Texas against the Democrats (+275). Newsweek recently reported that Republicans have won Texas in the general election for nearly 50 years.

Trump and Biden were nearly deadlocked in Texas in July. And that has somewhat repeated this month. So, I think the odds aren’t exactly matching the polls here.

This is a must-win for the Trump campaign. Likewise in Florida.

The Republicans are also favored, in the Sunshine State, at -160 to the Democrats at +120. This is supposed to be the state that determines the election. So, these odds are totally backward in comparison to the general election.

If Trump loses Florida, he’ll need to win Pennsylvania.

There, Republicans are underdogs at +135 to the Democrats at -175. Polls this week have indicated that the two candidates are nearly tied in both Florida and Pennsylvania.

I like the dog price in PA for Trump. Can the Democrats pull off an upset in Texas?

Although that might seem unlikely at first glance, it could be worth the price.

Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, and Georgia

The other crucial swing states in this election are Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, and Georgia. Whereas Trump once secured a victory among middle-America, he’s going to need to expand his reach across the country to win re-election in 2020.

The Wall Street Journal did a piece earlier this month, claiming that Trump would need to win Ohio if he were to lose Florida in the general election. Republicans are favored in Ohio (-250) versus Democrats (+170).

Trump and Biden have switched places about five times in the polls in Ohio, since August. Biden did try to curry favor thereby inviting former Ohio Republican governor, John Kasich, to the Democratic National Convention. But recently, Trump has pulled ahead by a few points.

Then there’s Iowa, where Republicans are favored at -190 against Democrats at +145. This is incredibly close even after Trump has led here for most of the year. Biden has climbed, somewhat.

I don’t really see that either candidate has anything to offer people in Ohio or Iowa. Other than their names on the ballot.

North Carolina has been an important state in my analysis especially when paired with another southern state such as Georgia. Republicans (-135) are favored in North Carolina against Democrats (-105). They’re also favored in Georgia, -190 to +140.

I like the plus money with Democrats in Georgia and Iowa. If Trump can’t win North Carolina and Ohio, he’s going to be in trouble.

Quick Rundown of Other Swing States

Believe it or not, there are still more swing states to consider in this election. What used to be normal has changed. Purple states are now aquamarine.

Although a red state, seemingly, like Arizona is favored for the Republicans (-140) against Democrats (+100) by the slimmest of margins. How could Trump lose to Biden in Arizona?

Arizona has a lot of party schools. There’s no partying this year, on or off-campus in Arizona. Instead, it’s just another place where Trump has gained by just a few percentage points this month.

Nevada is another close one, with Trump trailing at +170 versus -250 for Democrats.

According to The New York Times, Arizona hasn’t voted Democrat in the general election since 1996. Also, Biden has led Trump in Nevada for most of 2020.

So it’s possible these two swing states could be split between Trump and Biden. An Arizona win is plausible for Republicans, while Democrats could repeat their close performance in Nevada.

My Picks for the Swing States

Since the election is so close, the swing states are more important than ever. The areas of the country that won Trump the 2016 election have changed a lot over the summer.

My first pick is North Carolina (-135) for the Republicans. Trump started campaigning there when COVID-19 restrictions were eased. And I see that as a pillar in his re-election campaign and it’s one state where I think the polls will be wrong, in Trump’s favor.

The other swing states with bigger electoral votes are way more crucial. I think Trump will pick up Florida +135 and Texas +275. But Biden will win Pennsylvania. This is probably going to drive media pundits bonkers, just like in 2016.

If that happens, then states like Ohio, Iowa, and Georgia become very important. Ditto for Arizona and Nevada. As I said, I like Democrats to win in Iowa (+170) and Georgia (+140) as slight upset victories.

Then I like Trump to win in Ohio and Arizona, while the Democrats take Nevada but just barely.

My Pick to Win the 2020 Election

Biden vs Trump Betting

A few months ago, I figured Trump would win re-election in 2020. That was before America got through its first wave during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Trump has been decidedly unhinged.

The debates helped nothing, unfortunately. And while Trump hit the campaign trail, making himself into a martyr (in his own mind) after defeating the coronavirus only in his own body … Biden mostly kept to his basement bunker.

The more these candidates talked, the worse they seemed. If there wasn’t a global pandemic, I’d say Trump would cruise to victory—especially going against another corrupt career politician in steep cognitive decline.

Trump’s Biggest Obstacle

Since America has been the worst country in its fight against the coronavirus, it’s been the biggest obstacle between Trump garnering approval for a second term.

The only political acumen the Democrats have had during these last four years has been to nominate a candidate who is not only just as buffoonish and hollow as Trump—but also in coming up with a ticket that prevents any realistic change even if they were to defeat the incumbent.

I think Biden is going to win the election, but only because the virus is stimulating political action all across the country.

Americans are Awake

People are awake to politics in America where unemployment is high and the country went months without sports and any positive solutions in sight.

A Biden victory is nothing more than the corrupt duopoly swinging from red to blue. To be honest, I don’t think either party cares all that much about anything other than staying in power.

That’s all these candidates seem to care about. Just ask their sons.

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got enough money to burn on these clowns.

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