WrestleMania 36 Betting Odds Preview & Predictions

Wrestlemania 36 Bets and Odds

Welcome to the majesty! Welcome to the elegance! Welcome … to Wrestlemania

Except, this year, there are no fans. This won’t be the typical “greatest event in sports entertainment” It will happen across two nights for the first time and will be mostly pre-taped. 

Whether there are people in attendance or not, Wrestlemania will go on. And because of that, there are bets to be placed and money to be made.

Charlotte Flair +135 vs. Rhea Ripley (c) -175

For the first time, the NXT Women’s Championship will get defended at a Wrestlemania. After winning the Royal Rumble in January, Flair made the surprising choice of challenging Rhea Ripley instead of Becky Lynch or Bayley. 

Wrestler Odds
Charlotte Flair +135
Rhea Ripley (c) -175

There are a lot of things to take into account here. Typically, I would say this match has to be won by Ripley. She just took the title off of Shayna Baszler last year in a much-anticipated title change. 

The NXT Women’s title is one of the most prestigious belts in the world, and bouncing it around every couple of months is a surefire way to have it lose credibility. 

However, Vince McMahon now has a ratings war on Wednesday nights to worry about against AEW. Flair is one of the biggest names in the women’s division and has been the chosen one since she entered the company. 

With Baszler now on the main roster, Triple H has said a “trade” needs to take place to balance the rosters, and Flair may be the person to go to NXT full time. With odds of +135, Flair could be a huge moneymaker. 

The Pick: Charlotte Flair +135

Shayna Baszler -170 vs. Becky Lynch (c) +130

After winning the title at Wrestlemania 35 against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, Lynch heads into this year’s Mania still as champion. However, Baszler marks Lynch’s biggest threat since Rousey one year ago.

Wrestler Odds
Shayna Baszler -170
Becky Lynch (c) +130

The Queen of Spades held the NXT Women’s Championship for a combined 548 days across two reigns. She’s the epitome of dominance. 

While Vince has been hesitant to push any female outside of the Four Horsewomen or Rousey, Baszler is surefire main-eventer. I cannot see any way in which the night ends without Baszler putting Lynch to sleep.

The Pick: Shayna Baszler -170

John Cena +300 vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt -500

This has been quite an intriguing build. Fans were outraged last month when The Fiend dropped the Universal Title to a 53-year-old Goldberg. Since then, Wyatt has targeted John Cena to avenge his Wrestlemania 30 loss that Wyatt claims derailed his career and created “The Fiend.”

Wrestler Odds
John Cena +300
The Fiend -500

The interesting thing here is that WWE is going to take this in a different direction match-wise. Reports are this is going to get the “full-blown movie treatment,” which means we will see something close to the House of Horrors match between Wyatt and Randy Orton in 2017. With that being the case, I can’t see Wyatt losing yet again to Cena at Wrestlemania. 

The Pick: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt -500

Roman Reigns -1000 vs. Goldberg (c) +550

This match-up is the absolute lock of the night. MyBookie seems to think so too, as Reigns is by far the biggest favorite of the night at -800. It’s very obvious that this was the direction that WWE was going to go the millisecond Goldberg took the title off Bray Wyatt in February. Vince wants the title on Reigns, and rightfully so.

Wrestler Odds
Roman Reigns -1000
Goldberg (c) +550

However, there has been a long history of Reigns getting the John Cena treatment from the fans and getting booed despite being a babyface. So, having Reigns beat Goldberg for the title instead of the widely-loved Bray Wyatt mitigates the chances of that reaction. 

This is as close to a stone-cold lock as you’ll find anywhere at any time in any sport.

The Pick: Roman Reigns -1000

Drew McIntyre -350 vs. Brock Lesnar (c) +225

This is one of the most fun matches on the card to speculate. After a historic Royal Rumble in January, McIntyre earned his first-ever singles title match in WWE. He famously eliminated Brock Lesnar in that match, and they’ve been on a collision course for Mania ever since.

Wrestler Odds
Drew McIntyre -350
Brock Lesnar (c) +225

Lesnar loves putting talent over at Wrestlemania for the title. Last year, he did it with Seth Rollins. The year before that, he wanted to put over Roman Reigns but was overruled by Vince McMahon’s decision. There’s a very real possibility that Lesnar will want to do the same thing again this year. 

However, this is one of the matches that will have the result most likely changed due to having no fans. The way most people think this will play out, is Lesnar wins at Mania, and McIntyre gets the win back down the line. The reaction of having McIntyre FINALLY win the title without any fans seems contradicting.

The Pick: Brock Lesnar +225

More Wrestlemania 36 Bets And Odds

Smackdown Women’s Champ Elimination Match Winner

Wrestler Odds
Bayley (c) +115
Sasha Banks +150
Lacey Evans +400
Naomi +600
Dana Brooke +2500
Tamina +5000

Will Cain Velasquez Appear at Wrestlemania

Bet Odds
Yes -120
No -120

Who Will Rob Gronkowski Fight First

Wrestler Odds
Cesaro +300
King Corbin +350
Robert Roode +350
Mojo Rawley +400
Dolph Ziggler +500
Sheamus +500
Jinder Mahal +600
Riddick Moss +600

Will Conor McGregor Appear At Wrestlemania

Bet Odds
Yes +1200
No -3300

Will Donald Trump Tweet About Wrestlemania

Bet Odds
Yes +600
No -1500

Will Mike Tyson Appear At Wrestlemania

Bet Odds
Yes +800
No -2500

Tyson Fury To Appear In Ring With

Wrestler Odds
Braun Stroman +125
Rowan +200
Big Show +400
Brodus Clay +400
John Cena +800
Kane +800
Undertaker +1000

Other Predictions For Wrestlemania 36

Those are the only five matches MyBookie and BetOnline has odds on. If you can find odds on other matches somewhere on the internet, here are my predictions:

  • Edge def. Orton (Last Man Standing Match)
  • Sasha Banks def. Bayley, Tamina, Lacey Evans, Tamina
  • Undertaker def. AJ Styles (Boneyard Match)
  • Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens
  • The Street Profits def. Andrade & Angel Garza
  • Aleister Black def. Bobby Lashley
  • King Corbin def. Elias

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