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Warning 11/22/17: has fallen behind in payments to players and they’re a sportsbook that we suggest bettors avoid completely. We may add them to the scam sportsbook section if they don’t turn things around. Right now, we don’t recommend depositing or playing there.

CRSportsBet Review Summary is a smaller sportsbook that premiered on the scene in October 2015. They are based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. They accept players from most countries, but predominantly target Americans. They don’t accept players based in Costa Rica, China, and the United Kingdom. In addition to an online sportsbook, CRSportsBet has a Vegas style online casino and racebook. Their betting software is powered by Digital Gaming Solutions, a commonly utilized betting software throughout the offshore industry.

There has been some talk in industry circles and forums that CRSportsBet is connected to Bet Mayor, a now closed sportsbook, that ran off with player deposits when they shut their doors. However, the connection to Bet Mayor isn’t there, at least according to Sportsbook Review. We profiled another sportsbook that opened right around the same time that Bet Mayor closed, called Wager Win. Wager Win appears to be a reincarnation of Bet Mayor. Although connections still exist with CRSportsBet and Bet Mayor, according to SBR, they do have a common former employee.

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A Personal Opinion on CRSportsBet Sportsbook

What We Don’t Like About CRSportsBet

Their possible connections to former scam sportsbook, Bet Mayor, are troubling. Though there doesn’t appear to connection other than perhaps from a former employee, it’s still something to be concerned about. They have also already received a complaint to SBR about their practices in the form of a slow-pay dispute. Though the issue was resolved, a slow-pay complaint after being in business for just under two months is a bad sign.

Just the fact the sportsbook is under a year old is enough reason for players to use caution. They also stress to players that there is a 21-day hold on any credit or debit card deposit. That isn’t something that is standard by any stretch, even if some sites take that long to pay players.

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CRSportsBet Betting Site – Deposits and Withdrawal

CRSportsBet has an adequate but not outstanding level of options for players when it comes to their cashier.

Deposit Methods

Depositing can be done instantly using Visa or MasterCard. Players can also send a person-to-person transfer using Western Union or MoneyGram. If players send more than $300, CRSportsBet will reimburse the transaction fees. For larger deposits, players can send a bank wire. This comes with a minimum deposit of $5,000 and a maximum amount of $20,000.

Payout Options

Payouts are where it gets a little sketchier. On their site, CRSportsBet says that they only accept payout requests “Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM EST.” Payouts can also only be requested by phone or live chat, and not through email.

It’s 2016, and they still don’t have an automated system for accepting payouts. The fact that you have to speak to live chat or call one of their representatives, and have a 6-hour window only on weekdays to do so is ridiculous. Once you manage to finally request your cashout, the processing timeframes quoted by CRSportsBet are less than inspiring. Also, let’s keep in mind that they have already have experienced complaints when it comes to meeting these slow timeframes.

Person-to-person transfers are processed in 5 days, which is extremely slow. Most offshore gambling sites, including sportsbooks, process these in 48 hours or less. The maximum payout is $950. Bank wires are also available for a maximum payout of $2,000. Once again, this is quite low, especially since they allow bettors to deposit up to $20,000 using the same method. Bank wires may take 10-14 business days to process.

Free Withdrawal

They do offer one free withdrawal each month, but we’re not sure this includes bank wires. Either way, players can only request up to $2,000 every 7 days. Notably, there is no check withdrawal option, a method available at just about every single offshore sportsbook. The crypto-currency, Bitcoin, is also not available.

CRSportsBet Review – Sportsbook Bonuses

Bonus Offers

Their main deposit bonus offer is a 100% Cash Bonus with no maximum, and apparently, this bonus is available on every deposit. This might seem enticing, but a 12x rollover is absolutely terrible. In fact, we would recommend players don’t take a bonus at all if they decide to deposit at CRSportsBet. The bonus they are offering is not any good, the fine print is a little unclear, along with their reputation.

CRSportsBet Review Highlights

Betting Markets

There is no shortage of betting markets at CRSportsBet. The DGS software is archaic and several years behind in terms of look and functionality, but does seem to work without issue. Bettors will have to choose their wager type before they go through and look at markets, which isn’t ideal but is can still easily be managed.

The focus is North American markets, and the sports with by far the most offerings are football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. There are a ton of propositions markets for NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. They even have player propositions for NCAA basketball, pre-March Madness. There are futures available for every sport. Other sports include soccer, tennis, mixed martial arts, boxing, golf, racing, cycling, and entertainment and political markets. Live betting is available, but it’s frankly, the setup is pretty ugly. The betting menu is more than most sites but isn’t much more than live sides, totals, and moneylines.

Wagering Limits

The wagering limits aren’t readily available for viewing on their site, which is another knock. However, after speaking to management, their limits are fairly large for a smaller sportsbook. They take up to $5,000 on sides and totals, but this may only be for NFL markets. We have to assume MLB, NBA, and NHL markets have a maximum bet around $2,000 on sides and totals. Props and futures, regardless of the sport, will have much lower limits, no more than $500 and some just a few hundred or less.

CRSportsBet Sportsbook Support

They don’t have 24/7 support like many other sites, but that isn’t to be expected from a sportsbook this small. During their hours of operation, the team at CRSportsBet seems to be fairly competent. They answer emails quickly, and there is live chat and phone support.

Conclusion – CRSportsBet Betting

CRSportsBet does have some soft betting markets, but there’s just too much uncertainty surrounding this company to recommend that anyone deposits. If you want to attack them, realize that you’re taking a major risk with your funds, but there is still a good chance you’re paid, eventually. They’ve only had one public complaint so far, so it’s not like all hope is lost for this site.

CRSportsBet rated 3.0 /5
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