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FastWager is a new online sportsbook and casino that opened their doors at the start of the 2015 NFL Season. The sportsbook, which uses a .com extension, and doesn’t have much of a track record or ties to other sites in the offshore industry. According to Sportsbook Review, FastWager is located in Costa Rica.

The staff has told SBR that they manage their own processing and are not affiliated with any other sportsbooks. The casino uses Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software, which is very common among offshore sportsbooks. FastWager welcomes players from most countries worldwide, but their clients are mostly from North America, more specifically, the United States. They also offer a racebook.

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A Personal Opinion on FastWager Sportsbook

What We Don’t Like About FastWager

Although their reviews have been decent since opening their doors, it’s still very hard to trust newer sportsbooks. They might be excellent options in the end, but too many shops close their doors quickly or run off with player funds when things go haywire.

One aspect players may not like about FastWager is their sign-up process. Players can’t view the odds unless they sign up and that is a little cumbersome compared to other sportsbooks. Once providing your email and phone number, the sportsbook manager calls you during business hours and asks for you to make a deposit.

We opted out from making a deposit initially, and were not given an account until we requested one from support so we could see their markets. This is certainly not standard practice at most online sportsbooks. More than 90 percent of post up shops give bettors a username and password at sign up, with no questions asked or introductory phone call. As SBR mentioned in their write up, FastWager doesn’t have much transparency. Their manager claims to have two decades of experience in the industry, but did not provide any specifics on his work history.

FastWager also a rule that players can only withdraw a maximum of $5,000 per week. This is low for a sportsbook that provides moderate limits, but manager has stated that these rules can be changed for high-volume bettors.

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Fast Wager Betting Site – Deposits and Withdrawals

FastWager has three main deposit options. They allow players to deposit using a Mi Cash Prepaid Master Card, which can be done through PayPal anonymously and called in over the phone or live chat. They also accept deposits via MoneyGram or Western Union. All of these methods can be done quickly and credit to accounts within an hour.

The other option is sending a money order via mail. This can take a few days or up to week to clear, but is the best option for sending larger amounts of money. According to their cashier page, they accept up to $9,950 in money orders. The above methods max out at $900.

Withdrawals are available for all over the above methods. As mentioned earlier in the article, the maximum amount a player can request per week is $5,000. Payouts via Cash Card, Money Gram and Western Union will all be processed in 24 hours or less, but usually take just a few hours. Money order payouts will take longer, but are usually quite fast. They can be overnighted and processed within 24-48 hours. All methods will come with vary fees, which unlike other sportsbooks, are not listed by each method. Players will receive one free payout every 30 days.

FastWager Review – Sportsbook Bonuses

Deposit Bonuses

FastWager offers new depositors a 100% deposit bonus on new deposits. We would like to tell you what the maximum bonus is for deposits, but this information was not listed on their site. To receive a bonus, you must be approved by management via phone.

The bonus comes with a rather poor, 10x rollover on the deposit amount and the bonus. If we deposited $500 and got a 100% freeplay bonus, the rollover would be a whopping $10,000 in betting action. Be sure to read the rollover rules for freeplays before signing up so you’re aware of which markets are eligible for bonus clearing.

FastWager Review Highlights

Betting Markets

There is a lot to like for gamblers at FastWager. Their betting interface looks old and is not exactly flashy, but aside from not being aesthetically pleasing, there are no real issues. It takes more than one page to place and confirm bets, but that is standard for many sportsbooks across the web.

As far as wagering types, bettors will have their pick from parlays, teasers, if-bets (win only or tie and win reverse and action reverse bets. Teaser and parlay odds are standard for the most part. There isn’t much customization available for teasers. They currently only allow a maximum of 3 teams for both basketball and football teasers. As far as sports offered, there is a lot to like at FastWager. The four biggest American sports will have the most markets, but for international markets there is a ton for those that want to bet around the clock.

There is a lot more than sides and totals for the major U.S. sports. NFL and NBA contests have the largest list of props available, including team and player props along with a long list of futures, but other sports are not left behind. The betting menu is fantastic for NHL, MLB and both college football and basketball. As far as international markets, nearly every soccer league in the world is available for betting, along with international matches. Tennis, boxing, MMA, rugby, racing, political betting and more sports are also available.

Live betting is available, but is extremely basic. We thought we might see more props available for live betting, but there isn’t much besides adjusted sides and totals. This is particularly disappointing considering the large selection of odds they have elsewhere. Live betting is limited for other sports as well to just adjusted point spreads and totals. They do have a solid mobile betting platform, so placing wagers on the go can be done simply and easily without issue.

Wagering Limits

Wagering limits aren’t readily available at In fact, they aren’t available until you make a deposit. This makes little sense and is extremely unprofessional. From talking with support via email, management said that the wagering limits are $1,500 for all markets.

This doesn’t seem accurate for such a small sportsbook. It would not surprise if bettors logged in after depositing and saw considerably smaller limits. The $1,500 limit might be the case for major markets, but we highly doubt this available for smaller markets or propositions.

However, those limits may be accurate, which might be slightly concerning. The sportsbook is quite small and extremely new to the market and if they are taking $1,500 on every market (remember, their odds are soft as well) that seems a bit aggressive for such a young sportsbook.

FastWager Sportsbook Support

FastWager has phone, email and live chat support. Their email responses back to us were extremely quick, usually within a matter of 10-15 minutes, but we didn’t have much success with live chat. There was no response from the chat operator. Despite the prompt saying they were available. Overall though, we were satisfied with the support staff.

Overall – FastWager Betting Site

We wouldn’t put our trust level with FastWager anywhere near our top rated sportsbooks, but they are paying players extremely quickly in their short history and there have been no complaints so far. Their odds are soft, have decent betting limits for low stakes bettors and tons of options. Bettors who give them a try won’t be doing so without risk, but it may be a gamble worth taking.

FastWager Sportsbook rated 3.5 /5
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