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Sports Betting Site JetWin LogoJetWin is a Bitcoin-based sportsbook that opened their doors 2013. Their software is some of the best online and does share some striking similarities to former scam sportsbook, GetWin. GetWin closed their doors several years ago and stiffed players in the process.

Despite the similar name, JetWin is not related to GetWin and has only acquired their software after the company went bankrupt. Also, unlike GetWin, they accept players from all around the world, including those in gray markets like the United States. JetWin is based out of the United Kingdom. Their parent company is Bit Entertainment S.A. In addition to their sportsbook, they offer a live dealer casino.

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A Personal Opinion on JetWin Sportsbook

What We Don’t Like About JetWin

While their markets per game are extensive, it doesn’t change the fact that their odds just simply don’t stack up against other competitors in the BTC sports betting marketplace. Many of their markets are juiced to an extreme degree and bettors will almost always find better odds elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t any +EV markets at JetWin, but they are certainly going to lose players to competitors because of their subpar odds. It’s a shame because they might have the best software for bitcoin sports bettors. They currently don’t offer live betting markets. If that’s a deal-breaker for you as a sports bettor, you should probably steer clear of this sportsbook.

JetWin specifically mentions they will ban arbitrage bettors or those that chase steam. And according to some users in their thread at Bitcoin Talk Forum, this has resulted in JetWin modifying bets and voiding winning wagers. They are quoted to say that they “don’t limit winning players”, but this obviously isn’t true, and it shouldn’t be. They have every right to protect themselves from sharps if they are getting beat on certain markets, but it appears they go a bit beyond what is standard practice.

JetWin converts all bitcoin deposits into the fiat-currency of the player’s choosing once their deposit clears. The number is based on the current market rate. This will certainly annoy some, but others have expressed that they like this feature. Seeing the money as traditional currency can make it easier when it comes to choosing amounts to bet. Their SBR page has several complaints about slow payments in 2016. It appears JetWin is only a recreational sportsbook. Meaning, they will do their best not to pay you if you take them for any significant amount of money.

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Anonymous vs. Verified Accounts

JetWin offers players full anonymity if they desire. Making an account takes just a few seconds and they only require a username and password. They do not need an email address. However, if players want to take advantage of their deposit bonus, which we will discuss in the next section, they will need to make a verified account. JetWin will allow players to have an anonymous account and one that is tied to a bonus.

Players shouldn’t use the accounts at the same time, but it is available. JetWin is one of the few bitcoin sportsbooks that may ask for documents once players decide to cash out after clearing their deposit bonus. This is put in place to decrease bonus abuse, but many players bet with bitcoins to get away from scanning documents and dealing with these types of withdrawal requirements.

JetWin Review Sportsbook Bonuses

(Not much of a) Deposit Bonus

At one time, JetWin did offer a deposit bonus of up to $150. However, our recent update shows that is no longer the case. They do offer a deposit bonus, but a much smaller one these days. New players are credited with a bonus up to $35 USD, $45 CAD or 150 mBTC. The bonus must be cleared within 180 days. It’s only available for Canadian and U.S. citizens.

The deposit bonus must be cleared in 180 days, but it’s not much of a bonus at all. The money comes with a 19x rollover. A 19x rollover is perhaps the worst we’ve ever seen when it comes to rollover rates in the offshore industry. This is barely a bonus at all. The rollover rate is terrible and the maximum one can receive is a mere $35.

JetWin Review Highlights

Interface and Betting Markets

As mentioned above, their betting interface and software might be the best online. They have an extremely polished look and everything from navigation to placing straight bets and multiples is top of the line and simple. Players can choose their odds type and country when they sign up but these can be changed easily as well.

As far as sports offered, there are few complaints. They aren’t elite in terms of competitions, but they’re close. Every major US sports market is well represented, along with major European markets and second and third division teams. They also have a host of other sports like handball, golf, futsal, and many more.

Many games have a dozen or so markets, but they do offer little in terms of player and team propositions. There are future wagers available for more prominent sports, but we wouldn’t bother wagering these at JetWin. Their odds seem to be considerably worse than their competitors.

As mentioned above, live betting is not an option at JetWin just yet. However, management has mentioned in several forum posts that they will have large scale in-play betting by September 2015. They also plan to unleash a new java-based betting client site wide around that time. We’ll be anxious to see this product, particularly with how impressive their current betting is compared to competitors.

Overall, their markets are slightly geared towards international players, and their odds on favorites for major US sports always seem to be worse than they are at other sites. However, since they offer so many bets, there are going to be +EV opportunities for bettors. It just takes some time to find them. Many users have reported their soccer markets are vulnerable.

Low Betting Limits

JetWin has the highest minimum bet we have seen at a bitcoin sportsbook. Their min bet is 0.01 BTC, making it a spot that should be avoided for those that want to bet micro stakes or wager tiny amounts of bitcoins for fun.

JetWin doesn’t list their maximum bet, which can be a little frustrating for those wondering if they can bet the amount they wish before depositing. Limits will vary wildly, but for major markets, they offer somewhere between $1000-$2000 on sides and totals. This puts JetWin as a middle of the road bitcoin sportsbook in terms of limits, but slightly on the low end of that spectrum. Many operators have massive limits these days in the bitcoin betting realm.

JetWin Deposits and Withdrawals: BTC-Only Cashier

Like all other bitcoin sites, JetWin will never charge players for depositing or withdrawing via bitcoin. Players will withdraw from their fiat-based account balance which will then be converted into bitcoin at the time that JetWin processes the cashout, not when it is requested. They use the current price of bitcoins at Bitstamp to determine their value at the date of the withdrawal. Withdrawal requests aren’t instant at JetWin, but they are processed quickly overall. Some players report requests being processed in 30 minutes or less. On their website, they state that they process cashouts every two hours.

JetWin Sportsbook Support

JetWin doesn’t say they offer 24/7 support, but they do generally respond to all emails within three hours. Players can message them directly if they are signed up through, and can also used traditional email. For faster response times, we recommend the internal messaging system. Players can also get help from support and offer up suggestions in their Bitcoin Talk thread. They are quite active in the forum and offer support under the username, “Bookmaker”.

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Not a Top Choice – JetWin Review Summary

JetWin isn’t going to be a site we highly recommend from an odds standpoint. Their issues with payment processing in early 2016 have us shaking our heads as well. If you’re a bettor with a clue and regularly bet steam plays and other +EV bets, this sportsbook is not for you. There’s little reason to go with JetWin, even if you’re purely interested in keeping all your transactions in Bitcoin. Most fiat-based sportsbooks take Bitcoin these days, and there are far better options in the BTC-only market as well.

JetWin rated 2.5 /5
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