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Bet Mayor is another in the long line of sportsbooks that have opened in recent years that operate in grey markets and primarily service Americans. Trusting new sportsbooks, especially in North American, where online sports betting isn’t yet regulated is tough. There have been some success stories in the past half-decade, but much of the most trusted operators have been in the industry much longer. Bet Mayor, while still in operation as of June 2015 appears to be headed for disaster after many issues with withdrawals have emerged in the past few months and the industry has shed light on their inner dealings.

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First Issues – Early Signs Of The Scam At Bet Mayor

Bet Mayor first premiered on the scene in late-2012 but didn’t acquire many customers or become a player in the offshore scene until late 2014. Sportsbook Review received their first complaint regarding the sportsbook in January 2015. The complaint alleged that a player had been on a bank wire payout since Dec. 10th of the previous year. These complaints increased in number by Jan 22nd, there were now three slow-play complaints recorded at SBR, totally just under $20,000 in balances. One of the players received $5,000 several days later, but there were still five figures in owed balances dating back several months – and those were just the ones reported to SBR. They easily could have owed double that to players, but the pending withdrawals or slow-pays went unreported.

Blackjack Confiscation – Bet Mayor Scams Players

Bet mayor was already shaping up to be a sportsbook that players should avoid, but the allegation that surfaced in April 2015, vaulted them into full-on scam sportsbook status. They cleared out a player’s account alleging that he won $51,000 playing blackjack illegally. Bet Mayor used the old “professional level play” excuse, although, in their original response to SBR, they alleged that the player used fraudulent activity to gain an unfair advantage. According to the information reported by SBR, that seems highly unlikely.

Bet Mayor Blocked The Rightly Won Money Of A Player


Even Bet Mayor acknowledged that he didn’t tamper with the software and that there was no specific exploit that the player used to beat the DGS online casino software. In fact, the player deposited thousands over several months but ended up busting his account. He then deposited $5,000 via Western Union in Dec. 2014 and went on quite the heater. His deposit grew to 15k in a matter of weeks. By February, he had nearly $52,000 in his account. He received an email from Bet Mayor management at that time stating that he violated the terms and conditions of sportsbook and that he would receive no more payouts. His balance was effectively gone.

This act by Bet Mayor was theft, pure and simple. Since the player didn’t exploit the software and won his money playing multi-hand blackjack and slots – he should be paid. There’s no discussion needed. The betting patterns “excuse” isn’t one at all. They were not able to prove any of the “fraudulent activity” that was alleged in their original statement. SBR stated the player was a frequent user of online sportsbooks and casinos and that he had big runs and losses at several offshore books. The player was denied his rightful winnings and most likely needed the money to offset his losses at other sites. This is a travesty.

Bet Mayor Reverses Their Statement But Player Receives Nothing

On May 9th, Bet Mayor reversed course on their original ruling, and told SBR in a statement that they would pay the player and his account was unlocked. However, they stated that he would not receive any payments for 30 days because Bet Mayor was currently being acquired. As of June 15th, 2015, he has not received a dime from his balance.

Global Bet Acquisition Of Bet Mayor – Another Way To Scam Players

The acquisition that the statement by Bet Mayor was referring to was one by Global Bet, a company that was supposedly merging with Bet Mayor a gaming company, Media-Tech. This news was first reported by the OSGA in early May 2015. Apparently, this was simply more smoke and mirrors from the team at Global Bet and Bet Mayor. Although Panama doesn’t regulate online gambling, OSGA found that the company (Media-Tech) doesn’t even exist. Emails to the company bounce and calls to their phone number go unanswered.

Global Bet And Mayor Bet Had Never The Intention To Merge

Thief is the site that Bet Mayor was apparently merging with. They also have quite a few complaints from at SBR and are also on the sportsbook blacklist. Representatives from both of these “sportsbooks” have stated that balances are being transferred to one or the other. A player owed 40k by Global Bet was told from a rep that his account will be moved to Bet Mayor, and the 50k slot winner has also been told that his account will be moved to Global Bet. As OSGA stated in their report, there is no merger happening, these two scam sportsbooks are merely shuffling the deck chairs of the Titanic. There’s almost zero chance either player will be paid. The accounts that are being “transferred” also require a 10x rollover before players can withdraw. Give us a break.

OSGA Spread Misinformation But Seems To Have Corrected Ways

However, despite their recent report, the OSGA isn’t entirely innocent in this. While SBR’s reports and coverage of both sportsbooks has been negative since their inception, the OSGA did tell a player in 2014 that Bet Mayor “…was doing a pretty good job” in June 2014. They also said they expected “Bet Mayor to do some very positive things moving forward” a year ago. It’s good to see they have backtracked on that statement and are singing a different tune these days. Their investigative reporting also opened Pandora’s Box when it came to Global Bet and Bet Mayor’s false acquisition.

Avoid Bet Mayor and Global Bet – The Biggest Scam Sites

It should go without saying that Bet Mayor and Global Bet should be avoided. Any money put into these bookmakers at this point is as good as gone. In all likelihood, both of these sites are on their last legs. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them both shut their doors in the coming months. They will go down as another cautionary tale for sports bettors in the United States (and other grey markets) and a testament to why we always stress that players stick with trusted operators. Their above-average betting limits and bonuses may not have been a ruse from the start, but the experiment has ended in disaster and players are once again paying the price.

In Conclusion – Bet Mayor Sportsbook Scam

There’s no denying that the only way to know this types of actions is to read about it. Sadly no one talks openly about it and new players may fall to the marketing attempts on several other scamming sites. We believe our job is also to inform players of such pending financial danger, for this reason, if you are still looking for information about sportsbook scams visit our main review page about scam sportsbooks sites, where you’ll find the similarities between the sites and the tactics they all seem to use.

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