Ez Street Sports Sportsbooks Scam

Ez Street Sports Scam Sportsbook

Ez Street Sports was a Costa Rican bookmaker that originally started taking bets in 2007. They initially began taking bets at EasyStreetSports.com, but eventually moved to EzStreetSports.com. The sportsbook went offline in July 2015.

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Video Poker Theft – Player Accused Of Unfair Advantage


Ez Street Sports didn’t receive any negative press until an April 2011 incident where they confiscated $46,000 in winnings from a video poker player. We’re not sure how Ez Street operated up until this point. Even after the betting site made the final ruling not to pay out the player in question – they did pay other customers, at least, for awhile. As reported by Sportsbook Review, Ez Street management accused a player of having an unfair advantage in a video poker game which he gained by using “robot software.” In March 2011, they opened an investigation after he won $46,000 playing “Jacks or Better” video poker.

‘Rapid Play’ Defense – Ez Street Weak Excuses

Ez Street accused the player of playing too quickly, stating that only a robot could play 5.848 hands in 325 minutes. Initially, the debate around the play was centered around the ability to play video poker for 5.5 hours consecutively at a fast rate and make little or no mistakes. However, management misled SBR and the betting community regarding the time period that the play took place. After releasing the logs of the play, it appeared that the user had truly played from 9:03 AM to 5:58 PM and not 5.5 consecutive hours, as Ez Street originally stated.

Not Celebrating Makes You A Robot – Ez Street Argument

The player also hit three royal flushes during his play. Ez Street claims that the player immediately went to the next hand of play after hitting each of their royal flushes. They argued that a human player would have stopped playing, at least momentarily, to celebrate their win. So, not only did Ez Street management lie about the time duration that the player won the $46,000, but they doubt he could be a human player because he didn’t jump around celebrating a royal flush. As you can see, their story isn’t adding up.

The Rx Forum Involvement – Banned The Player

We have talked about SBR on this site and mention that in some cases they have made mistakes or been biased when mediating between a sportsbook and player. However, SBR has a far better track record than other sites. The Rx is a popular sports betting forum that heavily promoted Ez Street Sports. Few other betting portals or affiliates promoted Ez Street and certainly didn’t give them the glowing reviews or front page ads that the Rx did.

Lies of Business

So, when Ez Street went to The Rx Forum’s moderators to arbitrate the video poker dispute – the community was rightfully suspicious. The Rx banned the player under investigation from their forum shortly after they began mediating the dispute. This did not allow the player to comment or respond to many of the moderator’s posts.

Polygraph Tests Requested By Rx & Rx Rules In Favor Of Ez Street

The Rx makes a request for the player to come to Costa Rica for a polygraph test, which have proven to be unreliable. Ez Street has little evidence of wrongdoing at this point, and they even lied about the amount of time it took the player to win the money. Despite this, the Rx rules in favor of Ez Street Sports on April 5, 2011. The $46,000 in rightful winnings are confiscated from the player’s account, and he is never paid.

Digital Gaming Solutions – Concludes No Foul Play

DGS is a reputable casino software provider for online sportsbooks and casinos. While they don’t comment publicly on disputes due to confidentiality agreements with their customers – SBR did report that some sources had word from DGS that no abnormalities were found in the play. In other words, DGS allegedly cleared the player of foul play and concluded that the winnings were legitimate and should stand.

Ez Street Sports Closure – The Tipping Point

Ez Street Sports went offline in July 2015. They were never a major player in the offshore sportsbook market, but after they had failed to pay the video poker winner the $46,000 that he rightfully deserved, it seems their traffic truly dropped off. Ez Street had seen their complaints rise across the web before they decided to shut things down and run off with player funds. They severed a payout plan with a large balance in April 2015 and ended up closing their doors a few months later.

In conclusion – Ez Street Sports Sportsbook Scam

Ez Street wasn’t a highly-trafficked sportsbook, but it’s easy to say that players lost over a hundred thousand in legitimate winnings when they ended up shutting their doors. We’re not unsympathetic to players who lost their bankrolls with Ez Street Sports, but the writing had been on the wall for quite sometime before their shutdown.

There’s no denying that the only way to know this types of actions is to read about it. Sadly no one talks openly about it and new players may fall to the marketing attempts on several other scamming sites. We believe our job is also to inform players of such pending financial danger, for this reason if you are still looking for information about sportsbook scams visit our main review page about scam sportsbooks sites, where you’ll find the similarities between the sites and the tactics they all seem to use.

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