Sportsbook Scam is an online sportsbook that came online as early as February 2015. The sportsbook is predominantly focused on the U.S. residents but does accept several other countries and currencies in addition to United States Dollars. In addition to sports betting, they have an online casino. If you take a look online, there isn’t much information about A quick Google search will turn up a few forum threads, all of which paint in a negative light.

Typically, we would give a new sportsbook more time to operate before branding them a scam sportsbook. We might write a normal sportsbook review but issue a warning to players. However, in’s case, the evidence of a fraud is quite overwhelming, and they have already had several complaints regarding payouts.

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Shill Infestation By

New sportsbooks often use shills to post in forums and report positive feedback on particular sportsbooks to entice others to deposit. It appears that LiveSports has been guilty of this. At the Sportsbook Review Forums, several threads date back to 2015 that have clearly been created by someone working for LiveSports. In this particular thread, original poster “coxxy74” asks if anyone is familiar with the sportsbook.

LiveSports SBR Post 1

The moderator immediately warns the poster of issues with

LiveSports SBR Post 2

Several other players chime in with information that the sportsbook is likely a scam. Coxxy74, replies to his original post with a decree that LiveSports has been “…nothing short of great.” This is despite starting the thread less than a week ago asking anyone knew about the sportsbook in the first place.

LiveSports SBR Post 3

This isn’t the only example of shills creating and commenting in threads at SBR. There are several, here and here. Notice so many of the same aliases in each thread. It didn’t take much effort to figure out what was going on here. All of these posters coming in and singing the praises of a sportsbook that has been around less than a year is a giant red flag. It makes sense to promote your sportsbook to operators, but that’s done by treating customers correctly and paying players, not by shilling on forums.’s Bonus Offers

LiveSports provides players with a comps profits and all kinds of promotions, but there isn’t much use in utilizing these if you can’t be trusted to be paid. They seem to have a generous first deposit bonus at 100% up to $1,000. However, much is not what it seems at The bonus comes with a massive 25x rollover, which is among the highest we’ve ever seen online. The value of the bonus decreases massively with rollover rate.

In the past, they have offered no-deposit bonuses and other deals that seemed too good to be true. Large bonuses, with misleading terms or rollover rates, is another tactic of scam sportsbooks to lure players into depositing. Sportsbooks shouldn’t be offering bonuses that could potentially bankrupt them. If a bonus offer seems too good to be true in the offshore world, it probably is. Especially in the case of newer sportsbooks with suspicious ownership. There’s a good chance they don’t intend to honor the bonus even if a player clears it.

Withdrawal Complaints –

The sportsbook does have at least a few active players. We know this because payout complaints have now been appearing on several sites.

Player Withdrawal Issues

A player in March 2016 deposited $500 and accepted a 200% deposit bonus. After trying to withdraw his winning a month later, they informed him that his bonus had a 35x rollover. The player was undeterred and was determined to complete the rollover and receive his funds. He took several weeks but completed the full 35x rollover. From there, he finally expected to be paid. Not so fast. After he requested a withdrawal, told the player that he would not be given his winnings, but he would have his original deposit refunded. The reason? He was a professional sports bettor or syndicate player.

Syndicate Betting Clause Used by Scam Sportsbooks

The syndicate betting clause is a common one for scam sportsbooks to utilize. Reputable sportsbooks (Not, regularly limit or ban players, but they don’t retroactively confiscate a customer’s winnings, which has happened in this case. The whole thing is still under investigation. We will update this document if the client receives payment. They tried something similar in the same time-frame. The Gambler’s Side chronicles the harrowing story of one customer trying to be paid by

The customer mouthed off to support, which apparently, in the minds of LiveSports, that means he loses his deposit and profits. Management also apparently banned him from the site, but forgot to update the software, therefore making his winnings invalid. The whole game of email tag between the customer, OTGS, and is quite amusing, but also pretty pathetic. These guys claim they have over 20 years in the industry, but don’t know the first thing about running a sportsbook or how to treat their players. They openly mock Bitcoin in the exchange, which shows how out of touch they truly are with today’s market. Bitcoin is available as a cashier option at just about every offshore sportsbook these days.

Player Withdrawal Update

After waiting about 40 days for a $2,485 payout, the customer has only received several installments which add up to $1,184. As of June 2016, the player has still not been paid in full.

Horrible Payout Speeds

These speeds are unacceptable. However, what is more shocking is that an offshore sportsbook needs to go on a payment plan to pay a single player under $3,000. It’s stuff like this that makes us wonder if they close to shutting their doors and running off with customer funds. Sportsbook Scam – In Summary

It shouldn’t take much more to convince you to avoid, but in case you’re still not sold, there’s more. We honestly have no idea if this is more than a one-man operation. Many customers reported hearing the same voice every time they spoke with support, regardless of the time or day. They insist they operate independently, but many forum posters have connected them to other scam or defunct sportsbooks.

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