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guide to online sports bettingHave you ever wondered how to bet online? Have you looked for a guide to online sports betting? A lot of the topics covered in this article will be for sports bettors that are totally new to sports betting and online betting in general. We’re may touch on advanced concepts, but will be going through the basics of signing up and placing wagers. It will be a solid read for advanced sports bettors as well, but for those new to online sports betting, we hope this will serve as somewhat of a bible.

Betting real money on sports is one of the world’s favorite pastimes. By some estimates, people wager over $250 billion dollars a year on sports, with few billions worth of bets on the Super Bowl alone and let’s not forget the March Madness and other sporting events around the world. You have three options for betting money on sports. Either you take a trip to one of the sportsbooks in states that have legalized sports betting, find a local bookie, or sign up at an online betting site.

Online betting websites are definitely the easiest and most convenient way to bet money on sports. The reason sports betting is so popular is because it makes watching sports more exciting, and it can also be lucrative for those who take the time to learn about odds, picking winners, line shopping and how to use online bonuses.

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Online Betting Sites – How To Choose One

This is an area where Safest Betting Sites offers bettor’s a leg-up on just about any other sports betting strategy websites or portals. Our in-depth and unbiased sports betting reviews are available for just about every major gambling website servicing Americans. Currently, our top recommended betting website is However, there a lot of solid options available in the US market. We highly recommend that you read our review for any sportsbook that you may be considering before depositing.

Betting Site Sign up Process

As mentioned on our homepage, we do get commissions when someone clicks one of our links and signs up at a sportsbook that we promote. This is true of nearly every site that publishes sportsbook reviews. Some of which, deliberately lie to players in hopes of them enticing them to deposit at a gambling site that pays them a high commission, but that have a bad reputation or are an outright scam.

We ask that if you enjoy our reviews and betting strategy that you click one of our links before signing up. We’re honest about the fact that we will be making money off your referral, but we will do our absolute best to turn you into a winning sports bettor. Anyway, the sign-up process at any sportsbook is quite straightforward. Gambling websites will ask for your email address, along with other personal information, address, and phone.

Online Betting Sites & Information Sharing

We would like to tell you that they won’t share this information with other betting sites, contact you via phone, or mail you offers – but that is not true. Few sportsbooks will call players and try to solicit deposits, but there are a few that do. Almost all of these sites should be avoided. There are plenty that email offers to bettors via mail, something that, again, is not usually done by reputable outfits. However, there may be a few sites that contact you via snail mail that could be viable options.

As far as sharing your information, this isn’t necessarily something that will happen, but it is something the can happen, particularly at less than reputable betting shops. When managers leave shops, they may take the client list of their former employer as they head out the door as well. Finally, when a betting site goes under, some operators will reopen under a different name, and try to solicit the players that they just ripped off into depositing at a newly created sportsbook. Yes, some people in the industry, are that sadistic, however, most are not.

How To Sign-Up & Bet On Sports From Your Mobile Device

Online Betting Site Bonus & Deposits

Betting Sites' Sign Up BonusesWhen signing up, players will also have to choose a bonus. We’re not going to touch on this much because we have an entire section devoted to choosing a bonus, rollover, and everything else you need to know. We recommend reading it before agreeing to any bonus terms. his section will be short because our section on depositing and withdrawing is quite expansive.

You can learn more about all available deposit methods by reading our in-depth guide to depositing at betting sites. The information there will tell you all you need to know about your cashier options. The first step to placing your first wager at an online gambling website is making a deposit, and that’s a straightforward process.

How To Bet Online- Placing A Sports Bet

Okay, so you deposited successfully, and you’re ready to learn how to bet online. This section is going to be for players who are extremely new to online betting and will go over the process of placing a bet. Most betting sites list their markets by sport on the left side of the screen and will sprinkle in the day’s most popular bets in the center of the screen. For instance, when we head over to Bovada’s sportsbook, that’s the exact layout we will see:

How To Bet Online Guide - Bovada Screenshot

The left side lists their betting markets for each sport, along with other options, such as their casino, poker, and horse markets. We can also click the ‘All Sports’ button to view all of the sports Bovada offers on one page. Okay, so we’re going to go over to basketball markets, to place a wager. We simply click the ‘Basketball’ button on the left side, and we are taken to this screen:

How To Bet Online Guide - Instruction

From there, we can view the day’s basketball markets. You will notice that we can place a bet on the spread, moneyline, or total. We can also look at the full list of markets by clicking the ‘Game View’ button.

How To Bet Online Guide - Instruction 2

The game view page will list all available markets for the game, including halftime lines, quarters, live betting, alternate and totals, and so on. We’re only showing you a snapshot of the available markets. There are a lot more options that include team and player props as well.

Pulling The Trigger – Online Sports Betting

Okay, so we’ve looked through the betting markets on this game, and we’ve decided to make a bet. Let’s take the underdog Minnesota Timberwolves +13 (-115) against the favored Oklahoma City Thunder. At US-facing sportsbooks, and pretty much all sports publications or websites, the home team will be listed at the bottom with the visiting team listed on the top. Once we click on a market, the wager will appear in our bet slip, in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

How To Bet Online Guide - Instruction 3

From here, we hit the can hit ‘Review Bets’, which won’t lock in bet just yet, but take us to a confirmation screen that looks like this:

How To Bet Online Guide - Instruction 4

At this point, you’re at the last step before you can back out of your wager. Be sure that you’re betting on the right team, even the most experienced bettors will occasionally make mistakes that can cost them a considerable amount of money. Each offshore betting sites may have a different policy when it comes to placing an incorrect wager, but the almost all of them do not let bettors cancel a bet, even if it’s before the game starts.

If you happen to make a mistake when wagering, it will most likely be on the wrong side a market. Your best option in this situation is to bet the other side and deal with having to pay juice twice. Every sportsbook on the web is going to have a confirmation screen before the bet is finalized. You’re going to have to make several clicks, (at least two) before your bet gets locked into the system. Be sure to make sure check your bet over before you make that final click. Once your bet is confirmed, you will see this screen:

How To Bet Online Guide - Instruction 5

Each gambling site will also have an area that you can view your opening bets or past wagers. There may be a button near the bet slip as is the case at Bovada, but that isn’t always the case. Look for a link to your profile or account information, this is usually easy to find.

Top Online Betting Sites For US Bettors

Mybookie best sportsbook
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  • Accepts credit card deposits
  • Timely payouts guarantees
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  • Generous deposit bonus up to $1000
  • Excellent software for desktop and mobile

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Why Bet At Mybookie? is the top sportsbooks online. They have plenty of advantages over their competitors starting with a generous deposit bonus of 100% Up To $1,000. The number of betting markets provided is so vast that MyBookie is the betting site that you can “truly bet on anything.” They offer free credit and debit card deposits. Deposits and withdrawals are also fast and free of charge if you’re using cryptocurrencies.

sportsbetting best overall sportsbook
  • Accepts Litecoin and Bitcoin
  • Credit card deposits accepted
  • Excellent and timely payouts
  • Competitive odds for NBA, NFL, MLB
  • Sport-specific bonuses offered each season
  • Large assortment of sports betting markets

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Why Is SportsBetting The Best?

When it comes to bonuses, payout options and speeds, and betting limits – is one of the best sportsbooks online. They have a Welcome Bonus of 50% Up To $1,000 and also have a cryptocurrency bonus and life-time reload bonuses. SportsBetting’s wagering limits are among the highest for betting sites servicing Americans. Their payouts are fast, and they accept accounts from all 50 U.S. states.

Guide To Online Sports Betting – Circled Games

One thing that bettors will run into quickly when betting is what is called “circled games.” A circled game is when a betting market has a red, green, or orange circle around it that is related to betting action. Each sportsbook’s rules may differ when it comes to circled markets, but they are usually about the same.

red or orange circle

A red or orange circle around a betting market means that the betting limit is lower than normal. It also means that you can only bet the market was a straight wager, and it is not eligible for parlays, teasers or other types of markets. Red or orange circles may be the result of injury or some uncertainty regarding the game. It’s can also be that the oddsmakers are unsure of his line or exposure and doesn’t want to take any more action. The sites may also opt to take the game “off the board”, which means that they will be unavailable for betting.

green circled

A green circled around a market means that the betting limits have been raised from the standard maximum bet than typically allowed for the sport and market. This is often done for popular markets, and it goes without saying the oddsmakers is also confident with their line when you see a market colored in green.

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