Impeachment Talk Heats Up: What Are the Odds Trump Will Be Impeached?

Biden’s Vice President Odds

It seems like the Trump impeachment talks have not cooled, now that the summer is over. In fact, they’re actually heating up.

With the recent revelations that Trump allegedly conspired to bribe the Ukrainian president into investigating Joe Biden’s son in exchange for U.S. military aid.

The Democrats Against Trump

The Democrats have some bait against the President because we all know talking about policy is just something they won’t do unless the odds are in their favor.

They are typically remiss to discuss anything in the past regarding their donors or votes that might go against their current policy positions. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are top-tier candidates who each represent the Democratic establishment.

Currently, Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the U.S. House. The only chamber of the federal government where the Democrats have a majority. Could their impeachment talk be something to take seriously, or is it just another bone for the electorate to consider?

An Increase in the Calls for Trump to be Impeached

The calls for Trump to be impeached have indeed been heating up. A recent article was published by the 24/7 news cycle to reflect PredictIt’s high octane odds on the current rhetoric surrounding the President’s dismissal from the executive branch.

To me, this honestly feels like most of the country still can’t believe that Trump is their President. However, these odds are very real.

Since June, reportedly, the odds have doubled that the end of the year could impeach the President. They now stand at a 42% chance of that happening, which is equivalent to about +140.

Holy cow! That’s what makes betting on politics interesting, especially with Trump as President.

No Matching Legislation

A quick Google search shows that while the rhetoric is undoubtedly hot, at the moment. There isn’t any matching legislation in the government’s dockets to support these claims.

Nancy Pelosi, the House’s Speaker, has routinely claimed that impeachment is much too heady of any issue for her plastic jowls. And the New York Times reported that more members of the House are undecided or haven’t given a response to this impeachment craze.

Political Parties
Support an impeachment inquiry
No, not now, or undecided
Awaiting response

I think these odds are somewhat bloated because what else do the Democrats truly have to talk about? The only time they want to shake up the system is when their executive leader makes them feel icky.

Trump Will be Impeached This Year?

Hold, on this hot air. Wait and see what transpires but be quick and ready with your bets. The news cycle is swift and ruthless. And it’s catching up to Trump as his first term nears its end.

I don’t, however, believe that he will be impeached by the end of the year. But these allegations could turn on him, and they certainly will, most assuredly. American politics is a ruthless sport. And there are few winners.

What’s Crazy Joe Gotta Say?

According to the most recent polls, Joe Biden is the clear favorite to win the Democratic nomination. He’ll be the one to face Trump in November 2019.

I think these odds are off considerably, and Biden is a buffoon. I also do not believe that he is the strongest candidate to take down Trump. So, if I had any money to throw down against this chump, I’d bet the farm.

That’s what all this rhetoric is about, from my perspective. Biden is favored to win the nomination, but also on the same day the odds shot up of Trump being impeached by the end of the year, a New Hampshire poll had Elizabeth Warren beating Biden by about two points.

The Biden Campaign

New Hampshire is an important state in the Democratic primaries, and also in the general election. The Biden campaign knows this. He’s been in politics so long, that I’m starting to suspect he has a body double and he’s just a skeleton. But that’s a side issue.

What I’m getting at is this: Biden is playing politics! And so is the Democratic party. To talk about impeachment is to shy away from shaking up the established order that keeps four out of ten Americans unable to afford a $500 emergency.

I think Biden is going to put all his chips on this impeachment boondoggle. And look for it if he’s the one to solidify the Democrats – which is going to alienate a lot of people on the left.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren

So, if you’re looking to gamble on Trump being impeached –I’d pay attention to what Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have to say about it.

And then you could make a decision based on that. Do you feel Trump will be impeached by the end of the year?

I certainly don’t. But it’s up to America to decide. And that’s where the odds truly lie. How will America respond? What will Crazy Joe say next? The next debates can’t come soon enough.

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