BetNow Sportsbook Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Large deposit bonus.
  • Strong betting software.
  • Excellent teaser and parlay odds.
  • Still extremely new to the industry.
  • There have been some documented complaints (they were all resolved).
  • Betting markets slim for non-North American sports.

Expert View of BetNow Sportsbook

BetNow now is a newer offshore sportsbook. They primarily serve American clients. Sportsbooks less than three years old are always higher risk than those that have a longer time in the industry. So far, BetNow seems to be on the right track.

BetNow Sportsbook Review

BetNow Sportsbook Betting InterfaceBetNow is an online sportsbook that accepts players from the United States and worldwide. They are one of the several new offshore sportsbooks in recent years. BetNow also has an online casino and racebook. As far as we can tell, it is an independent shop operating out of Curacao, where they are licensed.

They began operations in 2016. Due to how new they are to the market, there isn’t much in the form of player feedback just yet.They used to advertise quite heavily at It is a popular sports betting news site, forum, and tout service. BetNow has also drawn the endorsement Offshore Gaming Association (OSGA).

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Bet Now

A Personal Opinion on BetNow

What We Don’t Like About BetNow

Their time in the industry is just too short. At the date of this writing, the sportsbook has been operating less than a year. Any new operator, even with glowing recommendations from trusted sites and excellent odds, is still risky. BetNow doesn’t offer elite odds, but they do have two strong recommendations. However, we still have to advise a wait and see approach for our readers. BetNow simply doesn’t have enough feedback from players or longevity to be trusted at this point.

Their website is a bit bare. They do have terms and conditions, and some interesting wording about syndicate play, but that’s relatively common at many offshore sportsbooks. They have a deposit bonus, but don’t mention a maximum amount or have their rollover listed, even when plays click for more information.

There isn’t a ton besides North American betting markets. BetNow’s markets are actually somewhat impressive, considering they’re still a small operator. They do have some foreign soccer and basketball markets, but there won’t be much for bettors outside Canada and the United States.

Their cashier options are bare bones. Currently, they only accept deposits through credit or debit card and Western Union and MoneyGram. Most other sites have several more options. They also don’t offer Bitcoin, which has become a standard across the industry within the past few years for several reasons.

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What Bettors Are Saying About BetNow Sportsbook

BetNow doesn’t have the popularity of other online sportsbooks. You won’t find much written about them. A player did post he wasn’t paid at the SBR Forum, but it appears a lot of that had to due to with him not providing an ID. BetNow does have endorsements from Covers and the OSGA.

BetNow Sportsbook Review – Deposits and Withdrawals


Reviewing cashiers at newer sportsbooks is tough. We simply don’t have the feedback from players to offer an accurate opinion. The sportsbooks can say they payout in this number of days, but without reports from players, speeds are almost impossible for us to gauge.

General Deposit Methods

Credit and debit cards are instant and come without fees. MoneyGram and Western Union come with fees, but BetNow will reimburse players if they send $300 or more. Bitcoin is now available as a deposit method. It’s by far the best option, as it is completely free and faster than other methods.

Payout Options

As far as payouts, currently they only have two options, check, and MoneyGram. MG withdrawals are notoriously expensive. Their checks also come with a $50 fee. There is no free payout per month as far as we can tell. Bitcoin once again reigns supreme as a cashier option. Payouts for the crypto-currency are completely free. BetNow is heavily promoting Bitcoin now. Deposits and withdrawals are free using Bitcoin.

Withdrawal Speeds Unknown

BetNow doesn’t have speeds listed on their site for withdrawals, which is a major negative and a red flag. We spoke with support who assured us that checks process within 24 business days. MoneyGram requests process in 72 hours or less. We can’t verify these speeds. Nevertheless, they’re not particularly fast, even without verification. Two weeks for checks is around the industry standard, but 72 hours for MG payouts is certainly on the slow side.


Notable Payment Processors
  • bitcoin
  • debit-cards
  • mastercard
  • visa
  • bitcoin
  • check
  • mastercard
  • visa

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BetNow Sportsbook Insight

BetNow is far from our first choice when choosing an online sportsbook, but in their short time in the industry – they’ve proven to be a legitimate option. Their odds are competitive, and they have a generous first-deposit bonus. However, due to how new they are in the industry, there is inherently more going with them compared to other established operators.

BetNow Sportsbook Bonuses

Deposit Bonus

BetNow sportsbook promotionsBetNow provides new players with a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $500 on their first deposit. They also have a 50% Reload Bonus promotion for certain players on their second deposit. There are many potential bonuses available here.

We don’t expect them to offer you a second bonus if you’re a profitable player or show them that you have the ability to be a winning bettor. However, everyone can take advantage of the first bonus up to $500. The bonus comes with a 15x rollover, which includes the bonus amount and deposit.

It’s worth noting that we received a phone call shortly after signing up at BetNow to our personal phone line. This isn’t uncommon or necessarily unwanted. However, the representative did say that you needed to speak with him or someone else at BetNow to receive the bonus. The bonus terms and conditions aren’t clearly laid out on BetNow’s site, so it’s probably worth talking to someone in support (they do have live chat) before depositing.

BetNow Sportsbook Review Highlights

Betting Interface

Their betting interface isn’t anything special, but it gets the job done. They offer odds in three formats. These include American odds (moneyline odds), decimal odds, and fractional odds. Find all betting markets listed on the left, with the bet slip on the right.

The page does not require a reload when changing markets or placing bets, which is nice. From our limited use of the software, we noticed no problems or bugs. Their pending bets, and daily figures page is also convenient and accessible.

Their live betting interface is relatively basic. Nevertheless, like the other aspects of their betting software, we saw no issues with our limited use. Their in-play betting software provides a lot of customization for players and is one of the better live betting interfaces in the industry.

Odds At BetNow

BetNow’s markets impressed us quite a bit. They’re not elite, or particular way above average in any category, but their prices are competitive overall. Their parlay and teaser odds are strong, and they have a huge list of betting markets for the major North American sports.

BetNow isn’t going to match a market leader like 5Dimes when it comes to markets, but they do many other US-facing betting sites a run for their money. They go far beyond sides, totals, and moneylines when it comes to the big four North American sports, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. The first half, second half, and quarters are all available, but so is a large list of team props, player props, and futures.

As far as international markets, BetNow does offer Euroleague basketball and all the top flight leagues of Europe, including international competitions and the Champion’s League. Other sports offered include auto racing, tennis, boxing and more. There are typically futures markets available for every sport, even if they don’t have a large selection of pre-match or in-play betting odds.

As far as live betting, it’s available just about every major North American sport. The markets aren’t much more than adjusted sides and totals, but there are a few more prop bets depending on the sport. We’re doing this review in May, so we haven’t seen their NFL live betting options, which may be considerably more than other sports. In general, they post their odds rather quickly, even compared to some larger sportsbooks. Baseball bettors will also be happy to see that they do have dime lines available.

Large Wagering Limits has large wagering limits for a sportsbook that we know little about. This could end up being positive if the sportsbook can establish some credibility and track record in U.S. betting markets, but for now, we don’t recommend any player betting near their maximum limits.

For NFL markets, their maximum wager increased throughout the week. This is also common at many other sportsbooks. For instance, on Monday, their max bet on sides, totals, and parlays is $1,000. This increases to $3,000 by Thursday, and $5,000 on Friday. By the weekend, this is up to $10,000.

College football has a similar scale but maxes out at $5,000 for sides on Sunday. The NBA NHL also maxes out on $5,000 on sides and $2,000 on totals. Run lines and puck lines are also at $2,000. NHL limits max out at $2,000 on all markets. Apparently, all props are $200, which is a little lower than we thought it would be, considering many other sites with much smaller limits on sides and totals have higher limits on proposition markets.

Anything that isn’t a mainstream North American sport is going to have small limits. All soccer contests have a $1,000 max. Tennis, golf, racing and other small market sports also share the four-figure maximum.

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BetNow Customer Support

Live Chat Available
Support is available 24/7 at BetNow. Their live chat representatives respond quickly. You can find the live chat link on every page of the site; whether you’ve made an account or are looking to sign up. They also have email and phone support.

Their support team was a big surprise. They responded to emails within less than an hour. We never had to wait more than a few seconds (no matter what the time) to respond to our query.

New and Improving Option – BetNow Sportsbook Summary

BetNow has a few complaints, but all those issues have been resolved. The sportsbook has a strong selection of odds and an excellent Welcome Bonus up to $500. They are far from an elite choice, but they have made waves in offshore betting markets since opening their doors in 2015. They’re at least worth trying out for the bonus and if you enjoy their odds and service – you can stick around longer!

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