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Have you ever wondered about betting sites bonus rollover requirements? Have no more worries. Below you will find a detailed information about rollover bonus requirements at our recommended online sportsbook, how to calculate rollovers, plus the best bets to clear this requirement in order to withdraw your winnings. Nearly every online betting site offers bettors some sort of deposit bonus when signing up. Usually, that is in the form of freeplay but occasionally it can be in the form of cash bonuses.

A sportsbook rollover requirement refers to the betting that a bettor must undertake before is allowed to withdraw a bonus. Each betting website will have specific requirements for clearing bonuses. It’s important to check out the fine print when signing up and accepting a bonus before you make your deposit. We’ve gone over some of the top betting sites online and spelled out their deposit bonus offers, along with their rollover requirements.

Betting Site Deposit Bonus Rollover Get Started
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $1000 15x Rollover Make The Deposit
BetOnline Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $1000 15x Rollover Make The Deposit
MyBookie Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $1000 10x Rollover Make The Deposit
GTBets Sportsbook Logo 

100% Up To $500 10x Rollover Make The Deposit
GTBets Sportsbook Logo 

50% Up To $200 8x Rollover Make The Deposit
Bovada Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $250 10x Rollover Make The Deposit
Betway Sportsbook Logo 

100% Up To $30 1x Rollover Make The Deposit
888sport Sportsbook Logo 

$10 For $30 No Rollover Make The Deposit

Betting Sites Bonus Rollover & Bonus Details – 50% Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus

Bettors can get the same bonus at BetOnline. You can have accounts at both and clear bonuses at both sites. The Welcome Bonus is once again 50% Up to $1,000, and that comes with a 15x rollover. Enter bonus code “SB1000” when depositing. Freeplay funds expire in 30 days once the promotion is claimed. – 50% Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus

New depositors will receive a 50% Bonus up to $1,000 at on their first deposit if they use the bonus code “BOL1000.” The bonus comes with a 15x rollover. All freeplay funds will expire in 30 days, and no withdrawals can be made within 30 days of claiming the promotion. offers new users a 100% Sign-Up Bonus up to $1,000 on their first deposit. The bonus only has a 10x rollover, which is much lower than other betting sites for such a large bonus. There doesn’t appear to be any special requirements for this bonus. – 100% Sign-Up to $500

GTBets offers new users a 100% Bonus up to $500 on their first deposit. This bonus comes with a 10x rollover. There no bonus code necessary. They also offer players a 50% Bonus up to $500 on their second deposit. The rollover rate is the same. – 50% Up to $200

Intertops has several sign-up bonuses. The most lucrative is “ROOKIEBTC.” New users will receive 50% up to $1,000 on their first deposit using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin. The bonus comes with an 8x rollover.

Bovada offers new customers a 50% bonus up to $500 on their first deposit. There is no deposit code needed for Bovada as you can choose it in the cashier when you deposit. The rollover for this bonus is 10x.

Betway – 100% Match up to $30

BetWay will match up to $30 on any credit card and PayPal deposit in freeplay. This freeplay only comes with a 1x rollover. This offer is only valid for residents of the United Kingdom or Ireland.

New depositors to 888sport will receive $30 in free bets when they make their first deposit of $10 or more if they use the bonus code “fb30.”

Betting Sites Rollover Comparison

Here is a comparison table that contrasts our top betting site bonuses for US players and their offers. You can take advantage of all the bonus offers on the list if you have a large enough bankroll.

Betting Site Our Rating Sign Up Bonus Required Rollover Max Bonus
Bovada 4.7/5.0 50% Freeplay Bonus 5x $250
BetOnline 4.8/5.0 50% Freeplay Bonus 10x $1000 4.8/5.0 50% Freeplay Bonus 10x $1000 4.5/5.0 100% Cash Bonus 5x $500 4.9/5.0 50% Freeplay Bonus 10x $1000

Analysis: GTBets wins when we look at the chart and compare the bonus size and rollover. Their bonus is not only a cash bonus, which is better than a free play bonus but comes with a lower rollover than most other sites (aside from Bovada) and a larger cash bonus. They also have a 50% Bonus up to $500 available for a second deposit with similar terms.

The rest of the sites are a bit of a toss-up. Bovada’s bonus offers the most value regarding rollover and their VIP program offers cash back on bets which pushes them up a bit further.,, and all have bonus offers that are exactly the same. also has a VIP program which gives them nod over and BOL when it comes to overall return on each wager placed.

How Sports Betting Bonuses Work

How Sports Betting Bonuses WorkThe best part about wagering at online betting sites is the deposit available when bettors first sign up and make a deposit. Betting site bonuses are excellent additions to your sports betting bankroll. But, every bonus that a sportsbook offers comes with something called a rollover. When explaining sportsbook bonuses, a vital component of the value of the bonus is the rollover.

Sportsbook Bonuses & How To Beat Them


Betting sites with the lowest bonus rollovers offer the highest value bonus, but there are also ways to maximize your profits and upside with deposit bonuses by adopting a sportsbook rollover strategy. When you sign up at an online sportsbook and deposit for the first time, typically, they are going to offer you a sign-up bonus or welcome bonus. These are one in the same, but whenever you accept a bonus offer – there will always be a rollover. The rollover is the amount you must wager before you can withdraw your bonus and the funds you deposited. Most of the time, the rollover is calculated like this:

Calculating Bonus Rollover – Examples

Calculating the rollover amount necessary before you can withdraw any winnings and profits from freeplay bonuses may seem complicated, but actually, it’s quite easy. It’s merely some basic addition and multiplication that we all learned in grade school.

The rollover is calculated by adding the deposit and bonus together and multiplying by a rollover rate. For example, if we deposit $1,000 at and receive the full $1,000 in freeplay, we have a deposit amount of $1,000 and a bonus amount of $1,000. If we add these two together, we get $2,000. We then take this amount and multiply it by the 10x rollover, and we get $20,000 in wagering that is required before we can withdraw.

Let’s look at it again, but this time with Again, we deposit the full amount necessary to receive the full bonus. In this case, it would be $2,000 to receive the maximum 50% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus. We then take $2,000 + $1,000 and get $3,000. From there, we can multiply it by 15x ($3,000 x 15) to get the rollover amount of $45,000.

These rollover amounts seem like a lot of money that must be wagered, but you must keep in mind that sportsbooks are giving these to just about everyone who signs up and makes a deposit. They can’t afford to give out free money without a “catch.” The thing is, freeplay bonuses, reload bonuses, or bonuses of any kind still offer value to players, even with attached rollovers.

This table shows how much you will have to bet in order to clear common betting sites rollover requirements in order to get your bonus money using $100 as the initial deposit.

Sportsbook Rollover Strategy – Get Maximum Welcome Bonus

get max signup bonus - best betting strategyWhen you sign up at a sportsbook, it’s always best to maximize the first-deposit bonus if your bankroll allows it. For example, say a sportsbook offers a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000. It would make sense deposit $2,000, so you would be able to get the maximum amount of freeplay, $1,000. If you can deposit the amount needed to receive the maximum bonus – you can never go wrong.

In fact, I would advocate that bettors wait until they have the amount of bankroll available to receive the max bonus from a betting site before making a deposit. Welcome bonuses and first-time deposit bonuses will vary massively in value, but there is no downside to getting the maximum bonus about possible. As far as betting strategy with freeplay and bonuses the best “betting system” or strategy is always depositing enough to receive the maximum amount when offered a bonus.

Best Methods To Clear Bonus Rollovers

It’s important to note that freeplay and even cash bonuses are not the same as bankroll funds. There are some essential differences to understand when clearing bonuses versus betting with cash that is your account. Clearing sportsbook rollovers can be done by merely betting on whatever you like, but there is still some sportsbook rollover strategy to keep in mind if you want to maximize your profit potential.

Betting Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are not typically something we recommend bettors wager on, but in the case of freeplay – it makes a ton of sense. Since freeplay only returns the won amount and not the staked amount, like a bet that is made with cash, it makes sense to try and wager the freeplay more than once. Parlay bets allow you to do this, but we would keep them at 2-3 teams, as the oddsmaker’s edge gets far too high after three teams to make it worth betting.

Live Sports Betting

Live Betting Online At Betting SitesLive sports betting markets are far less efficient than pre-game wagers in many cases. Also, many sportsbooks offer freeplays specifically for live sports betting. So, not only can you clear your deposit bonus on much less efficient markets, but you may be able to get a bonus for live betting, as well. and both offer bonuses for live betting.

Using Proposition Bets

Like live betting, propositions are excellent bankroll builders because they’re far less efficient than sides and totals. Some sportsbooks won’t let you clear bonuses when betting props, but that isn’t true for all betting sites. We recommend propositions as the first option for bonus clearing, if possible, even ahead of betting parlays.

Other Rollover Requirements

In addition to the wagering requirements associated with bonus rollovers, there are usually other restrictions on how what markets you can bet on and when you can withdraw your money. For example:

• Many sportsbooks don’t allow bettors to withdraw from their accounts for 30 days after accepting a bonus. This is a rule that both and strictly enforce.

• If you accept a sports betting bonus – you most often have to clear it in the sportsbook. You may be allowed to clear it in the casino or racebook, but the poker room will almost certainly be off limits for bonus clearing.

• At most betting sites, you can only have one active bonus at a time. You may not receive another bonus or take another bonus offer until you complete your previous bonus rollover or your bonus offer is closed.

• Bonuses usually must be cleared at odds of -200 or under to be counted towards the rollover requirement. This is so bettors can’t bet on massive favorites over and over again to complete their rollover requirements.

• Clearing bonuses may be restricted to certain markets or bet types in the sportsbook. Such as, you may not be able to clear your bonus using live betting markets or betting propositions.


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