Online Blackjack For Real Money

Online Blackjack Real Money

Blackjack is the world’s most established table game, one that you can enjoy at virtually every online casino.

A massive reason for its long-reaching popularity is that it features a super-simple ruleset that most people already know, thanks to movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, the terrific thing about playing online blackjack for real money is that gambling sites allow you access to dozens of variations of this game.

Continue reading our guide so that you can identify the best real money blackjack casinos and apps plus our expert tips to maximize profits at a twenty-one table.

Best Casinos To Play Real Money Blackjack Online

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Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack for Real Money in the USA

Never jump into the first site you come across offering online blackjack for real money.

It is best to stick to tried-and-tested options that veteran players use and ones that have a seal of approval from reputable gaming info hubs.

Our experts have carefully gone through the best online blackjack options listed below.

So, these are sites that we can vouch for as appropriate gaming homes. You cannot go wrong when choosing them as the first stop on your blackjack journey. 

Rank Online Casino Deposit Bonus Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 150% Up To $3,000 Bet Now
2 Deposit Bonus 280% Up To $14,000 Bet Now
3 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $5,000 Bet Now
4 Deposit Bonus 250% Up To $12,500 Bet Now
5 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $3,000 Bet Now

How We Review Our Online Blackjack Casinos

There are several essential aspects to consider when selecting an online blackjack real money site.

Keep these factors in mind before handing over an operator your hard-earned cash:

Casino reputation and safety

Reputation and Security

All the platforms listed above have a credible gaming license and years of experience in the gambling industry.

They incorporate advanced SSL encryption to keep your data safe and take player security extremely seriously.

Bonuses and promotions to play online blackjack

Bonuses and Promotions

Trustworthy gaming sites aim to attract new players by featuring generous welcome bonuses.

They also go out of their way to cater to frequent players by granting them entry into their perk-rich loyalty schemes. 

Fast casino payouts for blackjack players

Swift Withdrawals

Dependable online casinos make the process of removing funds from your account hassle-free.

They know that getting you united with your winnings as soon as possible is crucial, so they do all they can to offer fast casino payouts.

Easiest Blackjack Strategies To Win

Why You Should Play Real Money Blackjack

No doubt, playing at land-based establishments has its unique sets of perks.

Yet, the best online blackjack casinos provide many additional benefits that can make the gambling experience far more enjoyable. These are:

No Distractions

When using a real money blackjack app, your focus is 100% on the game at hand. At a brick-and-mortar locale, there is always something happening.

At any given moment, something can steal your attention and negatively impact the decisions you make.

you can Take Your Time

Sites that offer online blackjack real money for USA players in the software variety let you take your sweet time before deciding to hit or stand.

You can also do this if you are the sole player at a live table.

you can Play Variants That Are Unavailable Offline

You will be hard-pressed to find a physical venue that hosts variations like Lucky Blackjack, Double Attack, Super Fun 21, Perfect Pairs, European Blackjack, and more.

you can Enjoy Multiple Games Simultaneously

When playing blackjack online for money, nothing is stopping you from having multiple game windows open.

That way you can partake in twenty-one action at several live tables at the same time.

you can Play at Smaller Stakes Tables

Land-based establishments have high overhead costs. Thus, many cannot offer low-limit tables.

That is not the case online, where platforms can take bets as low as a dollar.

Online casinos offer many different blackjack games that you can play online for real money. Here are some of the most popular ones from trustworthy online casinos:

Rank Blackjack Game Casino Bonus Highlights Play Now
#1 Spanish BlackjackBetUS Casino 125% Up To $2,500
  • Players instantly win when a hand totals 21
  • Played with Spanish decks (48 cards)
Play Now
#2 21 Blackjack Perfect Pairs GameLas Atlantis Casino 280% up to $14,000
  • Players can make a side bet once the pairs have turned up
  • Played with 6 standard decks
Play Now
#3 Single Decj Blackjack GameWild Casino 100% up to $5,000
  • Only 52 cards in the deck
  • Easier to keep track of what cards have come out
Play Now
#4 21 Blackjack gameEl Royale Casino 250% up to $12,500
  • Classic blackjack game
  • Players can play more than one hand
Play Now
#5 Multi-hand Blackjack GameBetOnline Casino 100% Up To $1,000
  • 5-handed blackjack game
  • Players can make a 21+3 side bet
Play Now

Main Online Blackjack Variants Explained

There is likely no game that can match blackjack in terms of available variants.

Estimates put the number of variations up for play at sites that allow online blackjack for real money in the USA at over twenty.

Here are some of the most established options:

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 differs from the standard game in that when you get a hand that totals 21, you instantly win. It does not matter if the dealer also has a hand that totals 21.

The player always gets preferential treatment. This variation also uses Spanish decks, which consist of 48 cards.

Free Bet Blackjack

The twist in Free Bet is that you do not have to risk money when splitting or doubling. However, you are only allowed to do this with specific hands.

Another catch is the push 22 rule, which makes it possible for the dealer to push all hands still in play if he makes a 22.

Blackjack Switch

In Switch, you get dealt two hands, and you can exchange the top two cards between your two hands.

The push 22 rule is also in play here, and natural blackjacks get paid 1 to 1 instead of the regular 3 to 2 payout.

War Blackjack

War is the ordinary game with only the addition of a War-type side bet. It pits your first card up against your dealer’s one.

Whoever has the highest-valued card wins the hand. If you win this side-bet, you have the option to parlay it onto your original wager.

Progressive Blackjack

In this progressive variant, the croupier must hit on 16 or below and stand on 17 or higher.

The variant derives its name from the potential progressive payouts it can yield if you get dealt exclusive card combinations consecutively.

Bonuses & Promotions to Play Online Blackjack

Online casinos where you can play blackjack for real money often bend over backwards to lure in new players.

They mainly do so by providing enticing sign-up packages that match your initial or first few deposits.

Such offers are beneficial because they help build up your bankroll, allowing you to have more chances to win.

You must not claim any deal without first going through its terms and conditions (T&C) page.

Always check the wagering requirements and associated deadlines before activating an online casino bonus.

The same applies to blackjack tournaments and blackjack-specific promos. Tournament entry fees and bet limitations often hide in the fine print of T&C pages.

Best Welcome Bonus To Play Blackjack Online: BetUS

Online Casino Bonuses to play Blackjack

If you want to play real money blackjack, we suggest taking advantage of the sign-up offer at BetUS.

It can match your deposited funds 125% Up To $2,500.

We recommend this deal because BetUS has a continuous slew of blackjack tournaments running on its platform at all times.

They also have a loyalty program with perks such as free casino payouts, poker tournament entries, bigger bonuses, and exclusive support.

Blackjack for Free or Real Money: Which is Better?

At most online casinos, demo-play is available so you can practice blackjack for free. But is it worth it?

Compare the benefits of playing blackjack for free or for real money:

Real Money Blackjack

  • Playing blackjack online for money can be super lucrative if you know what you are doing.
  • When you deposit funds, you can claim a welcome bonus and many other promotions.
  • You can participate in blackjack tournaments at the best online blackjack casinos.

Blackjack For Free

  • You can fine-tune your skills and practice strategies against a computerized croupier. However, you cannot practice play against a live dealer.
  • You don’t have to worry about incurring losses. But if you win, you don’t get your winnings.
  • No access to blackjack tournaments.

How to Play Blackjack for Money Online

How To Play Online Blackjack For Money

If our tips jazzed you up, you are now ready to tackle playing online blackjack for money.

It’s actually easier than you may think.

Here is a step-by-step process that will enlighten you on how to do so:

  1. Pick A Reliable Online Casino

    It is best to choose one of the platforms featured on our site, as these are the only ones that we can guarantee are safe.

    We explained above what you should look for in a real money casino before making this decision.

  2. Complete The Sign-Up Process

    Registration at online casinos is relatively simple. It requires that you input your personal information and come up with a password.

    Though, remember that you may have to supply some ID documentation when you request your first withdrawal.

  3. Make A Deposit

    Navigate to the cashier/banking tab inside your profile page.

    Select your payment method of choice and fund your casino balance with a sum above the designated minimum amount.

  4. Pick Your Blackjack Game

    Open the games page, and click on the live casino tab to face a live dealer.

    Select the table games tab if you want to play against software.

    Once you choose your preferred gaming format, pick whatever blackjack game tickles your fancy.

  5. Have Fun And Enjoy Yourself

    Remember, just because now you know how to play blackjack for money online does not mean that you have to make crazy bets.

    First and foremost, look to have fun. Gambling is an entertainment-based activity, where profits are a desirable byproduct and not the main focus.

Tips to Win Online Blackjack

Tips To Win Online Blackjack

The best way to increase your chances of coming out ahead at blackjack is to implement an optimal strategy.

That involves following pre-defined instructions that tell you what to do in specific scenarios.

Given that this is outside of the scope of this article, right now, we will only advise that you incorporate these five simple tips in your gameplay:

Tip #1Sometimes Stand When You Have 12 or 13

Do not get greedy. Never play with a mindset that something better is always bound to come down the pipe.

In some instances, it is wise to stick to the cards you have, as with a hand that totals 13, you have a 38% chance of busting if you hit.

Tip #2Never Make Insurance Bets

The idea behind an insurance bet is that it can help offset your losses if the dealer hits a blackjack.

However, that is unlikely to happen in most cases, which is why veterans consider this a sucker bet.

Tip #3Double Down on Eleven

Always double down when you have a starting hand of 11. That is the ideal blackjack situation.

So never pass up the chance to take advantage of it if your table allows such an option.

Tip #4Play Against Dealers That Stand on Soft 17

Any hand with an ace that gets counted as an 11 gets referred to as a soft hand.

Some online blackjack real money sites feature a rule where a dealer cannot hit a soft 17.

Such a guideline significantly lowers the house edge.

Tip #5Never Play 6 to 5 Blackjack

Historically, blackjack hands have always paid at 3 to 2 odds. However, nowadays, some casinos and sites offer blackjack at 6 to 5 odds.

Know how to identify such tables as they feature a higher house edge than 3 to 2 games.

Can You Count Cards In Online Blackjack?

Can you count cards on online blackjack?

If you play against software, you cannot. A random number generator shuffles the cards after each round, making this practice impossible.

In the live table iteration, this is somewhat of a possibility. Yet, you are highly unlikely to be so successful as counting cards is quite difficult.

Best Real Money Blackjack Apps

Yes, online blackjack platforms are available for mobile play.

Almost all gambling sites have been optimized for mobile access, allowing you to play on the go from any device.

Some also have taken the extra step to provide dedicated real money blackjack apps that boost convenience.

You can look for such software on your chosen site’s homepage.

In our opinion, the top USA platforms to play mobile blackjack are:


BetUS blackjack app

Currently, there is no BetUS iOS or Android app.

However, the platform features seamless mobile compatibility, so, in all honesty, there is no need for dedicated BetUS software.

All the pages at BetUS load instantly, and we have never encountered noticeable lag when playing online blackjack for money here.

Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis mobile blackjack

Las Atlantis casino is compatible with most modern mobile devices, running on Android and iOS operating systems.

Though you can use any browser to access this online blackjack real money site, Las Atlantis recommends Chrome.

You can enjoy eight blackjack games here with varying bet limits.

Wild Casino

Wild Casino mobile blackjack app

Wild offers a super-smooth mobile experience, and it features 11 software blackjack games and over a dozen live dealer ones.

The latter are products from the online blackjack real money USA live table supplier Fresh Deck Studios.

Other Casino Games To Try

Below you’ll find other real money games to play from the comfort of your home.

Brief History of Blackjack

History of Blackjack

The origins of blackjack are a hotly debated topic. Its nearest precursor is the English version of the French game known as Vingt-Un.

Nevertheless, the first written reference to something that resembles blackjack is found in the 17th century Miguel de Cervantes short story titled Rinconete y Cortadillo.

The first record of Vingt-Un in France stems from 1768, and some historians claim that it made its US debut in the early 1800s.

Yet, many blackjack enthusiasts dispute this, believing that it showed up in North America in the late 1800s, during the Klondike Gold Rush.

They claim that the game got its now popular name from a term used to reference the mineral zincblende.

French historian Thierry Depaulis thinks that the mineral’s nickname got transferred by prospectors to the top bonus in Vingt-Un, which consisted of an Ace and a 10-point card.

In his astute opinion, that is how the US settled on the name blackjack.

Play Blackjack at Real Money Casinos and Start Winning Today!

Play Blackjack At Real Money Casinos

Relishing in the lucrativeness and entertainment that the best online blackjack casinos provide is simple.

Thanks to technology, you can test your luck and skills on virtual tables from home via your smartphone.

The game’s rules are easy to grasp, so you can learn how to play real money blackjack in minutes. All you need is the desire to try this pastime out.

What is crucial is that you pick a reliable online blackjack real money site before even thinking about engaging in this activity.

It is paramount that you team up with only trustworthy operators that will always pay you your winnings.

If you choose one of the casinos listed here, that should never be an issue.

Scroll down to check out a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding real money online blackjack.  

Real Money Blackjack FAQ

Is online blackjack rigged?

No. Internationally-renowned regulators oversee the sites that offer online blackjack for money. They ensure that all the games are 100% fair.

Can you play blackjack online for real money?

Of course, you can. It has been a possibility since the mid-1990s when online casinos began to get a foothold in the online gambling industry.

Where can I play blackjack online for real money?

Our list of suggested casinos on this page is a decent start. Our experts have vetted these sites, and they consider them to be the best online blackjack platforms out there.

Are online blackjack games fair?

Yes. Independent testing agencies monitor the random number generators that online casinos use, ensuring their total randomness. Also, all live games get monitored 24/7.

Can you win at blackjack online?

Naturally, you can. However, to maximize your chances, you will have to implement a proper strategy and manage your bankroll wisely.

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