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We here at Safest Betting Sites believe that sports betting (and bookmaking) should be a legal activity for all adults to enjoy if they choose to do so. Freedom of choice, the ability to exercise one’s freedoms in any matter one may choose except when that act hurts another person guarantees human beings that right.

Betting sports falls directly under this category. Individuals who wish to wager their hard earned cash and understand the consequences of losing their bet, along with what is expected of the bookmakers if they win. This is the free market in its purest form.

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Sports betting is sometimes demonized as a form of gambling that is morally incorrect compared to casino gambling, poker, or lotteries. This is nonsense. There’s nothing immoral about betting on a sporting event.

Primarily, sports betting is a form of entertainment. While no one would bat an eye if a bunch of guys spent several hundred dollars to buy tickets to a football game, but if they got together for beers and pizza and bet a few hundred dollars on the game – some societies and governments would view these activities totally differently.

So, while we believe sports betting should be entirely legal around the world – that’s far from the reality. In fact, depending on what country or state you’re living in, the legal landscape for sports betting can vary wildly.

International Sports Betting Profiles

While we’re a US-focused site, we pride ourselves on covering the legality of sports betting in a number of regions. Our articles below will cover each jurisdiction or country extensively. We will go over legality, betting options, taxes on winnings and the ins and outs of each market.

Canada sports betting

Canada Sports Betting

Sports betting in Canada has grown to become just as popular as it is in the United States. Canadian betting does focus on different sports, including: Ice Hockey, Football, Basketball, and Soccer; with some mentions of Rugby as well. Look at our expert guide to Canadian sports betting and learn whether it is legal to bet on sports in Canada and the current laws. Learn which are the best Canadian betting sites you can safely wager at and on all of your favorite sports.

USA sports betting

United States Sports Betting

The United States has an enormous sports betting market. They focus heavily on every national sporting event, including: NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and the equivalent college sports. Billions of dollars are bet each year on US sports, but there is also plenty of action on international sports. Our guide will give you the legal insight of sports betting in the USA, as well as our top US betting sites you can safely win at.

UK sports betting

United Kingdom Sports Betting

Sports betting in the United Kingom is completely legalized and regulated, with hundreds of local bookies where you can place your wagers. They also fully license online offshore bookmakers that offer the same or better servcices than the bookies. Look at our UK sports betting directory to learn about the laws and resources. You will also get our top ranked UK betting sites where any punter will find their favorite sports matches.

South African Sports Betting

South Africa Sports Betting

South Africa is a small market compared to others, but they are huge fans of sports betting. Our guide will show you what the current laws and legalities of betting on sports in South Africa. For those that are unsure of where to place your bets, use our recommended South African betting site, which has been vetted for safety, accuracy, and much more.

new zealand sports betting

New Zealand Sports Betting

New Zealand is all about the Kiwi sports, with Rugby, Cricket, and Soccer being their top sports to bet on. Make sure about the legalities of betting on sports in New Zealand with our in-depth analysis of their laws and regulations. Stay safe and start betting and winning at the top New Zealand betting site we recommend.

India sports betting

India Sports Betting

India is one of the largest countries in the world, and their main sport to bet on is Cricket; which brings in billions of pounds each year in wagers. Keep yourself sfe by checking out the laws and regulations that India has in place when it comes to sports betting. Those looking for a safe online betting site, look at our top recommended sportsbook.

Kenya sports betting

Kenya Sports Betting

Kenya is just like the other Africa country, South Africa, still in its infancy when it comes to the online sports betting. However, due to the clear gambling laws and regulations one can enjoy placing sports bets on variety of different sports. The most popular wagers in Kenya are placed on both the European as well as American Football. If you are looking  into Kenya sports betting our in-depth guide will answer all the questions you may have about safe and profitable betting in Kenya.

Australia sports betting

Australia Sports Betting

Australians just like their neighbors Kiwis enjoy greatly placing sports bets online. European football, cricket and rugby are the most popular sports for betting online. There are a lot of options so you should be able to find a safe, secure bookmaker with fast withdrawals and large welcome bonuses. In case you are not familiar with the laws and regulations of the Australian gambling industry our comprehensive guide will provide you with most answers to your questions.

philippines sports betting

Philippines Sports Betting

The Philippines’ sports betting industry is popular and widespread. Betting is quiet popular among Filipinos and it ranges from boxing, European football, and most of the popular American sports. In case you are not familiar with the laws and regulations of the Philippine gambling industry our comprehensive guide will provide you with most answers to your questions plus recommendation for the best Philippine online sports betting sites.

russia sports betting

Russia Sports Betting

Online sports betting in Russia is possible but a bit complicated due to the goverment’s power to blacklist and restrict some online sports books from accepting bettors. We have listed the best and safest online betting sites you should use when placing sports wagers in Russia plus provide pertinent information about the laws and regulations in Russian online gambling.

nigeria sports betting

Nigeria Sports Betting

Though the Nigerian online sports betting is unregulated, the industry is safe and welcomes online sports bettor. The most popular sports to bet online are European football and rugby. If you are looking to partake in the Nigerian online sports betting our guide will provide you with all the information you may need in order to start placing profitable bets in Nigeria.

costa rica sports betting

Costa Rica Sports Betting

Costa Rica’s sports betting industry is large and growing. It is illegal to bet on sports in Costa Rica, but that applies only to land-based sports betting. If you are looking for online sports betting Costa Rica represents a perfect option to do so. In our guide, you will find the best Costa Rican online sports betting sites plus other information that will help you place sports bets online.

brazilian sports betting

Brazilian Sports Betting

Sports betting in Brazil is a popular, though the Brazilian government bans most forms of wagering on sports. Though Brazilian online sports betting is unregulated, online sportsbooks are legal. If you are looking to understand the Brazilian laws and regulations as well as check out the best Brazilian online sports betting sites our guide can help you with all of this.

colombian sports betting

Colombia Sports Betting

Colombia legalized sports betting a generation ago and in 2016, Colombia legalized online sports betting, along with a variety of other forms of online gambling. Online sports betting sites are safe and easy to access. In our guide, you will find the best sports betting sites plus all the laws and resouces to place sports bets in Colombia.

Legal and Regulated Markets

Many countries in Europe, most notably the United Kingdom have a fully regulated and legalize online betting industry. In these countries, citizens can wager on sports freely on the web without fear of breaking the law.

These countries also allow bookmakers to set up shop inside their jurisdictions, providing the government with tax revenue. Countries like the UK, which liberalized online sports betting early in its existence, have benefited from becoming early adopters.

Most importantly, however, is the security and legal recourse that citizens in these countries receive if something goes awry. Bettors can use the legal system to recover funds if they feel they have been wronged by an online bookmaker or have not been paid them their withdrawal requests.

Payment processing is also much easier in these jurisdictions. Since credit card companies, banks, e-wallets, and other payment processors have a legal climate to operate under, there are many more options for players in unregulated markets.

Unregulated Markets

Unregulated markets is a term we will define as a country where companies host online sports betting sites and betting online for citizens is either not legal (a gray area) or criminalized in some form.

However, if a market is unregulated, it doesn’t mean it’s not a viable for sports betting.

A perfect example of this would be the United States, where online sports betting isn’t regulated, but there are still hundreds of online sportsbooks that service those residing in the US.

Also, unlike those in regulated markets, those betting in unregulated markets will have little recourse if they have a disagreement with a sportsbook operator.

We at Safest Sports Betting will offer help to players in these situations, but if a sportsbook chooses not to pay, there’s almost nothing that can be done.

Of course, if a sportsbook continually rips off players, it will be listed on rogue lists all over the internet, including our list of scam sportsbooks. This may cause a poor operator to go out business eventually and should help keep most bettors away from these bad guys.

Another issue in unregulated jurisdictions is issues with payment processors. It varies depending on the region, but as a general rule, deposit and withdrawal options will be much scarcer in unregulated markets.

If government laws are strictly enforced against online sports betting, there’s little reason banks or payment processors would risk operating in unregulated or illegal regions for sports betting.

Legal Questions in Unregulated Markets

Obviously, in a regulated and legal market, there are no issues with residents betting sports online. Unregulated markets are obviously a different story.

However, by and large, even if online sports betting is expressly illegal in certain countries or states – these laws are almost never enforced. Sites may be blocked via a firewall, but for the most part, governments aren’t tracking down online gamblers because it’s not worth their time or energy.

They may look to seize domains names of sportsbook sites or charge operators criminally if they can do so, but going after individual bettors is almost never a priority. Remember, just because online sports betting isn’t regulated in your region, it doesn’t mean that placing a bet online is a crime.

It may well be, but once again, there hasn’t been a country in the world that has decided crackdown by prosecuting individual online sports bettors.

In areas where sports betting is expressly illegal, those who want to bet are much better off using online bookmakers compared to illegal local bookies.