Betting On Football Games

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Bet On Football Games

Online football betting is becoming mainstream to the benefit of bettors everywhere.

Let’s just put it this way: People. Love. Football. Do you know what they love just as much as watching football? Betting on football. That’s right.

Football wagering is simple once you get the basics down.

Our complete guide on how to bet on football games will help everyone understand the best strategies to wager on the most exciting sport in the world.

Best Online Football Betting Sites

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Where To Bet On Football Games

There is a large assortment of sites to bet on football, but not all are equal.

We review and rate every football betting site that accepts Americans, as well as international bettors. Below are some of our top choices.

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How to make A Bet On A Football Game

How To Make A Bet On A Football Game

Football is a complex and competitive sport enjoyed by most Americans.

Online football wagering has grown tremendously in the past decade.

The sports’ popularity and continued advancements in technology have expanded the markets and options for gamblers year after year.

With a lot of betting options and choices, many need guidance on how to bet on football. We even have a complete football betting guide for beginners.

Below, you will find a quick short guide to football betting and the best resources to help you during the sports season.

  1. Choose A Football Betting Site

    This seems like a simple step, but it’s one of the most crucial. Which NFL betting site you choose is vital.

    Not all sportsbooks pay players quickly, and a few of them are outright scams that players should avoid entirely.

    The top priority when selecting betting sites is to make sure they’re paying in a timely fashion and their history.

    From there, you can move on to looking at gambling site bonuses and odds selection.

  2. Sign Up

    Signing up at a site to bet on football is a simple process.

    You simply enter your name, address, and phone number and create a username and password. You will usually need to confirm your email address to activate your account.

    If you value anonymity, many football betting sites exclusively take Bitcoin.

    They offer a full range of anonymity with no logins or accounts required, but some will ask to tie your account to an email address.

    Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies may seem daunting to those who have not used them, but they’re easy once you figure out the basics.

    Check out our Guide To Using Bitcoin at Online Gambling Sites.

  3. Make A Deposit

    There are many ways to make your football betting site deposit. We recommend using cryptocurrencies.

    They come with zero fees and are faster than the traditional fiat-methods, such as credit and debit cards, person-to-person transfers, or bank wires.

    However, you can use any of the methods provided about which you can read in our Deposit & Withdrawal Guide.

  4. Place Your Bets

    Whether you’re betting traditional football point spreads, parlays, or prop bets, the process of how to bet on football games doesn’t change.

    Select the bet you want to make. Be sure to double-check the amount of money you want to wager is correct.

    Click SUBMIT on your bet slip to place your football wager.

    It’s a couple of clicks, and you have your bet confirmed.

Bet On Football Games With A Credit Card At BetUS

Bet On Football Games With A Credit Card

BetUS Sportsbook is our top option for US sports bettors.

At BetUS, you can bet on any football market imaginable.

They offer lucrative sign-up bonuses to players, including a 100% Up To $2,500 Bonus on your first deposit.

You can make a deposit instantly with your credit card and start betting on football games today.

Bets You Can Place at Football Games

Football betting markets are expanding each year. Football odds these days go far beyond sides and totals.

They’re still the primary markets of most bettors, but betting sites these days have tons of markets for both college and NFL football.

That’s even without counting all the extra wagers that are available for the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Football Spread Betting

Football Point Spreads

Football point spread betting is the holy grail of sports betting. The oddsmakers handicap teams to produce an active betting market for gamblers.

It creates action on both sides by leveling the playing field for the underdog. We break down the history and invention of the point spread and how to make NFL football point spread bets.

Football Total Bets

Football Totals

Betting a football total means wagering on the number of points scored between both teams in the game.

Unlike European football (soccer), the total in both NFL and college football games do count overtime period scoring.

Totals are also known as “over / unders.” For an in-depth strategy on totals, check out our NFL totals betting page.

Football Moneyline Bets

Football Moneylines

Football moneyline betting is a form of wagering done without the point spread. Point spreads and totals don’t matter when it comes to moneylines.

An NFL football moneyline is a bet placed on a team that must win outright.

It doesn’t matter if the team wins by 30 or by a single point – if they win the game, the bet is graded as a winner. If they lose, the bet is graded as a loss.

Football Parlays, Teasers, And Pleasers Bets

Football Parlays

Football parlays, teasers, and pleasers are all ways to bet sides, totals, and moneylines.

You must wager these bets with two or more selections. Likewise, all legs or selections of the wager must win (or push) for the bet to grade as a winner.

Football Proposition Bets

Football Prop Bets

Proposition bets are betting markets that are not related to the outcome of the game. Instead, they focus on individuals or teams.

Such as, how many yards the quarterback might throw, rushing yards by a running back, or which team will win the coin toss.

NFL football props could be especially profitable because they’re not as sharp as other betting markets.

Live Football Betting

Live Football Betting

Live betting or in-play betting has become increasingly popular over the years.

All gambling sites will offer live betting, but their number of betting options will vary greatly.

Some football betting sites will only have the basics. An adjusted point spread and total that will change throughout the game based on the results of action on the field.

Others will have more options. These allow customers to bet on the outcome of each drive or play, and lots of in-game propositions, even live player props.

The software used is also important for live betting, as there are many different platforms and some are considerably better than others.

NFL live betting is also where oddsmakers will vary their opinion the most when it comes to odds.

There are large differences in live betting or in-play odds compared to pre-match football betting markets.

Live betting football or in-play markets are excellent for sports arbitrage.

Online Football Wagering – Advantages & Disadvantages


Football Betting Odds Can Be Softer Than Other Sports

If you stick to mostly recreational betting sites over professional level sportsbooks – you should find softer odds. Many recreational football gambling sites simply aren’t as sharp as larger bookmakers and will shade their lines in favor of public betting trends.

Betting On Football Is Excellent For Bonuses

Betting sites gear up for football season. It’s the time of year where they take the most betting action, and the only event close is March Madness. The majority of the time, sign-up bonus is the only time you will get a deposit bonus from a betting site. However, during football season, most major sportsbooks offer reload bonuses that can easily be worth thousands of dollars.

Large Betting Limits

Sportsbooks take a lot more on football sides and totals compared to any other sport. If one turns themselves into a profitable or +EV sports bettor – they will be able to get a lot more money down compared to other sports. This is particularly true when it comes to small market sports.


Fewer Games To Bet On Compared To Other Sports

Just betting on football probably won’t be enough for you to take your sports betting skills to the next level or make enough money to live off it year-round. Even if you count preseason, the sport doesn’t offer nearly as many betting opportunities compared to other sports, such as baseball, basketball, or even soccer.

You May Spend Too Much Time Betting On Football

This sort of builds off the last disadvantage. There are fewer games, but if you’re a fan and seriously into betting on football, then you might find yourself obsessing over odds all week. That sounds like a fun time, but it may keep you from other more lucrative activities or focusing on other betting markets.

Football Betting Strategy: How To Bet On Football And Win

Football Betting Strategy

Betting football, or any sport for that matter, will hinge on doing the “right things” as a sports bettor.

Understanding the teams and the league is excellent.

But if you don’t fully grasp betting markets and finding value in the odds, you’re likely not going to make any money betting on football.

Once you have the betting basics down, use line shopping, and hunt for value through bonus offers and by using different sportsbooks.

It’s time to learn the ins and outs of football betting.

There is no substitute for hard work and putting the time in when it comes to learning the game from a betting perspective.

Betting Tip #1Utilize Line Shopping And Cryptocurrencies

Line shopping is often something few sports bettors take seriously. It shouldn’t be a shock that those who don’t line shop or get the best price on their wagers are mostly losing bettors.

Bitcoin has made it easier than ever to move funds around different sportsbooks.

There is also the option to use many other cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw.

Waiting days or weeks for a check or transfer is no longer the norm. Use Bitcoin as your go-to method for betting football online and be sure to get the best price on each wager.

Betting Tip #2Take Advantage Of Site Bonuses

Almost all football betting sites offer a sign-up bonus on a new player’s first deposit.

It’s crucial to use this sign-up bonus (deposit the maximum amount to receive the full bonus).

Many also seem to forget that betting sites offer football-specific promotions.

The major sportsbooks almost always have a reload bonus that coincides with the start of the NFL season.

Take advantage of these NFL betting promotions. They’re worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to sports betting bankrolls.

Betting Tip #3Consider Underdogs And Unders

The betting masses love betting on the favorite and taking the over on the total.

Of course, we know that the public is mostly full of losing sports bettors.

Fading the public isn’t a foolproof strategy. Being aware of the favorites and overs you’re betting is something to think about when placing wagers.

Football is one of the few sports (perhaps the only) that public bettors or squares can influence the lines.

Going against the public, especially in games with extremely high totals or where the public is heavy on a favorite in a bad spot is a strategy to consider.

Betting Tip #4Propositions Are Weaker Than Sides And Totals

A dirty little secret of the betting world is that betting sites usually lose money on propositions.

They’re much harder to accurately handicap than sides and totals.

Which is why betting limits on these wagers are low, at least, at online football betting sites.

This is not the case for a local bookie or pay-per-head site.

It’s worth keeping in mind that profitable proposition bets will draw the attention of sportsbook management.

It’s one of the most common reasons that players get their betting limits reduced.

For more tips and advice for betting on football, make sure to check out our article on NFL Betting Tips.

More Strategies From Our Football Betting Sites Experts

Football Betting Picks

Football Betting Picks Warning

Selling betting picks or “tout picks” is a multi-hundred-million-dollar industry.

“Beating the bookies is hard. Buy our picks, and you will start winning.” That’s the pitch. The pitch is far from the reality.

Those selling picks are not being honest with you about their skill or profitability when it comes to sports betting.

There are many fundamental reasons why a high-volume, successful sports bettor would not give away his secrets. Don’t pay for picks.

We give out free picks with a focus on football betting picks. There are also many other options for different takes on games, such as sports betting forums or befriending other sharp bettors.

Best Football Betting Apps

Best Football Betting Apps

Mobile devices are an excellent way to use betting sites on the go.

Sportsbooks now offer full-functionality on mobile.

Online sportsbooks like the ones featured on this page have mobile-friendly sites that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You don’t really need an app. You can play directly on the site without having to download anything on your phone.

Different Types of Football Around the World

NFL Betting: American Football

NFL Football Betting

The NFL is the big kahuna when it comes to professional football and sports betting.

Even though their seasons are shorter, the league garners more betting action than most other sports.

The NFL point spread is what everyone is talking about at bars across the country.

The NFL is football season and football season is betting season. Learn more about NFL betting, its season and the best NFL betting sites.

NCAAF Betting: College Football

NCAA Football Betting

Second fiddle to the NFL’s dominance, but still garners plenty of betting attention. NCAA Football is a way of life in many areas that are absent from professional football.

Like some regions of the Southern U.S. The season is shorter, but College Bowl Season is one of the biggest times of year for football betting.

It coincides with the end of the NFL Season and starts when the NFL Playoffs begin. Take a look at what NCAA football betting has to offer.

CFL Betting: Canadian Football

CFL Football Betting

The Canadian Football League doesn’t get as much betting action as the NFL or NCAA but has increased in popularity over the last decade.

It will never be as popular as hockey in Canada but has the potential for international growth.

Americans are watching the CFL in larger numbers than ever before. The main differences from American football are three downs versus four downs, 12 players on the field at one time, and a wider field size.

Not as popular, but still a great competitive sport, CFL betting has plenty of action you can take a part of.

Soccer Betting: Known As “Football” Around The Globe

Soccer Betting

Known as just “football” outside the US, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and most widely bet.

Regular season matches in the English Premier League often get triple the ratings of the Super Bowl!

The English Premier League is the most soccer popular league in the world. With almost every country in the world having domestic leagues with several divisions.

The Champion’s League is a yearly tournament that culminates in a final game between the two best clubs in Europe.

Of course, there’s also the World Cup and Euro Cup, which are international events that pit country against country on the soccer pitch.

Read our complete guide to online soccer betting.

Online Football Betting FAQ

Can I bet on football games online?

You certainly can! Online football wagering is becoming mainstream for the benefit of all of us. All you need to do is register at a sports betting site, make a deposit and place your bet.

How do you bet on football matches?

Betting on football games is easier than one may think. All you need to do is sign up at a sportsbook, deposit money and place a bet. We have plenty of highly-rated sports betting sites

The NFL. It offers the most betting opportunities for gamblers and the highest wager limits.

Claim The Best Bonuses Using Football Betting Promo Codes

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