NFL Live Betting

NFL live betting is when you bet on a football match as the action is taking place. As a football bettor, there are essential aspects to consider when you bet live football:

  • NFL live betting odds might change at any moment during the game.
  • In-play NFL betting goes far beyond sides, money lines, and totals.
  • Football live betting is another option to win your money back if your pre-game bets performed poorly.

Bettors can now wager on the outcome of each play in many cases and an extensive list of other betting options.

Live NFL BettingDepending on your betting site, live NFL betting could be called several different things. At most U.S. sportsbooks it will be called NFL live betting.

However, at European bookmakers, it may be under in-play NFL wagering or in-running betting or live in-game wagering.

These days, bettors are about the same amount of money on NFL live odds as they do on pre-match wagers. Live in-game NFL betting is the most exciting form of sports betting when betting on football.

Best of all, once you understand the basics of sports betting, in-play wagering is simple. And fun!

Best Live NFL Betting Sites 2019

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How Live Betting Works

Live betting falls into the overall category of online betting which is the best way to bet sports online. The most significant difference from live NFL betting compared to pre-match wager or placing bets before the start of the game is the ever-changing odds.

In-game betting odds frequently update, in some cases, after every single play.

NFL betting markets are always changing, but live betting odds move far more often than betting odds before the game starts. There are also several types of betting markets that are only available when betting on live NFL.

Nearly every sportsbook will have live NFL odds the sides, totals, and money lines. But, many betting sites have a lot more when it comes to live football betting. Possible live bets like:

  • The first half NFL moneyline
  • The result of each play (rush for a gain, completed pass, any other outcome)
  • The result of the drive
  • The first NFL team to score ten points

We dive deeper into a live betting strategy for all sports in this article. For NFL live betting specifically, there are a few tips that bettors can use to maximize their profits and upside.

How to Live Bet On NFL Games

  1. Choose a Trusted NFL Live Betting Site – The first step to wagering live is choosing an online sportsbook to sign up and deposit. It’s important to read reviews and select a reputable operator that pays players in a timely matter. We have extensive reviews of every betting site online and offer our top recommendations. Don’t worry about if they have live NFL betting or not, all sportsbooks have live betting options these days.
  2. Get a BonusMaximizing deposit bonuses is essential to your long-term bottom-line as an online sports bettor. Be sure to look for a bonus code before depositing if that is required. Some sites may also have specific promotions for live betting, such as’s free risk-free $25 live bet offer.
  3. Deposit Your Funds – Bettors have an extensive list of deposit options available for live betting. Credit cards, debit cards, and bank wires are available at most sportsbooks, but we usually recommend Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Almost all sportsbooks charge no fees for deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin or other cryptos.
  4. Choose a Live NFL Betting Market – Look for a live betting button or page on the main sportsbook homepage or the NFL betting markets page. Once you decided on which market you’re betting, input your bet amount and get ready to confirm your bet.
  5. Place Your Bet – Hit submit on your wager and lock in your bet. In-play NFL betting odds won’t be available as long as prematch odds, as the odds will change quickly based on the results of the game or match. It’s important to check your selection and bet amount before confirming your bet, but you will need to act quickly in in-play NFL betting markets.

Best NFL Live Betting Sites

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NFL Live Bet Types

NFL bet types for live betting will vary depending on the sportsbook. Every betting site will offer the basics, sides, totals, and moneylines.

There can be many more options, such as halftime lines and loads of in-game propositions. To learn what how each bet works visit out NFL Betting Guide.

Traditional NFL Bets – Sides, Totals, and Moneylines

These are all available as prematch markets, as well. They’re the bare minimum a sportsbook will offer if they have live NFL betting markets available.

These will typically have larger betting limits than any other in-game betting markets, like propositions.

Quarter and Halftime Bets

Most sportsbooks will offer live odds on each quarter, the first half, and second half. This typically includes sides and totals on all the above markets.

These are some of the rare markets that may be available on the live betting platform and in the prematch or halftime wagering software.

NFL Propositions

Propositions vary most from sportsbook to sportsbook when it comes to in-game live wagering options. Some may have the outcome of each play available for wagering, the outcome of the drive, the first team to score 10 points and so on.

Props are the most fun part of NFL live betting, but they do have considerably lower limits than sides and totals.

In-play Football Betting Strategy

NFL live betting strategySavvy punters care less about entertainment and take gambling seriously, therefore they all use live betting strategies.

There are plenty of them online and they can be more or less successful depending on how well they are implemented.

To be frank, no in-play betting strategy will work out all the time and in the absence of proper bankroll management and thorough research.

Below you will find our four, time-tested strategies that help us to grow your bankroll while live NFL betting.

Wager After the Game Starts

We all lose track of time sometimes and forget to place a bet. Live betting now allows bettors to wager on a game after the opening kickoff.

Provided there isn’t a big play at the beginning of the game that changes things – the odds will mostly be the same as the closing line.

Get A Better Price Compared to Prematch Markets

Sometimes you miss a line move, and it’s not worth betting before the game starts, but if the opposing team takes an early lead, especially on something like a fluke play, such as a punt or kickoff return – then those odds will drastically change.

Taking advantage of variance or early game big plays to get a better price on the side you like is one of the best ways to profit when live betting on the NFL.

Hedge Your NFL Live Bet

Live betting allows the opportunity to hedge a pre-match wager if you have already placed a bet. Hedging is something that I think bettors overuse.

There are situations where it’s certainly worth considering, and in-play wagering is an ideal spot to hedge that wasn’t available to bet to bettors decades ago.

Live Bet on NFL Propositions

We always stress to new bettors to look at NFL prop bets. They have lower limits than other bets but are incredibly exploitable, especially if you’re trying to build a bankroll. Many sites offer lots of propositions in their live betting markets.

Live Betting on the Super Bowl 2019

Super Bowl 2019 Live BettingLike everything Super Bowl-related, live NFL betting gets even more serious for the top football event of the year.

Not only are pre-game betting limits typically increased for the Super Bowl, but in-game live NFL markets are also expanded and have larger wagering limits.

In-play NFL wagering makes the biggest night on the NFL calendar even more fun and each year betting options are growing.

If you want to complement your live NFL in-game betting with traditional bets check out our Super Bowl 2019 Betting Guide.

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