Live Betting Guide

Once a fringe idea that was started by a few online bookmakers, live betting, also known as in-play betting or in-running betting has now become almost mandatory for any sportsbook that wants to be considered a true player in online betting markets.

The ability to bet on sports, as they happen, with live odds updated every few minutes or seconds is a rush that some can’t get enough of – and we don’t blame them. However, live betting isn’t just for action junkies. There is real money to be made in this market.

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Live Betting – Explained

In a nutshell, live betting is the ability to bet on sports from the start of the game till the final whistle. Today, just about every sport is available for live betting and depending on the sportsbook, the number of markets and options can be quite large.

Live betting is synonymous with quickly changing markets, meaning bettors will have to adapt quickly to changes. This means they may have just a few seconds to wager before the odds go off the board and are updated after the play. Other times, the odds will stay the same for much of the game until a key event changes the complexion of the market.

Resources For Live Betting

Get additional and helpful information regarding live betting sites, what sites are the best and safest to bet at, and what live betting strategy is most commonly used and proven to be most effective.

Betting Markets In Live Betting

For Americans, the most popular live betting markets will center on football, basketball, baseball and hockey. However, many US-facing sportsbooks will still offer live betting options on sports like soccer, golf, cricket and tennis. Each one of these sports may have unique betting options aside from traditional side, moneyline and total wagering.

nfl bettingFor instance, in NFL contests, bettors may be able to bet on the outcome of each drive or the result of each play. Basketball and hockey are faster-moving games that are usually limited to live spread and moneyline updates, but there may be some “who will score next?” type of propositions wagers.

Surprisingly, baseball may be the sport that benefits the most from live betting. Since it’s played at a slower pace than other sports, there is no shortage of stoppages. This gives the oddsmakers time to offer markets on each at-bat and half-inning. Again, markets and options vary widely between sportsbooks.

Games Availability For Live Sports Betting?

Sure, at some bookmakers. For the most part, though, not every game, especially for US-facing sportsbooks is available for live betting. Games that are nationally televised always garner more betting action. Therefore, these games are usually on the live betting menu for most books. Playoff games for most sports will almost always be available for live betting. They are nationally televised and are highly bet contests.

Live Betting Resources

We offer many articles on live betting, including a core strategy for live betting markets and sport-specific articles. The above content was just a primer, and we’re not stopping there. There is a lot of potential money to be made in live betting markets, especially by arbitrage betting.