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We at Safest Betting Sites pride ourselves on giving bettors an honest look at the world of online sports betting.

Unlike others that may promote websites to further their self-interest – we offer unbiased online sportsbook reviews, analyzing every site facing the US market.

How can you trust our reviews? Well, for one, even our top-rated sportsbooks, which we recommend to bettors, will still have several negative aspects that we will readily point out.

Furthermore, our site reviews will cover all aspects of each sportsbook, stuff that most other sports betting sites won’t touch upon.

honest online sportsbook reviews

Betting Sites & US Online Sportsbook Reviews

July 2024 Safest Betting Sites

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  • 1
    • Lots of bonuses
    • Offers VIP program
    • Reliable software
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • bitcoin
    • litecoin
    • ethereum
    2 Days
    • windows
    • apple
    • ios
    • android
    100% Up To $2,500
    BetUS ScreenshotBetUS Screenshot
  • 2
    • Recognized brand
    • Very fast payouts
    • Low rollover offers
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • amex
    • bitcoin
    1-3 Days
    50% Up To $250
    Bovada ScreenshotBovada Screenshot
  • 3
    • Competitive odds
    • Solid banking options
    • Crypto-friendly
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • amex
    • bitcoin
    2 Days
    • apple
    • ios
    • android
    • windows
    125% Up To $1,250
    BetWhale ScreenshotBetWhale Screenshot
  • 4
    • One of the largest sportsbooks online
    • Large betting limits
    • Post odds earlier than others
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • amex
    • bitcoin
    2-4 Days
    50% Up To $250
    Betonline ScreenshotBetonline Screenshot
  • 4
    • Reputable history
    • Valuable bonuses
    • Pays on time
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • amex
    • bitcoin
    2-4 Days
    100% Up To $500
    Everygame ScreenshotEverygame Screenshot
  • 5
    • Trustworthy, USA Accepted Players
    • Easy Bitcoin & Credit Card Deposits
    • Excellent Parlay Odds
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • amex
    • bitcoin
    24 Hours
    100% Up To $1,000
    BetNow ScreenshotBetNow Screenshot
  • 5
    • Great betting software
    • Excellent software for live betting
    • Big welcome bonus
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • wire
    • bitcoin
    2-3 Days
    50% Up To $1,000
    MyBookie ScreenshotMyBookie Screenshot
  • 5
    • One of the fastest paying sportsbooks
    • Early odds for most events
    • Large sign-Up bonus and reload bonuses
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • amex
    • bitcoin
    2-4 Days
    50% Up To $1,000
    Sportsbetting Screenshot

2nd Tier Betting Sites Reviews

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3rd Tier Sports Betting Sites Reviews

Online Sportsbook Reviews Worth Your While

Here are some additional sports betting sites that we have reviewed. These online bookmakers didn’t make it to our top charts but are still worth your time.

Trusted And Up-To-Date Betting Site Reviews

We pride ourselves on having updated and accurate information. We will regularly revisit our reviews and look for outdated or more pertinent information that we can add to help you make a decision.

Unlike many other sites, we don’t use a rating system. It’s unfair to give sites a mere letter grade when it comes to evaluating their potential for bettors.

Each site has its own set of pros and cons, and depending on the type of player you are – a betting site may be a great fit for you but not so great of an option for another bettor.

Our goal is to cover all the ins and outs of each online sportsbook servicing the US market.

Our Betting Sites Review Criteria

Here are the most important factors we take into account in all our sports betting site reviews. These criteria will also help you choose the best betting site for you.

Online Sports Betting Reviews – Deposits & Withdrawals

Online sports betting sites deposits & withdrawals

Bar-none, this is the most important factor when reviewing a sportsbook. Bonuses and competitive odds are irrelevant if a site doesn’t pay players in a timely fashion.

For us, there’s nothing more important in Sportsbooks than good deposit and withdrawal methods. And fast payout speeds.

Deposits-wise, we will go over the options that each site has available, highlighting any unique methods that may not be available on other sites.

We will also go over notable fees associated with each deposit method.

For the most part, deposit options and fees won’t change much between different bookmakers servicing the US market. However, factors regarding withdrawals can vary widely.

Here are the most common payment processing options in the sports betting industry, some of their features, and our recommended sportsbooks to use them:

Payment Option
Min Deposit
Available to Bet
More Info
credit card deposit options for betting online
  • Fast and secure, with high deposit & payout limits..
  • Accepted at the majority of betting sites.
  • The prepaid visa card is the most convenient.
crypto betting online
  • No fees charged for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Bonuses for Crypto deposits.
  • Instant deposits and payouts in many cases.
neteller deposit option for betting online
  • Quickly move large amounts of funds.
  • High or no deposit limits at top betting sites.
  • Used in over 200 countries worldwide.
bank transfer deposit option for betting online
  • You can transfer larger amounts of money.
  • Very safe and secure withdrawal method.
  • One of the most reliable payout options around.
bank transfer check option
  • Largest amount of transfer possible.
  • Safest around but slow.
  • Reliable payout but high fees.
person to person deposit option for betting online
  • Moneygram and Western Union availability.
  • Transfers can be quite high.
  • Very secure, but high fees with high amounts.

Speed and costs are both important aspects we consider. High costs for withdrawals can heavily cut into a bettor’s bottom line and hurt bankroll growth.

Fees are especially crucial when it comes to building a bankroll up at the lower levels. These can eat you up if you’re not careful or strategic about it.

Largely, withdrawal speeds via check will make or break an online betting site in our reviews. Those that pay players timely and offer cost-effective options will jump to the top of the list, provided they have no other red flags.

Slow-paying and no-paying can be a problem in the offshore betting world. Many sites give players the runaround when it comes to processing payouts, and some don’t pay players at all.

Those operators are ones to avoid, and we will let players know exactly who they are.

Sportsbook’s Longevity

Sportsbooks' longevity review

So much of the offshore betting industry is about longevity.

If an operator has been around a decade or longer and has paid players consistently during that time – by default, they become a safer option than other sites.

Sports bettors should meet newer sportsbooks with hesitation. Especially ones that are less than six months old. Even those who have been in business a few years are riskier than those who have been doing it since the early days of online betting.

This is a big problem during football season. New sportsbooks will pop up looking to accept deposits from bettors but don’t have the track record and trust necessary. You should avoid these scam sportsbooks’ “fly-by-night” operations.

We review in detail how badly they perform.

Reputation And Fairness At Online Sportsbooks

Reviewing reputation and fairness at betting sites

A sportsbook’s reputation is highly important in our site’s reviews as well. This also can fall under payment processing, like if a sportsbook slow-pays or no-pays players – obviously, they will have a poor reputation.

However, we’re speaking more about their reputation and fairness level regarding disputes with bettors.

Disputes may arise between sportsbooks and their customers. How operators handle these disputes is crucial.

If they’re consistently going against what many in the sports betting community deem the rightful outcome – bettors may want to avoid them.

A common example we have encountered while doing online sportsbook reviews is an often-used “syndicate betting” rule which allows unscrupulous bookmakers to confiscate funds because they deem bettors as “professionals.”

Other issues include bookmakers with predatory terms regarding their betting markets or bonus offers.

There are dozens of sportsbooks in business that have been around a long time that use these tactics and more.

Remember, even if an operator pays out 90% of their players, if they decide to stiff their top 10% of winners, that may be enough to put them in the black (make them profitable).

It’s important to monitor how sites deal with players when it comes to resolving issues.

There are many 3rd tier sites that mediate these issues, and there’s a big difference between the books that are forthcoming and honest with information rather than those that choose to offer little information and don’t comment.

Online Gambling Sites Odds And Bonuses

Odds and bonuses reviews at online betting sites

For good reason, most of the above sections for our betting sites rating system focus on how established sportsbook operators are in the industry and their cashier speeds.

This is where we will get down to the nitty-gritty of what a sports betting site offers to its players in terms of bonuses and markets.

When evaluating sportsbooks odds, we look at several factors:

  • How competitive are the sportsbook’s lines compared to other shops?
  • Do they offer an advantage for those betting underdogs or favorites?
  • How do their teaser and parlay odds compare to other sites in the US market?
  • Do they offer reduced juice?

Along with competitive odds also come betting limits. There are many sportsbooks that lean towards recreational bettors that have lower limits. At the same time, others cater to higher-limit, professional-type sports gamblers.

Variety Of Markets And Bonuses

The number of betting markets is also a crucial factor when reviewing the best online sportsbooks.

Many US-facing operators focus on US sports and offer much less extensive markets overseas in sports such as soccer, rugby, or cricket.

Each site also has its own unique set of betting markets. Some may offer more services like live betting, propositions, futures, etc. compared to other operators.

We will also cover extensively any sportsbook bonuses, including deposit and reload offers, along with any VIP programs.

These can vary wildly between different sites and come with varying terms and conditions. Rollover requirements and any other pertinent information will be included in our bonus descriptions.

Overall, our mission is to point bettors in the right direction when it comes to each option in the US market.

Online Sportsbook Reviews Resources

We have made different sportsbook site lists according to different players’ needs. These would help you better navigate our bookmakers’ reviews and choose the best site for you.

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