Play Fish Table Games Online For Real Money And Reel In The Cash!

Fish table online

Online Fish table games are among the few skilled-based casino games you can play for real money.

These popular machines have evolved significantly from the early 1980s, going from arcade-style games at supermarkets to real money gambling titles at online casinos. 

In this blog, we’ve compiled our top fish table gambling games online, legit sites to play, and helpful winning tips that make it easier to reel in big wins.

Casinos To Play Fish Table Games Online

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Top Online Fish Table Games

For people who like to wager with a little action, fish game gambling is about the only arcade option to play in a casino. It’s become so popular that there are even social apps and games based around the concept.

We scanned the seven seas of the internet and found our favorite fish table games online. Here’s a little more about them.

1. Fish Catch: An Online Fish Shooting Game For Real Money

Fish Catch is an online fish table game. It’s popular because the video arcade game lets you catch fish with a cannon for real money prizes

Even if you’re new to online fish table games, you’ll quickly get the hang of Fish Catch. With this video arcade game, there are no pay lines, reels, or spins to concern yourself with.

How Does This Fish Table Gambling Game Work?

How Fish Catch works

Use your cannon to aim at fish, sharks, and other undersea creatures.

You can collect them for different real money prizes when you shoot them.

Use the power-up feature for a bigger cannon and look out for Mermaid’s Luck, a massive multiplier and retrigger feature.

Upgrade your cannon if you shoot at a fish and can’t catch it. Carefully aim at the fish instead of shooting randomly, as this is a skill game.

What Is The Minimum Bet For Fish Catch?

Most casinos have a minimum bet of 1¢ per shot for this game. You can always bet higher to increase the amount that you can win.

Tips To Win At Fish Catch

Secrets To Win A Fish Table Online Game
  • Focus on the fish: Because this is a skill game, don’t randomly keep pressing enter. Instead, aim directly at the fish you want for big money prizes.
  • Be tactical with the guns: Change weapons and be strategic. Your bullets might cost more, but you can take out the top tuna. You’re going to need a bigger net for this catch!
  • Be aware of the type of fish: They might look similar, but each fish has different odds. Catching a mermaid or shark might pay off big.
  • Don’t waste bullets on targets too close to your gun: To keep the game to your advantage, save your ammo for easy wins like schools of fish.

2. Dragon King Fish Table Game

Dragon King is a colorful fish shooting game designed for social players and available in most mobile app stores. Apple and Android users both have access to the game. Can you conquer the dragon?

How Does This Online Fish Table Work? 

dragon king fish table game

It involves various skill levels and multiplayer modes for friends to join in.

Players try to win coins, not real money, and earn other social achievements to advance in levels. The app is generally free, but you can pay money for extra coins as you progress.

Like many fish table games, you can detect a distinctly Asian influence through the music and animation in Dragon King.

Along with swimming fish, players encounter fire-breathing dragons that offer bonus points and power-ups.

3. Fishing Voyage – Classic Fish

Fishing Voyage is another fish table game of Oriental influence that players access through an app.

This one is full of anime characters, Chinese letters, and outrageous coin explosions.

How Does This Online Fish Table Game Work?


You receive credits when you begin the game and can buy extra credits as you go along.

Fishing Voyage incorporates standard arcade elements of the fish shoot with various settings and modes.

Players encounter scenes such as Nezha, Dragon Fairy, Demon Ox, Monkey King, Dragon King, and Sunken Ship.

Every scene setting has a slightly different way of playing, which enhances the challenge.

When players advance through the stages, they earn all sorts of special rewards, but being a social app, this one doesn’t offer any real money prizes.

4. BanCa Fishing: Fish Hunter

BanCa Fishing is one of the more popular free fish table games that has caught the attention of online arcade players since its release in 2019.

It is another app-based game and has been downloaded more than a million times.

How Does This Fish Table Gambling Game Work? 

banca fishing fish table game

The app is free, but players can buy extra coins or credits through in-app purchases to help advance through levels.

The look and challenges of the game indicate that it was designed to attract kids. The goal is the same as most fish tables – to shoot fish and get the most points.

This one is not as cluttered as some and is easier to play at lower levels making it more effortless to level up. It has a lot of play options and bonuses to keep players involved.

5. Deepsea Volcamon

Deepsea Volcamon is another online game designed primarily for entertainment and social play, with multiplayer modes available.

While the online game caters to social play now, it has appeared in sweepstakes parlors or online sites in the past for real money play.

How Does This Fish Table Work? 


It is one of the classic fish shooting table games that share the goal of blasting denizens of the deep and advancing.

The primary screen has two guns, but more get added in the multiplayer mode.

The targets in Deapsea Volcamon are crabs, octopuses, whales, and colorful small fish. The giant sea turtle is the top target, requiring more bullets and netting a bigger reward.

Best Fish Table Games Casinos for USA Players in 2024

Were you searching for reputable casinos to play fish table games online for real money? Below are the leading sites, their welcome bonuses, game options, and other key player features. Let’s go fishing for big wins!

Las Atlantis: Best Online Casino To Play Fish Table Games

Play Fish Games at Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis Casino accepts US players and offers our top-rated fish table game Fish Catch in their specialty section.

With a lucrative signup offer, their welcome bonus package is a whopping 280% up to $14,000.

Besides the fish tables online, Las Atlantis features 211 other games and offers live dealer casino games and unlimited reload bonuses.

They support instant play on desktop and mobile devices and are compatible with iOS and Android.

You can get started easily enough with a minimum deposit of $10. When it’s time to cash out, you’ll receive some of the fastest casino payouts. Enjoy this hidden underwater treasure!

Fish Games Available At Las Atlantis

  • Fish Catch
  • Scuba Fishing
  • Crystal Waters
  • Megaquarium
  • Lucky Catch

Everygame Casino: Play Fish Catch And Other Games

Everygame Casino

With sports, poker, and casino games abound, Everygame Casino is a one-stop shop for gamblers of any kind. You’ll find Fish Catch in the casino.

New players and existing accounts have access to lucrative bonus offers, reload deals, and even no-deposit bonuses from time to time.

The site has over 300+ games. On top of their fish game selection and other specialty titles, they have slots, video poker, progressive jackpots, real money roulette, Caribbean poker, blackjack, and more.

Fish Games Available At Everygame Casino

  • Fish Catch
  • Shark School
  • Scuba Fishing
  • Lucky Catch

El Royale: Great Option For Fish Table Gambling Games

Play Fish Gambling Games at El Royale Casino

El Royale also has Fish Catch in its game catalog and is open to US and Australian gamblers.

With a vast new member signup offer, their offer a generous 250% up to $12,500 welcome bonus package

El Royale boasts over 200 games with zero withdrawal fees, reliable deposit methods, and live dealer casino games.

Desktop and mobile-friendly, play on your iOS or Android device.

This site also has 24-hour payouts, a $10 minimum deposit, and is reliable in terms of money handling. El Royale is fit for a king or queen!

Fish Games Available At El Royale

  • Fish Catch
  • Crystal Waters
  • Mermaid’s Pearl
  • Mermaid Queen

Red Dog: Good Casino To Play Fish Table Games Online

Red Dog Casino offers fish shooting games

Get ready to fetch some prizes at Red Dog Casino. The site boasts a $8,000 Welcome Package Welcome Bonus and 200+ games.

Loyal customers get generous reload bonuses for topping off their accounts. That gives you more credits to play the fish table game and over 100 real-time gaming slot machines. 

Gamblers from more than 150 countries play in this trusted casino, which is compatible with desktop browsers, Android, and Apple devices

With a $20 minimum deposit, you don’t have to break the bank to shoot fish. If you win any prizes, the payouts average 1 to 3 days.

Fish Games Available At Red Dog Casino

  • Fish Catch
  • Crystal Waters
  • Megaquarium
  • Scuba Fishing

Slots Empire: Top Casino For Fish Shooting Games

Slots Empire offers Fish Table Games

Slots Empire has much to offer US players looking to play online fish tables and other fish-themed games. Better still, you can try demos of everything for free.

With state-of-the-art software, the casino app is eye-catching and allows you to enjoy hours of entertaining fun.

With over 200 interactive games, Slots Empire is quite impressive. Their $8,000 Welcome Package bonus is a fantastic new member signup offer.

Download their Windows app or play video poker, table games, and live dealer casino games in your web browser online.

You can get started with as little as $10, and all transactions are fast. Grab those multipliers – your empire awaits!

Fish Games Available At Slots Empire

  • Fish Catch
  • Shark Spin
  • Megaquarium
  • Lucky Catch

What Are Fish Table Games?

Question mark icon

Fish table games are undersea-themed arcade games that you can play at online casinos or through other formats such as social gaming sites and applications.

They have become famous for the fun, skill, and strategy involved.

Gambling operations have recognized that popularity, and nowadays, you can play fish table games for real money at online casinos.

The object of fish table games is to shoot or net as many fish as possible in a session or level. You are aiming guns at moving fish, thus the skill.

The strategy comes in because you want to use as few shots as possible to get as many high-value fish as possible.

How To Win Money At Fish Table Games Online

Because fish table games involve skill and strategy, some techniques can bring yields or boost your odds.

Here are some things you can do to improve your returns:

Number 1 casino icon

Learn The Payout Of Each Fish

The payouts for each fish and the costs per shot vary significantly.

Make sure you know both because there is a perfect size wager for your style of play.

For instance, you might want to concentrate on one or two types of fish to bag.

Number 2 casino icon

Keep In Mind the Speed and Size Of The Fish

Small fish usually move quicker, spend less time on the screen, and are harder to hit.

They often move in large schools you can aim at.

Bigger targets move slower but take up more ammunition to kill. Weigh those factors before going after targets.

Leverage Auto Aim Feature

Number 3 casino icon

Auto-aim is one of those features that enhances your skill.

You can target a fish, click once, and the gun takes over by firing until you get the credits or the fish leaves the screen.

With Fish Catch, you can even use the auto fish feature and pick out specific targets that the gun will only shoot.

With these auto features and the right targets, your returns will increase.

Evaluate How The Fish Is Moving Before Shooting

Number 4 casino icon

Some fish move in less predictable patterns than others. Pick up on any pattern you can, and shoot accordingly.

Sometimes you see a school of fish that repeat the same movements, and you can hold the fire button down for a hit every time.

You will save bullets and build credits.

Choose Your “Guns “Wisely

Number 5 casino icon

You can choose from various guns at different betting or multiplier levels.

The bigger the gun, the higher the bet and the more effective the ammo.

But the bigger guns cost more and often concentrate on bigger paying targets, leaving out the smaller ones.

You have to weigh this in choosing the gun. Again, experimentation can pay dividends.

Start Small Or Try A Demo

Number 6 casino icon

Becoming familiar with a fish table game may take a little time.

So, you may want to start with the smallest bets or try a free version to see how the fish flow and the guns work. 

Test one feature, one gun, and one bet level at a time to see how effective you can be. 

When you get used to the game, you’ll be ready to use your skill and deploy a strategy that consistently pays.

How to Sign up & Play Fish Tables For Real Money

If you are curious about how to log in and play, use the screenshots below to find the games

1. Create an Account and Choose Your Fish Game

Open the casino’s website, log in, and find their “Specialty Games” section. Click on the tab and select the fish table game you would like to play.

For example, select “Fish Catch” in the specialty games and wait for it to load and open.


2. Choose The Bet Amount

Choose the amount of money you want to bet. A bet might start with a limit of .01-cents per spin.

Start small if you have a smaller bankroll, or bet big if you’re an experienced casino gambler (but know your limits).


3. Catch Some Fish & Win Some Money

Once the game starts, use your cannon to shoot at the fish. Try to catch as many as you can but aim carefully. If it takes several attempts to catch a fish, consider upgrading your cannon.

Look for features like power-ups and multipliers (for big-money wins). Don’t be shell-shocked if you hit a big win.

Simply keep reeling in the big ones!


What Is The Best Online Fish Table Game?

Fish Catch, best online fish table game

Our editor’s choice for the best fish table game online is Fish Catch.

First, Fish Catch is a real money gambling game that brings strategy to the table along with the skill challenge.

Then there are the unique features that this specific title offers that make it the top option.

The four-sectioned side screen shows you when to expect certain fish to enter the shooting screen. And you can toggle from screen to screen, which effectively makes the table larger.

An auto fish setting allows you to concentrate on your favorite targets by automatically shooting only the ones you pick.

But the best feature of all is the periodic Mermaid’s Luck Wheel that pops up and gives you multipliers on your winnings.

Fish Catch Gameplay

The following video was recorded while playing Fish Catch for free in demo mode.

You can play Fish Catch at Las Atlantis Casino and claim their 280% up to $14,000 welcome bonus package. They offer state-of-the-art security, top-notch customer support, and fair odds on their games.

More Online Fish Gambling Games To Play For Real Money

If you enjoy fish gambling games, several real money options are available besides fish shooting tables.

Fish-themed slot and Bingo games are entertaining and interactive, letting users enjoy fast-action gaming for real money wagers.

Here are some of the best real-money fish games available online:


Sea Treasures Slots Game

An undersea find, Sea Treasures ranks high on our list.

Set on a 3×5 grid, the casino slot game from Roundstone International is attractive and easy to navigate.

Play ten pay lines and click on different symbols for a boat full of real money cash prizes. 

Join the fun as the nostalgic game has colorful graphics and rewarding bonuses. The Sea Treasures slot is available in Las Atlantis.


Lucky Catch Slots Game

Lucky Catch lives up to its name with multipliers, free spins, and wild symbols.

The RTG game includes 25 fixed pay lines set on five reels. You can land on three, four, or five scatters to trigger 10, 15, or 20 free spins.

Other game features include bursting wilds, random prizes, and retriggers.

Available online, Lucky Catch has a 96% return to player (RTP) rate. Enjoy this delightful fishing adventure through instant play, as a download, or on your mobile device.


Shark Spin Slots Game

Dive deep into cash prizes with Shark Spin. The 5×3 grid, ten pay-line games from Nucleus Gaming, is available in Bet US Casino.

Rated 4.1/5, the video slot game includes respins and a tremendous white wild symbol. 

When the toothy shark expands, it will lock in place and give you a free respin.

Other fun gaming icons include three Neptune horns that start a free spin feature. Chomp into the gaming action today!


Megaquarium Slots Game

Megaquarium is an RTG game with a 5×3 layout and 50 pay lines.

Bets range from five cents to $50, and you can score top perks of up to 10,000 times your initial bet.

Look for exciting features like wilds, scatter-free spins, and two random jackpot prizes that can quickly increase your cash.

Megaquarium is available at Las Atlantis Casino. With a 96.8% RTP, play this compatible slot game on your mobile device (tablets, smartphones) today.


Goodfishes Slots Game

Available at Cafe Casino, Good Fishes from Revolver Gaming derives its theme from the famous mafia movie GoodFellas.

With 30 paylines and payouts worth 33.3x your bet, fish mobs pack weapons, wear fedoras, and everybody knows everybody.

Wager .30-cents to 300 coins for each spin and enjoy consistent wins as the game has a 96% RTP.  

Lucrative bonuses might land you the big bucks as 5, 8, or 15 spins have 5x, 2x, or 1x multipliers.

Other features include stacked wilds and six free spin bonus features. Hence, there are plenty of fishy ways to earn HUGE real money prizes.


Pesca Bingo

Ranked 4.4/5, Pesca Bingo is a fish-themed real money bingo game where you can win up to $15,000 with $10 cards. Play with a 10-cent card for a $150 max win.

The thrilling specialty game includes extra cash prizes from bonus rounds and even has a ball feature that can give you 13 additional bingo balls.

With the bonus round, fish will nibble on your line. Catch 3 in a row for generous cash prizes.

With four bingo cards in every round and 12 patterns, play Pesca Bingo at Cafe Casino and other online gambling sites.

Most Common Banking Methods for Online Fish Tables

The best online casinos with fish table games provide a wide variety of payment systems to fund your account.

Cryptocurrency is the gambler’s favorite, and you can find top crypto deposit bonuses. But there are also more conventional payment methods you can use.

Cash App

Cash App Icon

If you like to play by mobile, you can pay at CashApp casinos.

It is a service designed for payment transfers through mobile devices.

Various sites that welcome CashApp have different payment rules and time limits for processing.

Debit & Credit Cards

Credit and Debit Cards Deposits

Debit and credit cards are the payment methods most universally accepted at most sites, including online casinos.

You can find sites that welcome Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express payments with various limits.

Some online casinos, however, don’t allow withdrawals with credit or debit cards.


E-Wallet Casino Deposits

Payment systems such as Payz, Paysafecard, eZeeWallet, and other digital wallets are accepted at many online casinos.

Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other e-wallets are good for purchasing apps, such as those for fish shoot games.


PayPal Payment Method Icon

One of the original money transfer services, PayPal, is used for online purchases and person-to-person transfers of all sorts, including app purchases.

You can use PayPal to buy a fish table game app or to pay for fish shoot credits at social sites.

Pros and Cons Of Playing Fish Table Gambling Games

Fish tables are fun and exciting with all the action they bring to a session. However, like many specialty options, you’ll want to pay attention to your credits as things move fast.

Here are some of the other benefits and drawbacks of fish shooting games.


  • You can win money: Fish table games bring the fun of an arcade game into the casino by putting money values on what you shoot.
  • Skill is involved: Timing and hand-eye coordination comes into play more than with any other gambling game.
  • Lots of action: Fish table games have plenty of things going on to keep you occupied and involved
  • Compelling play: Try a fish table game, and you will soon be hooked.


  • You can get carried away: You must constantly watch your balance to keep from spending too much if you don’t play just right.
  • No variety: There aren’t enough shooting games at online casinos.

Why You Should Play Online Fish Tables

Are you a fan of skill-based arcade games? Here is why we think you’ll love online fish tables.

Enjoy an Array of Exciting Underwater Themes 

Fish table online games are interactive and include several colorful aquatic themes. With shooter slots, simply position your cannon and shoot at fish to earn real money.

Access Convenient, Mobile Game Play Entertainment

Play on your tablet or phone at home. Use your headphones, adjust the volume, or mute it. You can even pause your gameplay.

Explore Fun Ways to Win and Access Special Features

Win insane real money bonuses in these fast-paced games. With premium signup bonuses for new players and huge multipliers, instantly load and add real money to your player account.

You Don’t Need A Fish Table Game App To Play!

Ready to bring out your inner Jacques Cousteau?

Select any of our recommended casinos above and play fish table games directly on the browser of your phone or tablet without downloading an app.

All you need is an internet connection, a mobile device, and an internet browser to start having fun on the go!

Playing Fish Table Games Online Is Fun!

Playing Fish Table Games For Real Money Is Fun

Fish games are super easy to signup for and tons of fun. Try them out at the recommended casinos above.

Playing fish games in one of these trusted casinos keeps your funds safe. You can enjoy various interactive games and won’t be a fish out of water.

Select the game you want and earn real money. Let’s hope you get the Mermaid’s Luck feature to boost your winnings. Dive into the action today!

Fish Table Gambling Games FAQ

What is fish table gambling?

Fish table gambling is about testing your skills as king of the undersea world with a real money arcade1980 fish shooting game.

Suitable for all players and beginners, select different types of guns, and load your bullets. Then, aim at fish for varying cash values.

How to play fish table gambling?

Use your money to buy bullets for your guns, then position your guns/cannons to shoot at different-sized aquatic characters for payouts.

Aim and accurately shoot at fish, mermaids, crabs, and sea turtles to win big cash prizes.

Where did fish table gambling originate?

Fish games first appeared in 1980’s style arcade games at supermarkets and hotels. Over the years, the famous fish shooting games became available for real money gambling.

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