6 Fun Football Bets You Need To Try This NFL Season

Fun bets for football games

People always ask me about fun bets to make on football games, but you know what’s really fun? Winning.

Sure, I like to spice things up by putting money on different wagers. But finding winners is the difference between having a good time and never wanting to see football ever again.

Now, let’s be honest. No one will win 100% of the bets during football season. It’s impossible. You need to endure losses from time to time and find new opportunities the following week.

Once you are open to the idea of losing, you will have a better time betting on football.

Let’s review some of the best football bets for fun.

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6 Fun Ways To Bet On Football Games This Season

#1 Prop Bets

Fun things to bet on football games - Props

NFL proposition bets are as fun as it gets. If you are looking to increase your bankroll quickly, this might be the way to go.

The great thing about prop bets is that the wagers have nothing to do with the game’s result.

Instead, it’s about everything surrounding a player or a situation within the game.

I enjoy comparing prop bets to individual fantasy football matchups. Let’s say Titans RB Derrick Henry is facing a team with a shaky run defense.

Maybe you want nothing to do with the Titans in the spread, but you want to bet the over on Henry’s yards and TDs.

You will become the player’s number-one cheerleader. That’s fun.

You can also bet on specific in-game situations like:

  • Will a team score 40+ points?
  • Over/Under Field Goals
  • Team to score first
  • Team to score last
  • Which player will score first?

To be fair, the prop bets menu is just like a candy shop for adults. You will get hopped on sugar with the massive number of options available.

#2 Live Betting

Most sportsbooks added the live betting feature just a few years ago, and it opened a big door for those who want to make a profit in real-time.

Live NFL betting is one of the few spots where betting sites are vulnerable, mainly because they don’t have enough time to set the lines properly. Just like you, they are reacting to what they see on TV.

You can catch sportsbooks off-guard by betting live, which will improve your chances of winning.

But also, grabbing your phone to bet live while watching a game, it’s just a fun activity in itself. 

Big comebacks are a large part of the NFL Sundays. You can bet on NFL teams with great odds to come back and hit a massive win.

It won’t happen all the time, but be sure the team with the underdog odds has a good enough offense to pull the comeback.

#3 Division Winners

Fun football bets - Division winners

I enjoy betting on division winners. Sure, I won’t get an immediate payout, but if I hit them correctly, my bankroll will get a massive boost in January, just in time to bet on the NFL playoffs.

The other thing is, betting divisional winners is not as hard as you might think.

Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and any team where Tom Brady plays have a massive chance of winning their divisions.

But also, you can go into a bad division like the NFC East and pick a different winner every year, hopefully with massive odds next to their name.

For example, no team has won the NFC East back-to-back since 2003-2004.

#4 Second Half Bets

Betting the second half of a game is also a great spot to beat the sportsbook. Just like in live betting, the oddsmakers don’t have enough time to set the right lines.

Unlike live betting, you are not betting a team to pull a big comeback but a team to win the second half overall score in the attempt to pull a comeback.

Let’s say the Steelers are losing 21-10 at halftime, and they come back in the game, but in the end, they lose 31-27.

They won the second half 17-10, making your 2nd half-bet on Pittsburgh a winner, even if they didn’t complete the comeback.

Second-half betting can also help you make up for another bet that might not be looking good based on incorrect information.

#5 NFL Specials

NFL special is one of the most underrated and fun bets available for football fans. These bets are usually NFL future bets attached to a specific situation.

Let’s say you want to bet who will be the first coach fired in the NFL. You will find the odds in the NFL special section of each sportsbook.

There are many other specials, like matchups between QBs for passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions.

The sportsbooks with the most creative oddsmakers will have more and more fun specials every week.

#6 Bet On The Super Bowl Winner

Football bets for fun - Bet on the Super Bowl Winner

I can’t leave out the most obvious fun bet of all, betting on the Super Bowl winner.

Guessing who wins it all, it’s one of the most entertaining wagers of the year because it will take you to an emotional rollercoaster every week.

There will be weeks where you feel you are the smarter bettor in the room, depending on your choice. But there are others where you will feel like a complete dumbass.

In 2020, many people bet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl because of Tom Brady’s signing. By November, the Bucs were 7-5, and nobody felt great about that bet.

Sure enough, they won the Super Bowl going on the road during the entire playoffs run. But the emotions from November to February were a rollercoaster with a fantastic ending. It was a lot of fun.

Now You Are Ready For Some Fun Football Bets!

You can only have fun betting on football if you wager on a trustworthy sportsbook that won’t give you any headaches.

Choose one of the top football betting sites we recommend and start winning!

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