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Safest Betting Sites is a project that is long overdue for United States sports bettors. A sports betting site for sports bettors by sports bettors. We lay out the facts when it comes to the offshore online betting industry.

Too many “gambling authority” sites mislead and in some cases outright lie to prospective sports bettors. Even highly respected sites actively promote particular offshore sportsbooks, making it difficult to trust their advice.

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At Safest Betting Sites, we’re changing that.

Safest Betting Sites aims to be an authority on the US sports betting market, and will be giving the unfiltered truth to bettors when it comes to the industry.

This includes no-nonsense sportsbook reviews, industry news and our unique insight into the offshore world. Of course, we won’t stop there.

Our goal is to be an authority on all things sports betting as well. This includes betting strategies and an in-depth look at betting markets of all types.

What’s Wrong with the Current Climate?

Government intervention in the United States has created a proverbial “Wild West” of internet sports betting. Only Nevada has legalized online sports betting, but it is limited to the intrastate level.

The rest of the betting websites within their own jurisdictions, which is mostly offshore. While some are respected and regulated worldwide, many still follow their own rules. This gives bettors little or no recourse when it comes to settling disputes.

Local gaming commissions and other regulatory bodies can be helpful, but the final decision on disputes is predominantly at the discretion of sportsbook management. That is why sports betting authority sites and their affiliates are so critical.

Ideally, they act as the eyes and ears of the players, steering them toward top betting sites – and away from suspect ones. Unfortunately, the industry comes far short of this ideal.

Instead, sites manipulate players, telling them what they want to hear and even giving misguided, dangerous advice. The reason for this is plain and simple: greed.

The Affiliate Industry

The vast majority of sports gambling sites have ads or links throughout their pages to entice players into depositing at the different sportsbooks they promote.

The sites have a vested interest in players clicking-thru and depositing – they are guaranteed a share of the revenue that a player creates or a flat fee for recruiting a real-money player. These webmasters are known as sports betting affiliates.

You might notice banners and links for sportsbooks on – that’s because we’re sportsbook affiliates as well. We’re not trying to hide it.

The big difference between our competitors and us is that we give players an honest look at offshore sportsbooks and sports betting topics as a whole. Other sites offer valuable information in this regard, but too many are influenced by their bottom line.

For instance, if an affiliate site is making a substantial amount of money off of just a few sports betting sites, it doesn’t make financial sense to publish bad press and report on some of the negative aspects of theses sportsbooks.

Information that may be useful for bettors and their bankrolls will often be withheld or spun positively.

Also, when public disputes arise between players and sportsbook management, where do you think their loyalty will lie? We already mentioned that any negative press to one of their top earners could potentially hurt their profits.

Sites like will negotiate on player’s behalf in disputes, but when it comes down to it, they rarely will publicly denounce their top earners. Sure, they will put some shops on their blacklist and report on their schemes, but these betting websites weren’t likely making them much money in the first place.

Sadly, even with all their issues (including the Bet Islands debacle), SBR is still the go-to site for most bettors when it comes to sportsbook reviews and industry news. They’re definitely not saints but may seem like it compared to others.

Many affiliate sites will promote known scam sportsbooks that fail to pay their players but still pay affiliates their cut. Of course, it’s much easier to pay your partners when you’re robbing sports bettors.

Whether these sites knowingly promote bookmakers that are dishonest or flat-out scams is an excellent question. Those that follow the industry closely, something that all affiliates should be doing, are almost always aware of the reputation of the shops that appear on their sites.

There are some that plead ignorance when it comes to hawking a scam sportsbook, but many know full well that some of these places aren’t trustworthy. Some of them are predatory and what are known as “deposit-only sportsbooks.”

Affiliates that continue to promote these shops help them continue to attract new players. They’re being kept in business at the expense of bettors, who are being misled.

Is Betting Sports Online Legal?

This is a question that few sites answer entirely, other than to say that bettors don’t have to worry about law enforcement when they place a wager at an offshore sportsbook.

That is because the real issue is enforcement. While the act of operating an online sportsbook inside the US across state borders is a federal offense, betting sports online falls into a gray area.

Several states have laws criminalizing online gambling, but these are also enforced at an almost nonexistent rate. In fact, no American resident has ever spent a day in jail for placing online sports bets. On the federal level, there is no law criminalizing an individual for placing online sports bets.

Millions of Americans bet at offshore sites that operate illegally, making these transactions impossible to track. A government crackdown is unlikely as it would be largely ineffective, time-consuming, and a waste of resources and funds.

Keeping up to date on legal news regarding sports betting online can be helpful – but from a legal standpoint, online sports bettors have no reason to fear any legal consequences.

Our Mission

Even with all the scum in the offshore industry (sportsbooks and affiliates alike), it’s still an excellent time to be an online sports bettor in the US. The odds and markets available in Nevada or with your neighborhood bookie pale in comparison to the vast marketplace that online sports betting offers.

At Safest Betting Sites, we aim to provide bettors with:

Objective Sportsbook Reviews: We’ll examine the financial viability of a sportsbook, evaluate markets and odds, and review the shop’s management and customer service. Most importantly, we offer up to date withdrawal speeds, through our monthly Sportsbook Payout Report. Our analysis is the most comprehensive available online and aim to steer players to the best betting sites online.

Industry News: All the offshore betting news that is fit to print will be covered here. This includes sportsbook scams or warnings to look out for, along with legal news surrounding online sports betting.

Extensive FAQ: Our Sports Betting FAQ is one of the best online. We recommend new bettors check it out for their basic questions, but it can be of use to advanced bettors as well. The FAQ links to most major topics at Safest Betting Sites.

Full Online Betting Guide: This includes the ins and outs of depositing at sports betting sites, the cashout process at sportsbooks, and other pertinent information. We will also spotlight emerging industry trends and betting markets.

In-Depth Sports Betting Strategy: A full breakdown of betting odds and sport specific strategies that cover all major US sports (and some international ones as well). Unlike other sites, we won’t sugarcoat the profitability of different betting markets. We’ll give bettors the best available advice to maximize their profits.

Free Betting Picks: Our team of writers and handicappers will provide betting picks for a variety of different sports, all free of charge. Many have over a decade of experience betting sports and will offer up their picks and unique insight.