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Mobile sports betting has become the future of online wagering. Each day, more and more sports bettors are logging into their online sportsbook accounts from their mobile devices. In the coming decade, more bettors may be wagering via mobile instead of using a traditional desktop computer.

The market for mobile betting today is already massive. It is estimated that over upwards of $15 billion dollars is bet via mobile globally. Betting on the go isn’t a fad that is going to go away, but instead, it’s the future of sports betting.

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Mobile Sports Betting – The Basics

Online bookmakers now not only care about their desktop web pages, but their mobile products have become big priorities. With so many bettors wagering on the go, without a strong mobile presence, a sportsbook can be at a severe disadvantage. Mobile betting is simply wagering on a mobile device at an online bookmaker. Provided a bettor has an internet connection, wagering via mobile is possible from any electronic device.

There are few people in western countries without a mobile phone, and many more have additional devices like iPads or tablets. The ability to wager no matter where you are is a convenience that is now expected of every sportsbook online.

All mobile applications and websites will offer bettors the basic ability to log into their account and bet a variety of markets. However, not all apps offer the same features and just like every market – there are some excellent options and some poor offerings.

Mobile Device Options For Online Sports Betting

Here are additional mobile betting articles that will help you. Whether you are using an Android or Apple iOS mobile device, we give you the run-down of each.


Mobile Sports Betting Markets

For the most part, sportsbooks will offer their full complement of betting markets to mobile users. This is no surprise but is something that many bettors may not be aware of when they consider using their mobile device to bet.

Even obscure sports or betting markets are available, along with the site’s full menu of futures and propositions. Betting teasers and parlays is also easily accessible. We think you’re getting the idea, but just in case, yeah, pretty much the full slate is available when you log in via mobile.

One area that sportsbooks differ the most is the cashier options they have available. Many sites will offer the ability to deposit, (though, all methods may not be offered) but not all provide the capacity to withdraw via mobile. Bettors can also assume most functions of their desktop login. They will be able to view their bet history and pending wagers, along with other features of their specific sportsbook.

Mobile Wager – Rules When Sports Betting Via Mobile?

Mobile betting devicesYes, the same standards for wagers apply when betting on a mobile device. Remember, mobile wagering is simply a scaled-down version of the sportsbook’s primary site used for smaller devices. Every wager placed via mobile is just as binding as one placed at the desktop site or called in through the bookmaker’s phone line.

Logging into your account is the same as it would be if you were wagering from your desktop computer. Players have to enter their username and password to view the betting menu and from there can place any bet they choose. Like wagering from a PC, there will be a two-step or two-click confirmation before pending bets are confirmed.

Mobile Gambling Sites & Mobile Betting Apps

Depending on the sportsbook and region in which they are located, bettors may be able to utilize both a mobile betting site and a downloadable betting app when wagering.

Mobile betting sites are web pages that are accessible through mobile web browsers. These require no-download and function exactly like a traditional website. Most sportsbooks will automatically take you to their mobile site when you go to their web page from a mobile device.

Downloading Sports Betting Apps

Downloadable sports betting applications are products that must be downloaded from app store. These are not websites, but instead, individual applications that can be opened for each bookmaker. Generally, apps are more advanced and offer better features than mobile sites, but that is not always the case.

US-based sports bettors won’t be able to download mobile applications from popular app markets like the Apple Marketplace or the Google Play Store. These are reserved for bookmakers only in legal and regulated markets. However, Google has decided not to allow gambling apps of any kind in the Play Store, while Apple has embraced those from countries that allow legal sports betting.

Mobile Sports Betting Bonuses

Many online sports betting sites offer bonuses for using their mobile web page or application. Most of these are in the form of a free bet or freeplay bonus. There usually aren’t regular mobile promotions but are for new users who place their first wager via mobile.

Mobile Sports Betting Reviews

Our goal here is to offer players the best options for mobile wagering, including a breakdown of iPhone and Android mobile wagering and other devices. Our reviews will be unbiased as we point bettors in the direction of the best the bookmaking world has to offer for mobile bettors.

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