LoyaltyStars Gambling Community Review – Should You Join?

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Bonuses are one of the best perks to maximize your winning odds. I’ve been using this strategy for years while playing online, and believe me, it’s a good one.

Recently, I came across the LoyaltyStars platform, which claims to reward gamblers with free promotions. So, I didn’t hesitate to give it a shot.

Surprisingly, I found this site interesting for various reasons. Let’s break up what I found on LoyaltyStars. From signing up to redeeming bonuses and personal experience, I’ll cover everything for you.

What is LoyaltyStars?

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LoyaltyStars is a one-stop destination to claim more bonuses to use on your favorite gambling sites.

It’s a fun discussion platform that will allow you to connect with other gamblers from all across the globe.

Moreover, LoyaltyStars strictly follows civilized discussion protocols to encourage healthy behavior among members. You can flag any inappropriate comment or post on the forum. The site even rewards members with stars for reporting offensive posts and maintaining community ethics.

Engaging on the LoyaltyStars community forum will get you more stars and badges. What’s more?

You can earn casino bonuses by interacting with LoyaltyStars members on the discussion forum. Sharing casino experiences, comments, and feedback can activate generous bonus offers for you. It includes Free Spins, No Deposit Bonuses, Match Deposits, and Cashbacks.

How Does LoyaltyStars Work?

The reward system on LoyaltyStars depends on the tier level, including copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. You can unlock higher tiers by earning stars

Players can ask questions and share betting tips through this community forum. Besides, you can read casino reviews posted by dedicated in-house experts of LoyaltyStars.

Every contribution will reward you with stars and badges to redeem bonuses. You can view available casino and sports betting promos for different websites at the Rewards Center.

LoyaltyStars Review: My Personal Experience

Creating an account on the LoyaltyStars forum was a smooth process. I received an automated message alert on the platform after account activation.

I also loved the carefully designed homepage that features currently available bonuses. Before using any offer, you can also read the detailed review of a gambling site. It helped me pick the right operator that suits my betting style and goals.

Initially, you’ll start the rewards program with the Copper tier. I received 500 stars instantly as a gift for signing up on the LoyaltyStars platform. The Copper tier unlocked personalized bonus offers for me. 

To activate the bonus, I had to click a redeem button. You can copy the bonus code from a pop-up box on your screen. However, I could use the bonus only through the redirect link button given on a site. 

You can also use the bonus codes later by visiting the same page. Simply click the “Get Code” button under the activated promo to copy it whenever you want. Like regular promos, you must fulfill rollover requirements to withdraw your payouts from the gambling site.

You’ll reach the next bronze tier after collecting 2,000 stars through your contributions on the community platform. So the more stars, the higher the level.

What to expect after getting started?

Next, I completed some tasks to check the stars collection process. Guess what? It really worked seamlessly. On adding a like and comment, the platform quickly granted a few more stars to my account. I could see them on my Rewards Center page.

You can explore various ways to increase your tier level in the Reward Center section. So, write casino reviews, post a topic, share tips, like others’ comments, or respond to the posts to earn more stars. That said, the points vary based on the activity you performed on the forum. 

For instance, you will earn 10 starts per $1 deposited on the gambling site featured on LoyaltyStars. Similarly, you can receive 40 stars for adding an emoji for the first time on your forum post. On completing an activity, the LoyaltyStars will add stars to your account in a snap.

The homepage has a dedicated section displaying the latest and trending topics on different gambling verticals. It allowed me to quickly participate in the live activities through the posts shared by the community members.

Extra details and my conclusion

The site currently isn’t offering bonuses on online poker games. However, poker bonuses are on the cards on LoyaltyStars. So stay tuned to explore poker promos in the days ahead. Till then, you can engage in the poker discussion forum to earn stars and rewards like for other genres. 

There’s also a crypto-related activity tab to understand this new-age betting method. Interested gamblers can interact with professional crypto players to resolve their doubts before switching to this new payment mode.

So, what do I think about the platform?

Hands down, LoyaltyStars will take your online gambling experience to the next level. It ticked on various parameters for me, leaving me more than satisfied. And I think so will you! Give it a try.

Why Join The LoyaltyStars Gambling Community

Is joining LoyaltyStars worth it? Yes, and I vouch for it for several reasons.


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LoyaltyStar’s sleek user interface will allow you to navigate through pages smoothly. The site has a simple and crisp theme that looks soothing to the eyes. You’ll have an uninterrupted experience while using the community forum.

Maximize Sign Up Bonus Icon


Unlock various bonuses and promos for credible casino and sports betting sites. From Welcome Bonus and Free Spins to Match Deposit, the platform has a deal for everyone. Further, LoyaltyStars offers personalized rewards based on your tier level and engagement on the community forum.

Live Casino Social Experience


Get ready to interact and build connections with like-minded gamblers through the LoyaltyStars community forum. You can discuss your favorite games and share hands-on feedback about a gambling site or game.

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You can hone your skills here by connecting with professional players who discuss crucial gambling topics. So, learn new tips and strategies to enhance your real-money gaming experience.

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You can hone your skills here by connecting with professional players who discuss crucial gambling topics. So, learn new tips and strategies to enhance your real-money gaming experience.

How To Join

Learn how to join this platform in 4 easy steps.


1. Sign Up

Click on the signup button on the top right corner of the homepage. Now, select Register.

Fill Form Icon

2. Fill out the Form

Add your credentials to complete the registration form, including username, email address, and password.

Verify Account Icon

3. Verify Account

LoyaltyStars will send you a verification link to your registered email address. Click on the link to verify your account.
Note: If you can’t see the mail in your inbox, check in the spam folder.


4. Earn Rewards

Once verified, the site will redirect you to the homepage. You can explore the “Rewards Center” to claim exclusive bonuses for joining the site.

It’s Raining Rewards on LoyaltyStars

Casino Play Rewards

If you want to get into healthy gambling discussions, it’s your place to be. Further, LoyaltyStars will boost the fun by rewarding you for participating in the forum activities. These bonus offers are valid for casino and sports betting events.

Collecting stars on the LoyaltyStars platform is a hassle-free process. I suggest regularly engaging on the discussion forum to upscale your tier level. Learn strategies, explore bonuses, like comments, chat, and read operator reviews under one roof.

I’ll say staying active on LoyaltyStars is key to redeeming lucrative promos.

So hurry up! Discuss anything related to gambling with fellow players while enjoying mind-blowing bonuses. Earning rewards couldn’t be easier. 

Sign up on the LoyaltyStars community forum without a second thought.

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