Best Betting Sites Bonuses 2018

There is extreme competition between betting sites as they fight for players in the much-maligned US-facing online sports betting market. For many new sports bettors, the size of the potential online sign-up bonus is what brings them in the door. While this isn’t an optimal strategy for finding online sports betting sites it is often the deciding fact that helps newer sports bettors deposit into their first online betting site. Who could blame them? Everyone likes free money, and if a betting site is offering a large welcome bonus and they pay players quickly, we can’t blame those who sign up to take advantage. Below you will find the best sports betting sites for bonuses and rewards in 2018…

Rank Betting Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
#1 Sportsbetting Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $1000 Discover More
#2 BetOnline Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $1000 Discover More
#3 MyBookie Sportsbook Logo
100% Up To $1000 Discover More
#4 GTBets Sportsbook Logo

100% Up To $500 Discover More
#5 Bovada Sportsbook Logo
50% Up To $250 Discover More

However, the “catch” when it comes to bonuses at online sportsbooks is that they aren’t all created equal. There are many factors to consider when looking to take advantage of bonus offers, but the key here is to read the fine print and understand the rules involved in clearing each type of bonus. Read on…

Best Bonus Betting Sites In 2018

Here is the list of the best online sportsbooks bonuses for offshore sports betting:

#1 Sportsbook has risen to prominence in recent years for Americans who want to bet sports online. It is an excellent option, due to its large betting limits and a massive list of betting sports markets. It even has normal pricing on player props at -110, where almost all other betting sites use -115 base.

Their 50% up to $1,000 Bonus is all you may need for betting.

Other great bonuses you can find at

  • 50% up to $500 Bonus on Crypto Deposits
  • $25 Risk-Free Props Bet
  • $25 Free Live Betting Bonus
  • Mobile Betting $50 Free Play

#2 BetOnline Sportsbook shares the same cashier, management, and as SportsBetting. They differ when it comes to bonuses, where they offer a 50% up to $1000 Bonus versus the 50% up to $1,000 bonus at However, bettors can sign up, bet, and receive bonuses at both sportsbooks. They share the same large betting limits and a huge list of betting options, as well.

Other bonuses BetOnline offers their members:

  • 50% up to $500 Crypto Bonus
  • $25 Risk-Free Player Props Wager
  • $25 Free Live Betting Bonus
  • Mobile Betting $50 Free Play

#3 MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie has risen to prominence as a robust mid-term option for U.S. sports bettors. They have a 100% Sign Up Bonus up to $1,000 and offer players a $20 risk-free bet on your first bet. They’re a full-service sportsbook, with tons of props available and an excellent live betting interface. They cater to Americans, where they have tons of betting markets, but they also have just about every other sport in the world.

Additional MyBookie sportsbook bonuses to take advantage of:

  • $20 Risk-Free Sport Bet
  • 25% up to $500 Reload Bonus

#4 GTBets Sportsbook

GTBets is a new sportsbook and hasn’t had any major complaints since opening in 2011. They’re one of the more unique sportsbooks in that they allow players to pick 2 teams from the major college and professional sports and receive a free 1/2 point on their favorite teams when betting throughout the season. They offer a 100% Bonus up to $500 for first-time depositors. They also offer a 50% Bonus up to $500 on players second deposit.

#5 Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada has over 2 decades in the business and some of the fastest payouts online. Their odds are the most competitive on our list, and they don’t lack in any betting markets. The bonus is on the smaller side, a 50% Bonus up to $250, but it does come with a small rollover at 3x. Bovada’s VIP program is where bettors will earn points for real-money wagers, which adds a lot of value over time. Bettors only need to rollover their VIP points that are converted to cash one time before it becomes real money, where they then can request a payout.

Bovada Sportsbook also offers these other bonuses:

  • 50% Bitcoin Match Bonus up to $500
  • Referral Bonus: 200% of 1st Deposit up to $100

How To Maximize Your Sports Betting Bonus

We can’t stress enough how important it is to read the fine print when depositing and taking advantage of a bonus. Not only will does it come in handy when it’s time to complete the rollover, but it’s an excellent way to gauge the value a bonus and avoid ones with higher rollover rates. There is one final note to keep in mind when depositing for the first time to clear a bonus. Most of the time, the free play bonus is only valid on your first deposit. If the bonus offer is strong, players should do all they can get the maximum amount possible. For instance, if the sportsbook is offering a 50% match bonus up to $1,000, bettors should try to deposit $2,000 to receive the max bonus of $1,000.

Rollovers On Online Sportsbook Bonuses

A common misconception with some newer sports bettors is that a bonus is simply given to players for depositing funds at a sportsbook. This is not the case. If sportsbooks were giving away money to all the players who deposit (with no strings attached), they would be broke in a matter of weeks. Every bonus a player receives will have an attached “rollover.” The rollover is the number of times deposited amount and bonus must be wagered before the bonus can be withdrawn. Specifications on the amount that must be wagered may vary, but the above requirements are pretty standard for most rollover requirements in regards to terms.

Bonus Rollover – Explained

If a player deposits $1,000 and receives a 25% match bonus in freeplays, his free play balance would be $250. With a rollover amount of 3x, the player would have to wager $3,750 ($1,250*3 = $3,750) before he can withdraw any freeplay winnings.

A 3x rollover is about as good as it gets in the offshore industry. Anything between 3-6x is above average and excellent, and bettors should have no issues rolling over the bonus and turning in some profit if they know which markets to attack. Many sites offer bonuses with much higher rollover rates, with the standard around 15x. Anything higher than this is not ideal but doesn’t mean it’s not worth if the sportsbook has competitive odds or is weak in certain areas.

Clearing Rollovers

There are several strategies that players use to clear free play bonuses. Of course, players may not need a strategy at all if they can find inefficient lines or have the ability to chase steam moves profitability. If the sportsbook simply is posting soft numbers, players know where to attack them, but combining these tips below may help them win even more.

Parlays – How To Clear A Rollover

Sports betting parlaysParlays are an excellent way to clear a bonus rollover. As we will discuss below, freeplay bonuses don’t work the same way as cash. Free plays will only return the win and not the staked amount. Parlays allow players the chance to utilize the same free play more than once. As they are the only types of bet that continuously places the stake and win onto the next selection.

3-team parlays are the best for accomplishing this goal. These bets would not have a positive expectation under any other scenario but are extremely valuable for free play bonuses. Bettors will be able to apply the free play stake to three different bets, which maximize their chance or profiting.

3-team parlays not give you the best odds, but most free play wagers have limits on the amount players can win. They are usually capped at several thousand dollars, which means betting larger parlays makes little sense since their winnings will be capped. Most software doesn’t allow players to do this, but it could be an issue down the road when it comes to cashout time if a wager like this isn’t stopped by a bookmaker’s betting software.

Online Sports Betting Bonuses – Explained

During the early days of online gambling and before the passage of the UIGEA, online sportsbooks had much larger bonuses. In those days, the industry wasn’t under much legal threat and processing payments was much cheaper and easier. Times have changed, but there are still excellent offers for bettors at offshore betting sites.

However, the clearing of bonuses and the format they are offered has changed quite a bit. Almost all online sportsbooks in the US market offer what are called match bonuses. Match bonuses mean that the sportsbook will “match” a portion of a player’s deposit. For example, a player if Sportsbook A has a match bonus of 25% up to $500; then a player would have to deposit $2,000 to receive the maximum bonus amount of $500.

Sports Betting Site Bonus Offers – Free Play Online Bonuses

BetOnline Live Betting Free Play BonusIn today’s market, just about every online sportsbook gives bonuses to players in the form of freeplays. Whether it’s a first-time deposit or a reload bonus, the vast majority of times that players receive a bonus at a betting site, it will be in the form of a freeplay. Understanding a free play is quite simple, but it’s important to realize the distinction between a freeplay and receiving a cash bonus, which has become much rarer these days.

When we wager with a free play bonus, it’s vital to understand that win or lose, that freeplay funds will be gone regardless of the outcome of the ticket. For instance, if we wager $220 in free play funds to win $200, the $220 will leave our free play balance for good. If the bet loses, the amount will be deducted from our free play balance, and we won’t receive any winnings in our normal account balance. However, if the bet wins, we will receive the $200 in winnings from our account balance and our free play amount will still be deducted by $220. When comparing this to a cash bonus or simply, a wager from your normal account balance, there is one vital difference.

Cash bonuses and wagers made out of your account balance will return your original stake, plus your profits on a winning wager. For instance, if you bet the same $220 to $200 to with a cash bonus and won, you would return $420 (your $220 stake and $200 in winnings). For this reason, cash bonuses are preferred compared to free play bonuses, but as mentioned above, are much rarer.

Additional Bonus Options For Offshore Sports Betting

Most bettors, especially if they’re beating their sportsbook for decent money, won’t get much more than their original deposit bonus. The sportsbook may also offer to reload bonuses at certain times of the year as well. All reload bonuses come with similar requirements and rollovers as welcome bonuses or first-time deposit bonuses. There’s a chance that a sportsbook may offer individual players extra bonuses or deals, but these are usually reserved for those that have consistently lost money at the sportsbook. We hope that our readers won’t be the ones giving away their bankrolls to the oddsmakers.

Sports Betting Bonus Strategy Articles

We stress with all of our articles, we don’t want bettors to get tunnel vision. Utilizing sportsbooks for their bonuses can be extremely lucrative, but it’s always important to monitor withdrawal speeds and go with trusted sites.