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GTBets Sportsbook Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Excellent reputation.
  • Multiple bonus offers.
  • Lots of VIP features, including free half point on favorite teams.
  • Casino and racebook options
  • Limit winning players quickly.
  • Odds are sharp on major markets.
  • Fewer markets than other larger sportsbooks.
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Expert View of GTBets Sportsbook

Trusted sportsbook, with lots of bonuses, VIP features and programs.

GTBets Sportsbook Summary

GTBets premiered on the scene in 2011. They have been one of the fastest growing sportsbooks in the past several years in the US market. Based in Curacao, the countries Gaming Control Board also licenses the bookmaker.

GTBets has honored more than $40,000 in backed payments by now defunct sportsbooks, VIP Sportsbook, BetGameDay, and NINE. They purchased their software platform and had retained some management from the closing of these sportsbooks.

GTBets accepts players from most states but does not allow players from Washington D.C., Kentucky, Maryland, Lousiana, Missouri, New York, and Washington State. In addition to their sportsbook and racebook options, they have an online casino.

A Personal Opinion on GTBets

What We Don’t Like About GTBets

Any sportsbook that is under five years old is still a sportsbook that bettors will want only to trust to a small degree. This isn’t GTBets’ fault. They opened their doors, and they’re trying to provide a service, but we’ve seen too many of these outfits go bust over the years to fully throw our support behind a newer book.

Their connection to VIP Sportsbook is also still troubling. Yes, they have done a good job since opening, and they did pay back their players, but rumor has it they still have much of the same management team that ran VIP and their sister sportsbooks into the ground. Also, more than any other sportsbook, GTBets focuses on the recreational user. We’ll go into detail more below, but don’t expect to be able to wager at GTBets for long if you’re winning.

Their betting limits are rather small, and they will cut limits on players quickly if they chase steam moves or attack their inefficient markets. This doesn’t mean they will stiff you if you win and request a payout but expect to get your limits cut much faster than they would at larger sportsbooks. Their withdrawal fees are also a bit expensive compared to other sites in the offshore industry. However, they have recently added Bitcoin as a cashier method.

What Bettors are Saying about GTBets

Bettors like GTBets’ bonuses and promotions. However, they are a full-vig sports betting site that moves their lines quickly. Their initial bonuses have value, along with their parlay and teasers odds, but in our opinion, the sportsbook lacks long-term value. Although, we do think it is a safe option, despite a short time in the industry.

GTBets Deposits and Withdrawals: Decent Cashier Options


GTBets Deposit Methods

GTBets offers the standard array of offshore deposit options. Players can deposit instantly via Visa and MasterCard, and there are no fees for this transaction. Person-to-person transfers are available through Western Union and MoneyGram. GTBets will reimburse players on fees if they deposit $200 or more using these methods. GTBets added Bitcoin as a cashier option. Deposits are free with the crypto-currency and have a maximum amount of $3,000.

GTBets Payout Methods

In terms of withdrawals, one noticeable method that is absent and is available at just about every other site is withdrawal via check. The option is still listed in their cashier but has been unavailable for over a year. However, despite this drawback, GTBets has done an excellent job processing payouts quickly. Their speeds are firmly in the upper echelon of offshore sportsbooks.

Bank Wires

For this reason, bank wires are the most convenient and cost effective method at GTBets. They cost $60 to process, plus fees charged by the intermediary and receiving banks. They come with a maximum withdrawal limit of $5,000 and processed in 12 business days or less.


Players can also receive withdrawals through person-to-person transfer. Fees vary on these methods depending on the amount, but the minimum cost for both WU and MG is $50. The maximum withdrawal is $600.

Cash Transfers

Both MG and WG payouts processed within 48 hours or less. Again, these speeds are in line with the market leaders in offshore betting.

Credit and Debit Cards

They also offer withdrawal back to credit or debit cards, but this is a select option for certain account holders. This comes with a minimum $15 fee or 1.5% of the requested amount.

GTBets Bitcoin Payouts

You can use bitcoin as a withdrawal method. All players are eligible for one free Bitcoin withdrawal every 30 days. Any following requests will be subject to a 5 percent fee. It’s excellent that GTBets offers one free payout via Bitcoin. However, all withdrawal requests should be free or come with a tiny fee. 5 percent of the transaction is highway robbery when it comes to receiving a payout via Bitcoin.

Notable Payment Processors
  • bitcoin
  • debit-cards
  • mastercard
  • visa
  • bitcoin
  • wiretransfer

GTBets Sportsbook Bonuses

Deposit Bonus

Depending how much you want to deposit, GTBets offers two bonus options. For smaller depositors, they offer a 100% Bonus up to $500. Larger players can receive a 50% Bonus up to $500.

Reload Bonus

They also offer automatic reload bonuses for between 5-30% depending on player status. You might guess that if you’re winning – you are unlikely to get offered these.

Deposit Rollover Requirements

Each of these bonuses comes with a 5x rollover. A 5x rollover isn’t excellent by any means, but it’s still in the middle ground when it comes to rollover rates. Players will be able to track their rollover by looking at their Rollover Points balance, which tells them how much they need to bet to clear their bonuses.

GTBets Sportsbook Promotions

One of the unique promotions we’ve seen in the offshore industry is GTBets’ Favorite Team Point Discounts. Bettors will be able to choose their favorite team at the beginning of the season for the NFL, NBA, and both college football and basketball and they will receive a discount.

Players get a half-point on their favorite team when it comes to NFL and NBA. A full point off for NCAA basketball and football. This a nice little offer, even if it’s for just one team per league. GTBets will allow players to buy off key numbers in the NFL as well, such as the three and seven.

VIP Program: Game Time Rewards

They also have a VIP program called Game Time Rewards that offers players points for every wager they place. They can redeem these points for cash bonuses, merchandise or sweepstakes for prizes.

GTBets Sportsbook Highlights

Markets and Odds

As a recreational sportsbook, GTBets focuses on the most popular sports and betting markets in North America. This means the NFL and other prominent American sports will have a large list of betting options. This is especially true for playoff games. Bettors can quickly scroll down on this page to easily determine what bets are available for each sport. Aside from sides and totals, they offer teasers, parlays, futures, props, halftime lines, if-bets, and moneyline wagers.

One area they seem to be lacking is in the proposition department. There doesn’t appear to be many player or team props, even for the big-money sports like the NFL. If you’re a big fan of betting propositions, this sportsbook may not be for you. They offer slightly more than college and professional wagering on football, baseball, basketball and hockey, but not much. Auto racing, mixed martial arts, boxing, and soccer are about as far as they go from mainstream sports.

However, they have odds for around a dozen soccer leagues around the world, including high profile matches like the World Cup or Champions League. They do offer live betting, but not on every event in the way that many other sportsbooks do. Their live betting menu is limited for most sports, and live betting options are mostly for nationally televised games.

In general, bettors will find some competitive pricing on point spreads and totals. As the sportsbook focuses on amateur bettors, underdog lines are more attractive. This is due to the public’s propensity to bet favorites. Their teaser odds, in particular, for NFL markets are excellent. They are just about the only sportsbook to offer 3-team, 6-point NFL teasers at +180 these days. Their teasers odds are some of the most competitive we’ve seen online.

money bag

GTBets Betting Tip

GTBets does offer 3-team, 6-point teasers, making them a valuable site to bet Wong teasers or basic strategy teasers. However, if you bet these – there is a good chance they will limit your bet size the next time you try to place those wagers.

Low Limits, Aside From NFL

GTBets has raised their betting limits over the past year or so. The sportsbook took it slow out of the gate and kept limits low as to not overexpose themselves, and it has paid off. With that said, their limits on sides and totals still aren’t near the largest sportsbooks that service Americans offshore.

NFL and NBA bettors will be able to get down a $5,000 on sides. MLB, NCAA basketball, and football all have a $3,000 max on sides while the NHL is set at $2,000. All totals have a cap of $1,000, except for the NFL and NHL. The NFL has a $2,000 max and the NHL with a paltry $500. All other events, including all soccer contests, have a max cap of $500 for sides and totals.

There’s a chance the sportsbook will accept larger wagers if you call in or email management, but unless you’re a whale who is dumping money to them – we find it extremely unlikely they will raise your limit.

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Excellent GTBets Support

Live Chat Available

GTBets doesn’t offer 24-hour support, but they do have their live chat and call center open from 10 am to 4 am Eastern Time from Monday through Sunday. They will also answer support via email. Usually respond to any inquiries within 24 hours, if not less.

During business hours, they are on point and are extremely helpful. They answered our emails within hours and live chat support was available in seconds.

GTBets Sportsbook Conclusion

GTBets likely isn’t a sportsbook that you will be able to play at long if you’re winning, but they’re a fine option, even considering how new they are to the market. They won’t blow you away with expansive markets, but they do play quickly and offer a large assortment of bonus offers. Their connection to defunct sportsbooks is worrisome, but they haven’t had a single complaint at SBR in over a year. With smaller and newer shops, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for payout complaints, but so far, so good at GTBets.

GTBets Sportsbook Review
  • Excellent reputation.
  • Multiple bonus offers.
  • Lots of VIP features, including free half point on favorite teams.


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