Sportsbook Payout Report

Sportsbook Payout Reports

Our sportsbook payout report reviews payment options, processing times, and fees for offshore betting sites that cater, mostly, to US-based customers.

We update this payout report once a month (about three weeks into the month) with up-to-date processing speeds for each available payout method.

We also tell you which are the best online sportsbooks for payouts and which sites are consistently paying out their customers quickly.

Sportsbooks With Fastest Payouts In 2022

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We gather the data from a number of different sources, including poker and sports betting forums, industry contacts, and from our staff’s personal withdrawal speeds.

The betting sites’ payout report covers cashier costs and speeds but doesn’t go into other sportsbook aspects that you will find in our best offshore sportsbooks page (features, bonuses, etc.). 

We recommend you check out each operator’s complete review before placing your bets.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Payouts


sportsbook payouts grade level

Sportsbook Payouts Grade Levels Explained

Grade A – Upper levels of payout processing times. This typically means processing cryptocurrencies in 48 hours or less. Checks and bank wires are on players’ doorsteps within a week or less.

Grade B – Just below the fastest processing offshore sportsbooks. This means cryptocurrency speeds just over 48 hours and checks and bank wires in 1-2 weeks.

Grade C Speeds start to drop off a bit at this tier. Cryptocurrencies may take up to a week to process and other methods, such as checks and bank wires may take up to a month.

Grade D Should be avoided. Cryptocurrencies in this tier are processing in several weeks. Checks and bank wires take a month or longer. Sites with a D rating may take up to 2 months to process payout.

Grade F These sites are falling off our processing report and belong to the scam sportsbooks section They should be avoided as they’re not paying players within a 2-month timeframe.

They should be 100% avoided as there are far better options available for bettors.

Sportsbook Payouts Data Updated February 2022

This Month: A+
Last Month: A+
BetNow sportsbook

BetNow has become a top online betting site in recent years. They are one of the few sites that offer players a cash bonus versus a freeplay bonus.

Recent feedback from players highlight their fast payouts and excellent support. Our experience with their support staff and payout speeds has also been very positive.

Deposit today and receive a 50% Up To $500 bonus when you make your first deposit at

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Bitcoin 48 Hours Free $5-$5,000
Bank Wire 7 Business Days $45 + 3% $2,500-$9,500
Bank Draft 7 Business Days $45 + 3% $100-$3,000
MoneyGram 48 Hours $23-$35 $100-$300

February 2022 Update

  • We continue to hear about strong processing speeds with Bitcoin from all players in 2021. It’s worth noting that Bitcoin Cash is available as a deposit method, but not as a withdrawal option. Bettors can only use BTC for payouts.
  • Bitcoin is by far the best payout method when you consider the higher fees and faster processing times with the other cashier methods. We recommend it over the other options at BetNow.
This Month: A-
Last Month: A+
Bovada payout report

Bovada is one of the elite options for bettors based in the United States. Their processing speeds have been among the best for the past several years.

They are one of the safest bets in the offshore market, however, it’s important to note that not all players will have the same methods for withdrawals listed on their accounts.

New players will be able to claim a 50% Up To $250 welcome bonus.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 5-10 Days Free every 90 days $100-$3,000
Bitcoin 1-15 minutes Free $50-$9,500
BCH Within 48 Hours Free $50-$9,500

Free Payout: Bovada offers one free payout check per 90 days. The fee is covered by Bovada for bank wires when players use their free monthly payout, but extra fees charged by participating banks are not covered. There are no fees for BTC withdrawals, which can be requested every 5 days.

February 2022 Update

  • Cryptocurrency speeds remain the fastest and best option. They are processed in 1-2 days but usually quicker with Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • Check speeds are still right around 1-2 weeks.

    However, these are not available for all users as a deposit method.
  • Bank wires are not available for some users. Speeds on wires are harder to find, but they’re most likely being processed at the same speed as checks or slightly longer. We recommend Bitcoin instead, as it has lower fees and the same maximum payout amount.

  • Vouchers are now a method at Bovada, which can be coordinated by using their system and working out a deal with other players. We will have more on this method soon.

Bovada offers you the fastest and most secure deposit and withdrawal options in the market today. Become a member of Bovada to enjoy the fast and reliable payouts.

They are a sportsbook that has been around forever but continues to improve and offers some of the best odds you can find online.

This Month: A
Last Month: A-
MyBookie sportsbook has emerged as an excellent option for U.S. residents. They have risen to prominence over the past few years and regularly have their unique betting markets picked up by the national media.

Their software is some of the best online, and they have a massive deposit bonus for new accounts. Also, their payouts are fast and free if you use Bitcoin.

Deposit today and receive a 100% Up To $1,000 bonus.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Bitcoin 24 Hours Free $25-$5,000
Bank Wire 5-7 Business Days Up to $160 $500-$5,000
eCheck 5-7 Business Days Up to $100 $50-$3,000

February 2022 Update

  • We highly recommend using Bitcoin as a payout method at It’s the only free method and reports by players in forums suggest they have hit their 24-hour timeframe most of the time.

    It’s important to note that they only offer payouts in Bitcoin but do accept a variety of other cryptocurrencies when processing withdrawals.
  • Reports on checks and bank wires are a bit more sporadic, but we don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be hitting their timeframes with these methods. Still, we recommend Bitcoin.

This Month: A+
Last Month: A+
sportsbetting sportsbook payout report is a popular skin of The two sportsbooks share the same payouts and odds but will occasionally have different bonus offers. is an elite choice for betting sports online. Their payouts are extremely fast, most are free, and they have some of the largest limits anywhere in the world of internet sports betting.

In addition to a sportsbook, they have a poker room, racebook, and casino, all from the same account.

Take the advantage of a 50% Up To $1,000 welcome bonus.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check Within 7 Days $50 or 3% $500-$5,000
Bank Wire Within 15 Days Free $500-$24,900
Bitcoin Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
Cash Transfer Within 5 Days $25-50 $50-$400
Litecoin Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
ETH Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
Dash Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
BCH Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000

February 2022 Update

  •’s speeds are identical to In other words, they’re faster than most sportsbooks.
  • They offer payouts in several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and reports from players say that they are hitting their 48-hour timetable or getting payouts out faster.
  • We don’t have data on bank wires or cash transfers, but checks seem to be taking about a week.
This Month: A+
Last Month: A+
BetOnline Payout Report

BetOnline has come along in recent years and is now an elite option for U.S.-based online sports bettors. They are one of the most trustworthy sites in the industry and have a large list of cashier options.

As far as players who want sports betting, poker, and casino options, BetOnline is one of the best “all-in-one” gambling sites online.

Don’t pass on a 50% Up To $200 with your first deposit. Bet and win at BetOnline now.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check Within 7 Days $50 or 3% $500-$5,000
Bank Wire Within 15 Days Free $500-$24,900
Bitcoin Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
Cash Transfer Within 5 Days $25-50 $50-$400
Litecoin Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
ETH Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
Dash Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
BCH Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000

Free Payout: BetOnline provides one free payout per month worth $50. If the payout fee is more than $50 (depending on withdrawal amount), then any remaining fees will be charged to players. Free payouts must be requested on Fridays. Withdrawals using cryptocurrencies are free. It’s worth noting that Visa and MasterCard deposits come with a large 7.5% fee. We do not recommend paying this fee and would opt for cryptocurrencies if possible.

February 2022 Update

  • The speed with cryptocurrencies is still excellent. Players are also reporting getting withdrawals on the weekends, despite live chat telling them does not process them.

    They’re a bit slower, but for the most part, no one is waiting more than 48 hours for a payout, regardless of the cryptocurrency they choose.

  • It’s tough to find check speeds at BetOnline, but going back several months, they seem to be processed and on players’ doorsteps in about 7-10 business days.
  • BetOnline has a proven track record of reliable payouts. For those who want to place bets and safely withdraw their winnings, BetOnline is an excellent option.

This Month: A
Last Month: A
GTBets Sportsbook Payout Report

GTBets is one of the smaller sportsbooks on our payout list, but they have plenty of excellent offers for bettors and most importantly, quick payouts.

They’re one of the few online betting sites with a VIP program. They also give out a free half-point on your favorite professional and college football and basketball teams.

Receive a 100% Up To $500 on your first deposit.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 7-10 Days $40-80, depending on amount $1,000-$7,500
Bitcoin 24 Hours Free $300-$5,000
Bank Wire Up to 12 Days Free $100-$5,000
Cash Transfer 24 Hours $50 or 8%

February 2022 Update

  • GTBets remains one of the hardest sportsbooks for us to get data on payouts.
  • We’ve dropped our grade to B- for this reason. They also do have slower projected processing timeframes compared to other sites.

Make Sure To Check Our Full GTBets Review

This Month: A
Last Month: A
Everygame Sportsbook logo

Everygame, the world’s first online sportsbook, has been one of the most consistent in processing speeds for as long as we can remember. There are fewer safer bets in the industry than Everygame.

Don’t pass up on a 50% Up To $200 on your first deposit. Bet and win at Everygame now.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 5 Days $50 $150-$3,000
Bank Wire 10-15 Days $50, plus banking fees $150-$2,500
Bitcoin 1-2 Days Free $100-$2,500
Litecoin 1-2 Days Free $100-$2,500
Ethereum 1-2 Days Free $100-$2,500
Bitcoin Cash 1-2 Days Free $100-$2,500
Neteller 1-2 Days Free $25-$2,500
Skrill 1-2 Days Free $25-$2,500

Free Payout: Everygame may offer active accounts a free withdrawal per month, but this is not a standard feature. All withdrawal choices come with a fee, aside from Bitcoin.

February 2022 Update

  • Everygame have always been consistent with their cashier speeds. They continue to be one of the best sites online with a variety of methods.
  • Everygame’s check speeds are excellent. We have less data on wires but checks are being processed in under a week in most cases.
  • Bitcoin is the fastest method available currently and comes with no fees. BTC speeds have been consistent for months now and there are no fees.

    The one thing keeping us from giving them an A+ is that their maximum payout per week with Bitcoin is still just $2,500. Everygame speeds have slowed with the recent downturn in BTC transaction processing.

    We haven’t got enough data to get accurate speeds this month.

Don’t Miss Our Full Everygame Review

This Month: B
Last Month: A
bookmaker payout report

Bookmaker is one of the sharpest sportsbooks on the planet. In some form, Bookmaker has been around since 1985.

They take the biggest bets in the offshore world and have never slow-paid a single player since they opened their virtual wagering doors in 2000. Payment processing speeds at are always in the upper tier of rates. is a popular skin of The betting companies share ownership but may have slightly different bonuses offers and odds. They both share the same support staff and payment processors.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 48 Hours $50 $250-$3,000
Bitcoin 1 Day Free $50-$10,000
Bank Wire 3-5 Days $600 $9,400-$20,000
Cash Transfer 1-3 Days $25-50 $350-$2,000

Free Payout: Bookmaker offers one free monthly withdrawal back to the debit card method every 30 days. Players can also request a free check once a month. All Bitcoin withdrawals are free.

February 2022 Update

  • Bookmaker’s speeds are the toughest on our list to find data on, which is probably partly because they are so sharp that they are rarely beaten for large sums of cash.
  • Bitcoin speeds have improved drastically over the last month. They’re taking a few hours at the most and many customers report payouts in under one hour.
  • Bookmaker has also added 50 different cryptocurrencies to their cashier in addition to Bitcoin. We don’t have speeds on these yet.

See Our Full Review

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