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U.S. Offshore Online Sportsbook Payout Report

Our report focuses on offshore payment processing speeds for sportsbooks that mostly cater to American-based customers. This article will be updated once a month, about three weeks into the month with updated processing speeds for each available method.Our data is gathered from a number of sources, including poker and sports betting forums, industry contacts, and from our staff’s personal withdrawal speeds.

Our goal with this report is to give bettors up to date speeds from offshore sports betting sites, which can be tough to come by in today’s climate. This report covers cashier costs and speeds but doesn’t cover other aspects of the sportsbook.

Sportsbook Reports


We offer extensive reviews of each sportsbook on our list, which will we link to below. We recommend reading over those for an in-depth insight into each operator.

December 2017 Update – What You Need to Know

Bitcoin speeds have slowed due to the network’s volume. Processing rates are all over this month and we are keeping most of the grades the same as we look how sites will do with these issues. Sportsbooks that accept other cryptos besides BTC, such as LTC, BCH, or ETH may be better options for speed, at least for now.

This Month: A+
Last Month: A+

BetOnline Payout Report

BetOnline has come along in recent years and is now an elite option for U.S. based online sports bettors. They are one of the most trustworthy sites in the industry and have a large list of cashier options. As far as players who want sports betting, poker, and casino options, BetOnline is one of the best “all-in-one” gambling sites online. is a skin of BetOnline. They share the same odds, support, and cashier. Read our full review of BetOnline.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check Within 15 Days $25-50, depending on processing speed $500-$2,500
Bank Wire Within 15 Days $50-$100, plus banking fees $500-$24,900
Bitcoin Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
Cash Transfer Within 5 Days $110 $50-$400
Litecoin Within 48 Hours Free $20-$10,000
Free Payout: BetOnline provides one free payout per month worth $50. If the payout fee is more than $50, then any remaining fees will be charged to players. Free payouts must be requested on Fridays.

December 2017 Update

  • BetOnline BTC speeds have gone up slightly with BTC transactions being processed slower. Some are being processed in 24 hours or less, but others have taken up to 3-4 days.
  • After stretching into two weeks last month, checks are being delivered in one week or less.
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin continue to be the best cashier option. Almost all payouts are being processed in 24 hours or less. The fastest payout we’ve heard from players took just six hours to process.

BetOnline has a proven track record of reliable payouts. For those that want to place bets and safely withdraw your winnings, sign up and bet at BetOnline.

Bovada Sportsbook

SBS Grade:

This Month: A+
Last Month: A+

Bovada payout report

Bovada is one of the elite options for bettors based in the United States. Their processing speeds have been among the best for past several years, and they are one of the safest bets in the offshore market. Read our full review of Bovada.

It’s important to note that not all players will have the same methods for withdrawals listed on their account. Check and Bitcoin is available for all players at Bovada, but depending on your account, you may or may not have bank wire, Visa Fast Funds, or MoneyGram.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 10-15 Days $50 $50-$3,000
Bank Wire 10-15 Days $50, plus banking fees $1,500-$9,500
Bitcoin 1-15 minutes Free $50-$9,500
Free Payout: Bovada offers one free payout check per 120 days. The fee is covered by Bovada for bank wires when players use their free monthly payout, but extra fees charged by participating banks are not covered. There are no fees for BTC withdrawals, which can be requested every 5 days.

December 2017 Update

  • Bitcoin speeds have slowed to around 48 hours. Bovada offers Bitcoin cash, which is an alternative to Bitcoin that is faster at the moment and has lower fees. This would be our top choice as a cashier method at Bovada until furhter notice.
  • Check speeds are still right around 1-2 weeks. These numbers have been consistent for quite some time. BetOnline and Intertops are the only sites that process checks faster than Bovada on our list.
  • Bank wires are not available for some users. Speeds on wires are harder to find, but they’re most likely being processed at the same speed as checks or slightly longer. We recommend Bitcoin instead, as it has lower fees and the same maximum payout amount.

Bovada offers you the fastest and most secure deposit and withdrawal options in the market today. Become a member of Bovada to enjoy the fast and reliable payouts. They are a sportsbook that has been around forever but continues to improve and offers some of the best odds you can find online.

5Dimes Sportsbook

SBS Grade: 

This Month: C
Last Month: B+

5dimes payout report

5Dimes is a pioneer in offshore betting markets. They have been online since the turn of the century, giving them 16 years in the online betting industry. Their processing speeds rarely change much, and they’re among the fastest in today’s market. Read our full review of 5Dimes.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 7-10 Days $40-80, depending on amount $1,000-$7,500
Bitcoin 1-2 Days Free $50-$25,000
Bank Wire 3-4 Days $80, plus banking fees $1,000-$9,500
Cash Transfer 1-2 Days $15-35, depending on amount $100-$450
Free Payout: 5Dimes offers one free or discounted payout when players request a withdrawal between 9:00 AM EST and 1:00 PM EST every 30 days. Withdrawals under $40 are processed for free, and those with higher fees will have a $40 discount applied.

December 2017 Update

  • For the most part, 5Dimes exceeds their quoted time frames or exceeds them. Players have reported checks in just two business days this month. However, they have been issues with fraudulent charges on credit and debit card deposits. We’ve issued a warning on our 5Dimes Review and posted a news warning, as well.
  • Checks and bank wire speeds are extremely difficult for us to find data on. From the latest data we have, wires and checks are taking 1-2 weeks.
  • We highly recommend Bitcoin as the only cashier option worth using at 5Dimes due to their fraud issues with credit cards. Over the past 30 days, they have getting BTC transfers to players in 3-4 days.
  • We’re not happy about the ongoing credit and debit card fraud issues at 5Dimes, but they are still paying players in reasonable, but not elite, timeframes. We highly advise against using a debit or credit card to deposit at 5Dimes, go with Bitcoin instead.
This Month: B+
Last Month: A

bookermaker payout report

Bookmaker is one of the sharpest sportsbooks on the planet. In some form, Bookmaker has been around since 1985. They take the biggest bets in the offshore world and have never slow-paid a single player since they opened their virtual wagering doors in 2000. Payment processing speeds at are always in the upper tier of rates.

Read our full review of Bookmaker. is a popular skin of The betting companies share ownership but may have slightly different bonuses offers and odds. They both share the same support staff and payment processors.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Cash Transfer 1-2 Days $25-50, depending on amount $100-$300
Check Up to 7 Days $50 $100-$3,000
Bitcoin Less than 30 Minutes Free $100-$25,000
Debit Card 1-2 Days $25 activation fee, $5 per transaction $100-$2,500
Free Payout: Bookmaker offers one free monthly withdrawal back to the debit card method every 30 days. They can also request a free check once a month. All Bitcoin withdrawals are free.

December 2017 Update

  • Bookmaker’s speeds are the toughest on our list to find data on, which is probably partly because they are so sharp that they are rarely beaten for large sums of cash.
  • Check and bank wire data has been hard to come, but checks at Bookmaker are being processed in the standard timeframe of about two weeks.
  • Bitcoin speeds continue excellent. They’re not quite as fast as other sites, but everything seems to be processed within 24 hours or less.
  • Bookmaker has also added 50 different crypto-currencies to their cashier in addition to Bitcoin. We don’t have speeds on these yet.
This Month: C-
Last Month: C+ payout report

Jazzette Enterprises has long been a part of the offshore betting markets. Though they’ve had their issues in recent years with withdrawal speeds, their rates have returned to acceptable levels in the first quarter of 2017. Read our full review of and other Merge Gaming sites stopped accepting new U.S. players in June 2016. However, they began accepting new accounts from players before the start of the 2016 NFL football season. and are both skins of players only. These sites all share the same cashier and are a part of the Merge Gaming Network.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 6-8 Weeks 3% of amount $50-2,500
Bank Wire 3-5 Weeks 3% of amount, plus banking fees $500-$5,000
Bitcoin 3-7 Days 5% of amount $50-$5,000
Free Payout: offers one free check or Bitcoin withdrawal per calendar year. There are no free withdrawals available for other methods.

December 2017 Update

  • Merge’s speeds were better than last year, but checks are now back to 3-4 weeks. They are paying players, but slowly.
  • We have also seen a downgrade in BTC speeds ranging from 48 hrs to a week. This is unreasonably slow for BTC payouts and they also charge a 5% fee on BTC withdrawals. They do offer reload bonuses on every deposit, but the fees on Bitcoin deposits are absurd considering that almost every other site charges no fees for BTC payouts.
This Month: A
Last Month: A

Intertops payout report

Intertops, the world’s first online sportsbook, has been one of the most consistent in processing speeds as long as we can remember. There are fewer safer bets in the industry than Intertops. Read our full review of Intertops.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 5 Days $50 $150-$3,000
Bank Wire 10-15 Days $50, plus banking fees $150-$2,500
Bitcoin 1-2 Days Free $100-$2,500
Free Payout: Intertops may offer active accounts a free withdrawal per month, but this is not a standard feature. All withdrawal choices come with a fee, aside from Bitcoin.

December 2017 Update

  • Intertops has always been consistent with their cashier speeds. Their rating stays at an A or better unless their speeds truly drop off.
  • Intertops’ excellent check and bank wire speeds are excellent. We have less data on wires but checks are being processed in under a week in most cases.
  • Bitcoin is the fastest method available currently and comes with no fees.  BTC speeds have been consistently for months now and there are no fees. The one thing keeping us from giving them an A+ is that their maximum payout per week with Bitcoin is still just $2,500. Intertops speeds have slowed with the recent downturn in BTC transaction processing. We haven’t haven’t gotten enough data to get accurate speeds this month.
This Month: A
Last Month: B

Heritage payout
Heritage is another bookmaker that goes back nearly two decades. Quietly, their speeds have remained consistent for years. They recently opened their doors again (the sportsbook was invite-only for some time) to accept new customers. Read our full review of Heritage Sports.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Check 10-15 Days $50 $500-$3,000
Bank Wire 3-7 Days $75, plus banking fees $10,000-no max
Bitcoin Same Day Free $100-$3,000
Cash Transfer 1-2 Days $45 $100-$300
Free Payout: Heritage provides one free payout every 30 days. Requests for free payouts for all methods besides checks must be made on Tuesdays and Wednesday, before 12 PM PST. Free check withdrawals can be requested during any business day.

December 2017 Update

  • Heritage has long been one of the most trusted bookmakers online. Their speeds may not be elite, but they’re always in the upper echelon of sites. Also, there are few sportsbooks that more trustworthy.
  • Speeds have stayed the same with checks for the most part. They took about one-week last month and are right about the same timeframe for July.
  • Pay2Card and MoneyGram are no longer available as a cashier option.
  • Bitcoin continues to be extremely fast at Heritage even with the blockchain delays. Some have gotten their coins in 2 hours or less. It’s easily the better option over a check payout. They’re almost always beating their timeframe of 24 hours.

Nitrogen Sportsbook

SBS Grade:

This Month: A+
Last Month: A+

Nitrogen Payout Report

Nitrogen Sports has risen to be one of the most popular sportsbooks since they launched in 2012. Unlike most other sportsbooks on this list, Nitrogen accepts wagers and holds balances solely in Bitcoin. They offer no other methods for deposits and withdrawals. There are no fees with Bitcoin at Nitrogen. Read our full review of Nitrogen Sports.

Method Quoted Time Frame Fee Min-Max Amount
Bitcoin Instant Free $0-Unlimited
Free Payout: There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals at Nitrogen.

December 2017 Update

  • Nitrogen processes withdrawals faster any other site in the industry. Most withdrawals are automatic. They almost never take more than a few hours to receive. Most receive their Bitcoin payouts in a matter of minutes.
  • Their speeds each month rarely change. December was another banner month for them. They offer the fastest payouts by a large margin when it comes to offshore betting markets and there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals. Even with recent slowdowns, Nitrogen Sports hasn’t missed a beat.