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Person-to-Person TransferPerson to person transactions also known as cash transfers have been an available option for bettors at online sportsbooks since they began to gain popularity at the turn of the century. They are usually done with Western Union Or MoneyGram. However, due to more relaxed online gambling laws before the UIGEA was passed, there were far superior options when it came to funding online gambling accounts back then.

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Since that time, anti-online gambling regulations have increased and person-to-person transfer is now a staple at every US-facing sportsbook. Western Union and MoneyGram don’t advertise their services as a means to deposit into online gambling sites, but they do make plenty of money off gambling using their services to do so.


Fast Money Transfers

Money transfers can be the fastest way to get your funds if you’re in a bind.

Only Option Without Bank Account

If you don’t have a bank account, then this is your best route to getting paid.

No Internet Required

They’re available to receive even without internet access, as most times, you will have to get the funds in person.


Maximum Payout

Low maximum payout amount. Other methods have a greater maximum payout. So with this methods it is best to do always use the maximum available.

High Fees

Fees can be extremely high compared to other cashier methods.


Not as convenient as a check, Bitcoin, or bank wire.

Sending A P2P Transfer Through Western Union Or MoneyGram

Person to person transactions (P2P) are electronic money transfers made from one person to another through an intermediary, typically referred to as a P2P payment application. Depositing using a person-to-person transfer is easy and can be done through Western Union or MoneyGram. Both services have been around for decades and are reputable and well trusted. Bettors will be sending a transfer using either one of these services to a sportsbook representative. Once the funds are received, the funds will be credited the player’s account.

Depositing via P2P transfer isn’t quite as simple as pulling out your credit or debit card and depositing instantly. Often times, sites won’t list MoneyGram and Western Union by name as deposit options. It may be listed under “Money Transfer”, “Rapid Transfer” or something similar. That can confuse some, but rest assured, these transfers are all sent using Western Union or MoneyGram.

Receiving Instructions To Deposit On Sportsbooks

P2P Transfers

Once you decide to send a transfer, players will be prompted to contact the sportsbook with specific instructions for sending. This is normally done through phone or email, but if the operator has live chat, that’s also an option. The bookmaker will then instruct players the name on the transfer and the specific city where the money is being sent. Since most sportsbooks are located offshore, players will often be sending their money to countries like Costa Rica or Panama.

Once the transfer is sent, depending on which service used, bettors will receive either a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) when using Western Union or a reference number for a Reference Number when using MoneyGram. These numbers should be given to sportsbook management so your transfer can be picked up by a representative. That’s basically all that needs to be done to fund your account.

Western Union and MoneyGram have hundreds of thousands of locations around the world. Just about every Walmart in the United States has a MoneyGram location and both are available at many gas stations, grocery stores, etc. It’s rare that one will have to drive longer than a half-hour to either.

Fees And Speed Of Transfers

FeesCompared to other deposit methods, fees for cash transfers can be rather high. Depending on the amount sent and the location, charges will vary. The more money sent the higher the fees. Several hundred dollars won’t cost much in fees, usually about $10-20. When sending $500 or $1,000 or more, the fees will jump up in the range of $35-$100 or more. These fees also vary based on your location and the location of the receiver.

However, while players will have to pay these fees up front, it’s rare that a sportsbook doesn’t reimburse players for transfer costs. Most sportsbooks will cover transfers that are $300 or more and some will cover fees on transfers as low as $200. They may also decide to cover the fee if you’re a regular player or in some kinds of VIP program.

Person to Person Transfers – Maximum Amounts On Western Union Or MoneyGram

MoneyGram only offers a maximum amount of $899 per transfer, while Western Union has no maximum amount that you can send when visiting an agent location. Most sportsbooks usually impose a maximum deposit limit of around $2,000 per transfer, however. Once the transfer is sent and players give the reference number of control number to the sportsbook staff, the money should be credited within a few hours at most. Usually, the funds are credited in less than an hour. Some bettors report their accounts being credited in less than 15 minutes.

Western Union, MoneyGram And Its Withdrawals Via P2P

Other than payout via check, withdrawals through Western Union or MoneyGram are the most popular options for most bettors. Cash transfers will allow bettors to get their funds quicker than any other method, but with a higher cost. Cash transfers are processed back to players at most sportsbooks within 48-72 hours. Most online sportsbooks process checks in about a week, but some can take up to two weeks. Bank wires have a similar timeframe. If you need your funds quickly, nothing beats P2P transfer. However, the fee for using either method can be quite high. MoneyGram maxes out at $899 per transfer as mentioned above, so their fees will rarely be more than $60. Sportsbooks offer WU withdrawals for a maximum amount of $2,000-$2,500, but fees can range from $50-$200 depending on the amount sent.

Withdrawals Through Western Union Are Fast But Costly

Paying $200 in fees for a $2,000 Western Union withdrawal isn’t a wise decision. These fees are highway robbery in comparison to other methods. For instance, players can receive a check for around the same amount for $50 or less in fees. Many online bookmakers will also offer a free check or bank wire withdrawal each month or every 30 days. It’s extremely rare for sportsbooks to extend this same offer to P2P transfer withdrawals due to the high fees involved.

Being Banned From Western Union Or MoneyGram

Sometimes bettors can end up being barred from using Western Union or MoneyGram due to sending transactions thee type of transaction. This rarely happens if you send a few transfers, but one can understand how sending money to Costa Rica and Panama regularly from the US would be suspicious. Of course, if you’re questioned by either Western Union or MoneyGram, don’t tell them the purpose of the transfer is used to fund an online gambling account. It would be nice if they minded their own business in this regard, but due to laws related to transferring money, they have to do their due diligence.


Some sports bettors have reported that they told agents that the money was for charity or something related to their business. This may work in some situations, but if you can’t give them a substantial reason why you’re sending and receiving money to Costa Rica or Panama regularly – you may end up getting banned. It goes without saying that if you depend on sending money through these services for other reasons, you should highly considering not using them to fund or withdraw from your online sportsbook account.

Overall About Transfers Using MoneyGram Or Western Union

Person-to-person transfer offers bettors the fastest way to get their funds out of any other deposit method. Their fees are an issue, but if you need your money immediately, there is no better option. They also help those who don’t have a debit or credit card or may not have a bank account to fund their accounts. However, unless you’re in desperate need of money, we advise against using them for withdrawals.

Check processing is extremely fast at some sportsbooks, so the speed you’re truly gaining might only be a day or two and the cost will be much steeper. Checks will normally take a day or two to clear, however, unlike cash transfers where players receive cold hard cash at the window. The grand majority of our sportsbooks have compatibility with Western Union and MoneyGram, but if you are still looking for different deposit and withdrawal methods, we recommend checking the top sportsbooks reviews by going to our safest sportsbooks review hub.

If you are looking for other deposit or withdrawal options besides this one, where we offer our detailed point of view, be sure to check out the hub page. In any other case, you can also check the crypto hub page for more info on any betting crypto you want.

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