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Checks are by far the most common withdrawal method in US betting markets. However, unlike online poker sites and most online casinos, bettors can deposit using cashier’s checks and money orders into many online sportsbooks. Here we’ll talk about the generalities of using checks for deposits and withdrawals, but the specifics on checks for each betting site are left for the reviews to explain, since each of them may have different limits or different policies.

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Check Deposits At Sport Betting Sites

Depositing via check certainly isn’t the fastest way to get funds into an online sportsbook, but there are several reasons that bettors may want to consider this route. Although it’s not offered by all online bookmakers, depositing via cashier’s check, bank check or money order is an option at most sportsbooks. The principal reason for depositing with a check for most is the amount you can deposit.

Deposit Amount Limits For Sportsbooks Checks

Credit or debit card deposits may have daily limits as low as $500 on some sites and person-to-person transfers may cap out at $2,000 per transfer. When depositing via check, the maximum amount is much higher. Sportsbooks will accept cashier’s checks or money orders up to $10,000 or more. Some don’t even have a maximum amount, meaning the players could send a check and deposit an online amount.

Checks appeal to high limit bettors who want to wager larger amounts and do not want to worry about reloading their accounts. They are a surefire way to get lots of money online without being hampered with deposit limits. Sportsbook won’t take personal checks, but will happily take cashier’s checks, bank drafts, or money orders. These are as good as cash and won’t need to clear when received like personal checks.

Money Orders From Betting Sites

Money Orders

Money orders and cashier’s checks can be purchased at a number of locations, including banks, grocery stores or shops like CVS or even convenience stores like 7-11. Money orders will generally have a maximum amount of $1,000, while cashier’s checks will have a large maximum amount. Money orders are cheaper than cashier checks, but both are extremely cheap. At most, money orders will be around $3.00. Cashier’s checks will be slightly more, usually around $5.00; at most they will be around ten bucks.

Bettors will always need to contact the support before they decide to send a cashier’s check or money order. The service staff will give you instructions on who to make the check out to and where to send it. They will likely want it to be sent via courier, meaning through a service like DHL, UPS, FedEx, or some other shipping service. Like they reimburse fees for cash transfers, most sportsbooks will reimburse the fees associated with this provided that you deposit a large enough amount. Once the sportsbook receives the check, it should take less than a day to clear or convert into cash and the funds will be deposited into the account balance.

Check Withdrawals From Sport Betting Sites

When it comes to rating an online sportsbook in terms of payment processing and the overall health of the bookmaker – a lot of it comes down to check processing. The vast majority of a sportsbook’s clients will withdraw via check, making check processing speeds extremely important. The main reason to use this method would be the high transaction amounts that could be transferred this way.

Withdrawal Amount Limits For Sportsbooks Checks

Check withdrawals usually have a maximum amount of $2,500-$3,000 per check, but the max amount will vary depending on the sportsbook. Fees will also vary but are usually between $30-$50 per check. Remember to check the exact review of the site you’d like to withdraw from in order to get exact details about limits and process times.

Process Times Of Sportsbooks Transactions

Time is Money - Transaction Time Bank Wire

The best online sportsbooks will get players checks within ten business days or less after they request a withdrawal. In 2016, elite check withdrawal speeds are under a week. Some of the top sportsbooks even get their checks to players in just a few days. Most sportsbooks will offer players one free check withdrawal per month or every 30 days. Players will sometimes have to enter a special code or request the withdrawal during certain days or hours to cash in on this promotion, so it’s important to read the requirements before requesting a withdrawal to be sure you don’t miss out.

Cashing Checks From Online Sportsbooks

Cashing checks should be self-explanatory for most Americans, but there are a few aspects that bettors should consider when cashing checks from online gambling sites. Such as different restrictions depending on your jurisdiction and certain quirks while cashing out or depositing with a dealer at banks.

UIGEA Laws & Restrictions At Betting Sites

Due to UIGEA laws, banks can’t knowingly allow you to bank with them if you are depositing checks from online gambling sites. Online gambling sites issue checks from foreign banks, so they make look different than most checks that the tellers see every day. This can arise suspicion. If at all possible, deposit your checks into the ATM and bypass any interactions with a teller. Checks from online gambling sites should clear in a day or two, just like other checks, but sometimes they can be on hold for a longer period of time, depending on your bank.

Dealing With A Dealer – Using Checks To Deposit/Withdraw

If you have to deposit with a dealer, it should go without mentioning that you shouldn’t be telling them it’s from an online gambling site. You can say it’s for your job overseas and that you’re a technical consultant or something. Express confidence that the check is valid and that it will clear. However, it’s far better to deposit by ATM, so do your best to avoid walking into the branch. Bettors have experienced many more issues when depositing a check with a teller and rarely experience problems with checks when depositing via ATM.

Overall Thoughts About Checks At Sports Betting Sites

Check withdrawals are the lifeblood of the online sports betting industry in the United States. How fast a site gets checks to players, along with check withdrawal fees is a hugely important factor in determining the overall ratings of a sportsbook. The sites we recommend at Safest Betting Sites will always be in good standing and have strong withdrawal processing, but it’s always worth checking around to see how fast checks are being processed before depositing into a sportsbook.

As far as a deposit option, checks are underrated. While they aren’t instant, they allow players the ability to deposit large amounts of money at once with minimal fees that are usually refunded. They’re perfect for high volume bettors.

If you are looking for other deposit or withdrawal options besides checks, such as credit cards, bitcoin or any other, where we offer our detailed point of view, be sure to check out the hub page.

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