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Written by: Joseph Falchetti, Editor-in-Chief, Pro Sports Bettor and Casino Expert
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*Disclaimer: We are not legal experts. In most areas, placing a wager as an individual on a sporting event will not result in any legal issues. In fact, betting online is almost always a better option than betting with a local bookie. However, in some countries, the mere act of gambling, in any form, can result in prison time. It’s up to you to research the laws in your jurisdiction to understand the potential risks before placing a bet. Our sports betting statutes by country is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for gaming laws in your region, but further research is recommended. 

Offshore sports betting

Offshore betting is how many gamblers bet their money. Wagers can be made in a wide variety of things such as sports, poker, casino games, and more as long as the Sportsbook offers it.

It’s vital to carefully choose a safe offshore sportsbook since there are many betting sites to avoid.

In this guide, we highlight everything there is to know about offshore sports betting, as well as the sportsbooks we’ve tested and are worth your bet.

Top Offshore Sports Betting Sites 2024

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What Is Online Offshore Sports Betting?

Offshore sports betting refers to the location of the sportsbook’s operators and servers. Many offshore gambling sites are located in the Caribbean or Central America. Although, lots of “offshore betting” sites are in Canada or Asia.

The term is more of an all-encompassing one, for sites that offer online betting to U.S. residents.



Sportsbooks Bonuses are much better for U.S. sports bettors than they are for international bettors, even in regulated climates. Offshore betting sites operate in countries where they pay little to no taxes and overhead is quite cheap.

There are no bonuses when you bet with local bookies. Bonuses are one of the critical advantages of offshore betting and online betting, in general.

Online offshore sports betting bonuses will give your bankroll an immediate boost in the range of several hundred dollars to several thousand.


There are some great local bookies out there, but they are still not as trustworthy as most offshore betting sites.

Not only that, but there are usually far more betting markets, along with bonuses and other perks when it comes to offshore gambling.

There are several things you can try to do to get a payment out of an offshore sportsbook that isn’t complying, but it’s going to be a lot harder to force an old Italian guy to pay up.


Payment processors were a significant issue for offshore sportsbooks, but that has changed drastically in recent years due to crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Sportsbooks accept other cryptos and are adding more regularly. This has stabilized the offshore business and allowed sportsbooks and players to take advantage.


Still Not Regulated

There are plenty of positives about offshore betting markets, but lack of regulation is ultimately an issue with being paid.

In countries such as the United Kingdom, bookies bets are guaranteed to be paid, or they would be forbidden from operating within the country because their gaming license would be revoked.

The upside to lack of regulation is bigger bonuses and more deals, but they don’t offer the same level of security as legal, regulated climates.

Funds Must Be Deposit to Bet

It’s tough to call this one of the drawbacks of offshore sports betting, but when you bet with local bookies – you’re typically betting “on credit.” Which means you don’t have to deposit the funds before you can place bets.

This can put some bettors in dangerous situations, where they bet money that they don’t have, but it would be nicer, if you have the bankroll (and self-control), to settle up each week, without having to put the funds up first.

Lower Betting Limits for Key Markets

The best use of a local bookie or offline betting options compared to offshore betting is larger limits on proposition bets or smaller markets.

Most offshore sportsbooks won’t allow more than $500 (some limits are as low as $50) or so on proposition bets and smaller markets.

Lots of locals will take far more money on props and obscure markets compared to online offshore sportsbook.

This is a significant advantage due to the extra amount you can get down on weaker or softer odds before being noticed or limited.

Paying Taxes On Offshore Sports Betting Wins

Taxes On Sports betting

Just because offshore betting falls outside the legal and U.S. banking system, doesn’t mean your gains aren’t taxable. In fact, the IRS doesn’t mind how you got your money, so as long as you give them their cut.

There is less of a paper trail when betting online, but your offshore betting tax liability doesn’t change whether you’re betting with a ticket in Vegas or at an offshore sportsbook. Paying taxes on sports bets is an absolute must.

Popular Sports For Offshore Betting

Every sport under the sun is available when making offshore bets. Though online offshore sports betting sites cater to American betting habits – many have odds from just about every competition in the world.

NFL offshore betting is by far the most popular sport to bet on, but those looking for NBA offshore betting or other major sports will have no issues finding lots of markets with large betting limits.

NFL Offshore Betting

The advent of offshore gambling has been a football bettor’s dream come true. Bettors can wager tens of thousands on a game in a matter of seconds or as little as a few dollars.

Offshore NFL odds originate at Pinnacle Sports, but there are tons of other options for NFL offshore betting lines. Our NFL betting odds section has an excellent overview of odds and markets available.

NBA Offshore Betting

The second most popular sport, along with college basketball, that is bet offshore is the NBA. The league has grown heavily in recent years, which has increased viewership and offshore betting markets.

Limits aren’t quite as high as NFL, but they are considerably more than smaller market sports. Get started with the basics of NBA offshore betting with our basketball betting guide.

Bet On Your Favorite Sport At These Top Online Sportsbooks

Ready to bet on your favorite sport? It’s essential to pick a trusted sports betting site. These are excellent options to wager on pretty much every sport you can think of, plus more!

Rank Offshore Betting Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Bet Now
2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Bet Now
3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Bet Now

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