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Litecoin Sports Gambling

With the advent of crypto-currency and the meteoric success of Bitcoin, there have been plenty of other coins entering the crypto world. Many are incredibly new to the market, and lots of have failed, but one that has succeeded so far (of course, not to the level of Bitcoin), is Litecoin. Betting sites have started to accept Litecoin, just as they did with Bitcoin. Litecoin premiered on the scene in late 2013 and had not moved in price much until March 2017 where it began rising rapidly. It was around $7.00 per Litecoin in March 2017 and was about $55 per Litecoin by the end early November 2017.

Betting Bitcoin at online sportsbooks, especially for U.S. citizens, has now become the norm. Now, bettors can gamble with Litecoin at several top online betting sites. It’s not just sports betting either, everything under the sun, including poker, casino, and more is available at Litecoin betting sites. In this article, we’ll run down the of basics sports betting with Litecoin and using it at Litecoin gambling sites.

Best Litecoin Betting Sites 2018

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Best Litecoin Gambling Sites 2017

Even if you’re already using Bitcoin – Litecoin may still be an option worth considering. It’s less volatile than Bitcoin and offers the same benefits, such as zero to no fees, near-anonymity, and quick transactions. Choosing a reputable litecoin sportsbook is half the battle when you want to bet online. There are some excellent options out there, but plenty of betting sites that accept Litecoin that you should avoid. The sites listed below are available for Litecoin betting and some of the top-rated betting sites when it comes to payouts, odds, and bonuses.

Recommended Online Litecoin Sportsbooks 2018

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  • Excellent and timely payouts
  • Competitive odds and excellent sportsbook for betting NFL, NBA or NHL.
  • Football-specific bonuses offered at the start of each season.
  • Large assortment of sports betting markets, including live betting, team and player props.

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New players receiving a massive Welcome Bonus of 50% up to $2,500 on their first deposit which makes BetOnline’s rise to one of the top sportsbooks online. They have a long history in the industry but have truly come on in the past few years to be a leader in sportsbetting.

Alternative To Litecoin Sports Gambling – Bitcoin Sports Betting

How to Use Litecoin to Bet on Sports

Depositing with Litecoin is basically identical to depositing with Bitcoin. If you’re familiar with using BTC at gambling sites, gambling with LTC will be second nature. Many wallets and exchanges can accept both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Instead of sending coins to BTC addresses, users will send coins to LTC addresses.

  1. Sign Up at a Litecoin Sportsbook – Research a sportsbook before depositing and be sure they have Litecoin as an option. Sign up for an account and take note of any bonus offers.
  2. Make a Deposit Using Litecoin – Make a deposit using LTC from your Litecoin wallet. This involves sending Litecoin to the address provided by the sportsbook. In almost all cases, your Litecoin converts into fiat-currency once the sportsbook receives the coins. Once you decide to cash out, the currency converts into LTC and sent out.Litecoin in most situations is a means of cheap and fast transfers of funds. For U.S. bettors, the crypto-currency of their choice converts almost always into USD. This is more familiar for gamblers and also takes price fluctuations out of the equation.
  3. Place a Wager and Win – Betting with Litecoin, Bitcoin, or any other crypto-currency is the same as betting with fiat-currency, such as the U.S. Dollar. There’s no difference in betting rules or odds when wagering with cryptos. The only difference is the currency you’re using to gamble with or the way you funded your online betting account. Place bets like you usually would and watch as your predictions win.

Advantages of Litecoin Sports Betting

Like Bitcoin, there are many advantages to using Litecoin compared to traditional methods for depositing like money transfer, credit or debit card, and bank wire. When it comes to cost, speed, and privacy, Litecoin is worlds better.


Little or No Fees with Litecoin

Litecoin is free to deposit and withdraw at most betting sites where it is accepted. This saves bettors a tremendous amount in the long run. Using methods like check, bank wire, and money transfer for payouts will eat away much-needed profits.

Deposit and Payout Speed

In addition to being exponentially cheaper, LTC is also much faster than other cashier methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Deposits can be done from anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and the same goes for payouts. Compare that to checks and bank wires, which take 1-2 weeks to process at most sportsbooks.


Many people make a mistake thinking that crypto-currencies offer full anonymity. That’s not entirely true, but you are protecting yourself from potential fraud and identity theft by not exposing your bank account and credit cards to the online world. It’s also far better when it comes to privacy. One of the best things about crypto-currencies is that people are essentially their own bankers.

Lower Risk of Price Jumps

Litecoin could spike or fall in price on a whim, but that hasn’t been the case throughout its history. It’s been mostly stable aside from the massive rise in price in 2017. Some would argue that it also has a bit more upside than Bitcoin at this point if you’re considering the investment side of crypto-currencies.