SBG Global Sportsbook Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Decent sized deposit bonus.
  • Lots of betting markets and a poker room.
  • Has been in industry a long time.
  • They're a borderline scam sportsbook.
  • Bonus terms are predatory.
  • Odds are not great.

General Info

  • 1995
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Email and Phone
  • English
  • Sportsbook, Racebook, and Live Betting
  • Casino and Poker Room
  • Contact Us

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SBG Global Review Summary

SBG Global sportsbook site landing pageEstablished in 1995 in San Jose, Costa Rica, SBG Global is a sportsbook betting site that has been in the offshore industry for quite some time. While longevity sometimes correlates with a trusted operator, this is not the case with SBG Global. Their history is more in line with a rogue bookmaker rather a realistic option for bettors.

If one searches “SBG Global Complaints” in Google, they will see a long list of issues that customers have dealt with going back some years. This is not a company that has a sterling record and getting paid is far from a certainty.

A Personal Opinion on SBG Global

What We Don’t Like About SBG Global

SBG Global Endorsements We have a feeling many of these publications mentioned SBG GLobal in a negative light. Oh, where to begin. The fact that they regularly don’t pay players who win money should be a nice starting point. If you win a few hundred or even a thousand or so, you will likely be paid, but even that is not a certainty. However, hit them in the middle-four figures or five figures and your chance of being paid drops down significantly.

Most people lose at sports betting, or win marginally, and those people won’t have any issues with SBG Global. Those that review the sportsbook positively fall into this category. Sites similar to ours that give them positive reviews are either ignorant to their scams or outright lying for their own benefit. Sadly, it’s usually the latter. The above complaints just scratch the surface. Some have estimated that SBG Global and their related properties have voided over $1 million in valid winnings from their customers since their inception.

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SBG Global Sportsbook Bonuses

Although, SBG Global has several bonus offers. All seem too good to be true and leave out quite a bit of relevant information.

Shady Bonus Terms

For instance, their standard deposit bonus is a 30% bonus up to a $10,000 maximum deposit. This amounts to a $3,000 bonus. One fundamental issue with their bonuses offers is that they don’t spell out the key terms for those interested. Instead, those who click ‘restrictions apply’ regarding bonus terms will be taken to this page. This explains nothing in regards to clearing bonuses at SBG Global. Instead, it’s an informal article about bonuses in the offshore industry.

There is nothing written on that page about the specific rollover requirements of any bonus or specific rules about depositing and withdrawing. These restrictions or rules are commonplace at just about every sportsbook online. Well, except for at SBG Global. They have several other promotions, including a reload bonus and a refer-a-friend bonus, but once again their actual terms and conditions are written out anywhere.

SBG Global Review Highlights

Odds and Markets

While their market selection isn’t anything special or above average, it’s more than adequate and may be better than some of the lesser-known operators in the US offshore industry.

SBG Global sportsbook odds

Not surprisingly, it’s a heavily US-focused, but does offer several European soccer leagues and even European basketball. However, the choices in those markets are limited. Each major US sport including both college basketball and football have a reliable list of futures and some sports like the NFL and NBA have a substantial list of game day player and team props.

Never truly a healthy option for sports bettors, SBG Global did have more attractive odds back in the heyday of online gambling, but while their odds at the moment aren’t awful – there’s nothing lucrative to chase here. There is limited live-betting and in-play betting offered on certain contests. Like the rest of their site, however, their live betting interface seems a few years outdated. At one time, they offered 3-team 6-point NFL teasers, where if they paid bettors out who were profiting from these wagers would easily bankroll them. Obviously, they did not, which only reinforced their image as a scam shop.

Betting Limits

While it depends on the sport, SBG Global offers default limits of $1.00 online and $25 by phone while $5,000 online and $20,000 by phone. Of course, we would never recommend betting any amount at SBG Global let alone $20k on any of their markets. It’s likely if you have a balance over $5,000 you will have some serious trouble getting paid regardless, so this may be a moot point altogether.

SBG Global Review – Deposits and Withdrawals


SBG Global offers one of the most secure betting site deposit options currently on the market, Bitcoin. Members of the SBG Global sportsbook can make Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. This method gives plenty of benefits, including:

  • No charges on deposits.
  • Funds are credited instantaneously.
  • Highest limits on transactions.

If SBG Global has one redeeming quality – deposit & payout method.

MethodDepositPayoutMinimum LimitMaximum LimitEstimated Payout Time
Bitcoin BitcoinDeposit: $5 USDPayout: $5 USDDeposit: No Max.Payout: $40,000 (Fees and Conditions Apply)Immediately

SBG Global Customer Support

Live Chat Available
SBG Global does have an excellent support staff. That is if you’re depositing funds. When it comes to processing withdrawals or answering queries from customers, they seem to fall short. If you have read any of our above reviews, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

When you do need to contact support, however, they offer 24/7 support via email, phone, and live chat.

Is SBG Global Legit? – Overall Review – Steer Clear

No, SBG Global isn’t a legit sports betting site. SBG Global doesn’t offer anything special when it comes to bonuses or odds, and since the company has been littered with scandals since their inception, it’s a wonder that they get any new customers at all. It’s clear that some unsuspecting bettors are still depositing at SBG Global, however. Several sites still promote this scam-outfit and should be vilified for doing so. We advise bettors to avoid SBG Global and any related properties.

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The Best Betting Site Alternative to SBG Global

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The Best Betting Site Alternative to SBG Global

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