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YouWager Sportsbook Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Strong deposit bonuses and reloads.
  • VIP Program.
  • Competitive odds.
  • Previous management and ownership had poor track record.
  • Cold-calling customers with promotions and bonuses.
  • There are several complaints about support.

General Info

  • 1998
  • Costa Rica
  • Email, Phone, Live Chat
  • English
  • Sportsbook, Live Betting, and Racebook
  • Casino, Live Casino, and Poker
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Expert View of YouWager Sportsbook

YouWager is a sportsbook that has been around for about two decades. Once a betting site to avoid – they’ve become a better option over the past few years.

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YouWager Review Summary

YouWager’s management has been in the industry for over 20 years in some form. They certainly know their way around the offshore betting industry, but have gotten mixed reviews from bettors throughout their history. However, in recent years, they’ve increasingly become a better option for players.

YouWager’s parent company is the First Fidelity Corporation, which is under the umbrella of Business Management International. The company has offices in San Jose, Costa Rica where they employ a staff of over 200 people. They accept clients from the United States and those internationally. YouWager operates a sister sportsbook called BetPop. They are located at BetPop.eu and share the same cashier system and support team.

A Personal Opinion On YouWager.eu

What We Don’t Like About YouWager

Most of the slow-pay or no-pay complaints go back some years. There haven’t been many recent complaints about them not paying their customers. However, if you do a Google search for “YouWager” claims, you will see many forum posts from users in 2005-06. The online sportsbook industry was much larger than it is now in those years and a site that was dishonest or fraudulent with players during the sector’s heyday isn’t a welcomed sign. Of course, management has changed since that time, and these issues have not resurfaced. It would be unfair not to mention them to potential customers, however.

One major red flag for YouWager has been their issues with cold-calling. If a sportsbook contacts you via phone for a bonus or promotion, don’t give them your information. Go online, check out the offer yourself and then take advantage. This goes double for a sportsbook you’ve never played at before. This thread at TheRX Forum illustrates the issues. Some players allege they are getting calls three times a week and that representatives from YouWager have been rude to them and used profanity when telling them to deposit. Cold-calling isn’t a tactic used by reputable bookmakers, especially to the insane level alleged by customers. If you’re a solid sportsbook, that is usually enough of a sell for new customers.

Sportsbook Review released a sportsbook profile on YouWager which appeared online about a month after a posted thread at TheRX. In the profile, SBR says that “The biggest complaint players have made over the years has been aggressive promotional solicitations or cold-calls; which YouWager has curbed due to player feedback and the evolution of marketing into more electronic mediums.” SBR’s word about their cold-calling tactics seems to be accurate. As far as we’ve looked there are few or no complaints about these tactics after posting the sportsbook profile. Frankly, we’re shocked it took this long for YouWager to realize that calling customers three times a week wasn’t going over too well.

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What Bettors Are Saying About YouWager

The sportsbook receives praises these days. Some players have issues with support. Most enjoy the bonuses offered and find the payout speeds to be quick, especially using Bitcoin. New betting software introduced in 2016 has improved the betting experience.

YouWager Review – Deposit and Withdrawal & Payout Options


Depositing into YouWager shouldn’t be an issue for most players. They don’t offer a massive list like some other US-facing sportsbooks, but they have all the basic options and then some. The same goes for payouts.

Deposit Methods

Players can deposit via Visa card, through their debit or credit card or by buying a secure payment voucher. This method is the most convenient for most customers, and it comes with no fees. Western Union or MoneyGram are the preferred money transfer options. YouWager will pick up fees on WU deposits of $300 or more and MG deposits of $100 or more. For those who want to deposit larger amounts, the best option would be either a wire transfer or money order. On YouWager both of these have a minimum deposit of $500 and come with no fees, but they also have no maximum deposit amount.

Withdrawal & Payout Options

Notable Payment Processors
  • bitcoin
  • check
  • debit-cards
  • mastercard
  • visa
  • wiretransfer
  • bitcoin
  • check
  • wiretransfer

The sportsbook has gotten extremely positive withdrawal reports in the past few years. They are meeting their timeframes for the most part, but one issue is that they are a bit expensive when it comes to checks.


Their check withdrawals process in about a week, which is excellent for the current climate. They have a minimum amount of $500 per check and a maximum of $2,500. This is a bit low for a max amount, and the minimum amount is too high. There is a $55 fee per check withdrawal.

Money Transfers

Players can also request a money transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram. These methods come with a maximum amount of $600 and $750, respectively. Depending on the amount requested, fees will vary but can be quite expensive. These process in 24 hours or less, and are among the fastest speeds in the offshore industry.

Bank Wires

The final method is bank wire. Bank wires have a min amount of $10,000 and a max of $25,000 per withdrawal request. These come with a 1% on the amount sent, and bettors may get charged some money for receiving the wire. It’s nice that they offer this method, but the $10,000 minimum is far too high. Other sites process bank wires for amounts as low as $2,500. At the very lowest, the minimum amount should be $5,000.

Furthermore, the 1% fee isn’t fair either. Bank wires don’t cost more to process depending on the amount. For a bank wire of $25,000, a player would pay $250 in fees when the processing cost is the same. This is unfair and seems like a tax on winning players. However, they do process them with speed, getting them to customers in a week or less.

Bitcoin Payouts

In September 2016, YouWager began accepting Bitcoin. Players can deposit up to $1,000 per transaction. They can get up to $3,000 weekly and $6,000 monthly using BTC. There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing using Bitcoin. Request withdrawals three times a week and process the same day if the request happens before noon eastern time. They have a maximum amount of $1,000 per request. These Bitcoin limits are quite low compared to just about any other site, but the fact that YouWager offers the method and that there are no fees is a huge plus.

Free Payouts

They do offer one free payout request every 30 days, provided that players have placed one bet for four consecutive weeks leading up their withdrawal request. Most sites offer a free withdrawal request once a month with no strings attached, so they lose some points in my eyes for added wagering qualifications.

YouWager Sportsbook Bonus Offers

YouWager is one of many online sportsbooks that offer several different deposit bonus options. Depending on the amount you deposit at YouWager, your bonus options will differ.

50% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus

Bookmaker has jumped on the Bitcoin train just like every other offshore sportsbook. Their Welcome Bonus is now tied to the crypto-currency. The bonus is eligible for sportsbook and casino funds only. The bonus cannot be transferred to Bookmaker’s poker room. The bonus comes as a cash bonus and not free-play. Bettors will receive a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 when they create an account and deposit with BTC. The only downside of the bonus is that it comes rather large 15x rollover.

Welcome Package Bonus

YouWager provides all new accounts with a Welcome Package Bonus, depending on your chosen method of deposit. For you’re depositing using fiat currency, the Welcome Bonus is a 50% Bonus up to $ 300. However, if you’re using Bitcoin, you will get a little better deal on the bonus. The Bitcoin Welcome Package is a 60% Bonus up to $300.

The bonus is only available for new customers on their first deposit. It comes with a rollover of 4.5x the deposit amount.

Reload Bonuses

YouWager Sportsbook Bonus Packages - Terms And ConditionsThey also offer Reload Bonuses on all future deposits. Reload bonuses are only available for North American customers. They have a 15% Reload Bonus on every deposit under $500. There is a 20% Reload bonus on every deposit of $500 and over.

YouWager Sportsbook Insight

Not mentioned as often with the top sportsbooks servicing U.S. players, YouWager probably should. With fast payouts, competitive odds, and a big welcome bonus – they’re an easy site to add to your stable of sportsbooks.

Gamblers Insurance

The Gambler’s Insurance is a rebate on losses that pays twice a year. Even if you’re profitable during that period, you will get a 15-25% of your losses paid back into your account. Gambler’s Insurance pays twice a year. Receive one net loss bonus after the Super Bowl and the second on August 1st. This seems like a generous, and perhaps, a “too good to be true” offer. That’s not the case, other sportsbooks in the industry have offered similar for years. Also, keep in mind, most sports bettors lose. They will never meet the requirements to receive a free bet refund.

Bettors must wager for ten weeks (one wager a week) during the specified period to receive a net loss bonus. Even if bettors don’t deposit $500-$1,000 on their initial deposit, they can still enter into the program. This happens if they make a deposit of $500-$1,000 anytime in the lifetime of their account. They won’t receive the initial free-play bonus if it’s not their first deposit. Yet, they will be eligible for the Gambler’s Insurance program.

YouWager Loyalty Program

YouWager’s loyalty program isn’t anything that’s going to add lots of money to your expected value. It does offer more than most sites offer when placing wagers – which is nothing. Each bet placed at YouWager will earn points. Use these towards free-plays, which you can redeem once inside your account. There are limits on these rewards. View them on the Loyalty Program page.

YouWager Sportsbook Review Highlights

Betting Markets And Odds

YouWager’s markets have improved in recent years as they have worked to appeal to non-North America markets. With that said, that’s still their primary focus. The sportsbook is now much more appealing to expats living in the US or Canada and those who are interested in betting more international sports. YouWager’s betting markets are extensive. They offer a long list of sports including the big four American and Canadian sports, and also offer CFL and AFL (Arena League) football betting. Other markets include WNBA, mixed martial arts, boxing, tennis, golf, racing, soccer and political wagers.

YouWager Sportsbook Betting Software Interface Menu

Their baseball and soccer markets don’t just extend to the major European leagues and MLB and NCAA baseball. They offer wagering on lots of domestic leagues around the world (even second divisions) and international competitions. Those who are baseball nuts will be able to wager on Korean and Japanese baseball as well. Their betting limits will vary widely depending on the market, but YouWager may offer the most leagues around the world in the US market.

There are few sports and leagues that they don’t have available for betting on some scale. Live betting options will be available for a fair portion of their comprehensive betting menu. YouWager’s live betting interface is above-average. All sports will have the standard spread, total, and moneyline bets when betting live. Some sports will also have proposition options.

North American sports offer the most player and team props. However, if the game is prominent enough, there may be for a few markets for lesser known sports as well. They have an extensive selection of propositions for the NFL every week. Nightly for NBA player and team props. The same goes for future wagers. More popular North American sports will have a more expansive list of futures, but just about every sport has one or two markets. Aside from standard straight bets on sides, totals, and moneylines, players can bet teasers, pleasers, parlays, round robins, if-bets, and reverses.

Two-team parlays are 13:5 and two-team 6-point football teasers are -110. These are the standard odds throughout the industry and are fair. Bettors can buy points but will pay a higher price for key numbers, such as the 3 and 7 in NFL or College Football. Overall, their odds are quite competitive. They offer such a large list of markets, and there’s no doubt players will be able to find some inefficiencies.

Large Betting Limits

YouWager doesn’t have the gargantuan wagering limits, like those at Bookmaker or 5Dimes. Their sportsbook is not focused on the recreational market either. As we mentioned above, their betting limits vary between sports. This is because they have so many markets. Bettors will be able to wager $10,000 on NFL sides and $5,000 on NFL totals, after that the maximum bets are $5,000 or less for each of the other major sports. Spread betting has a max of $5,000 on NCAA Football, NBA, and NCAA Basketball. MLB and NHL have a max bet of $3,000 on pucklines and $5,000 on moneylines.

Other than $5,000 on NFL totals, max bets will be considerably lower. For major sports, the maximum amount on totals is around $3,000, with the lowest being $1,000 on NCAA Basketball. More obscure markets will have max bets of just $500-$1,000. That’s the maximum bet for propositions for all sports, with some going down as low as $300.

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Customer Support – YouWager Phone Number & Contact

Live Chat Available
YouWager’s support has gotten positive reviews from players, but there have been a few complaints about the staff not being knowledgeable enough or rude. We have not experienced that in our dealings with them.

Support at YouWager is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Even in the middle of the night, their live support staff was available in seconds to answer our questions. They also are available through a toll-free phone number and via email. They respond to emails quickly. Although they quote a 24 hour response time, they usually respond to emails in a few hours.

Is YouWager Legit? – YouWager.eu Review Conclusion

Yes, Youwager. eu is a legit sports betting site. YouWager’s reputation in the industry isn’t immaculate, but they are an above-average option in the current climate. There are still probably a half dozen sportsbooks I would recommend over them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a viable choice. Their cold-calling tactics and the litany of complaints associated with that stuff are years behind them now, and few sites can match their markets worldwide, let alone in the US-facing industry. They have several bonus options and a VIP program a well. If their withdrawal requirements and fees got a bit cheaper, they might be a top choice.

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