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Nitrogen Sports Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Fastest Bitcoin payouts online.
  • Large betting limits compared to other sportsbooks servicing U.S. players.
  • Huge list of sports and markets.
  • Bitcoin is only cashier option.
  • Sportsbook is still relatively new.

General Info

  • 2012
  • Costa Rica
  • Email, Phone, and Chat
  • English
  • Sportsbook and Live Betting
  • Casino
  • Contact Us

Expert Review of Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is a popular online sportsbook that has been around for over 8 years. It has a decent reputation among other online betting sites. The one feature that makes it stand out: it is a Bitcoin-only sportsbook. What this means is that members will only be able to gamble using Bitcoin. Nitrogen accepts BTC as the only deposit and withdrawal option.

Making a deposit is quick and easy, with the safety Bitcoin has to offer. You can request 1 free payout every 6 days (0.0001 BTC fee for subsequent withdrawals); with a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC. A big advantage of betting at Nitrogen Sports is that they have an insanely low minimum bet: 0.0001 BTC.

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Nitrogen Sports Review Summary

Nitrogen Sports Website Betting Software Interface

Nitrogen Sports is one of the gems in the growing market of Bitcoin sportsbooks. The cryptocurrency’s adoption has spawned a number of online gambling sites, including casinos, poker rooms, and online sportsbooks. Nitrogen touches all these bases, offering players a full-service sportsbook, poker room and Vegas style online casino.

Some bitcoin sportsbooks have much of their ownership details clouded or nonexistent. To be fair, however, much of the fiat-based offshore sportsbooks are hidden through shell corporations and their true ownership is hard to nail down.

Though, in the case of Nitrogen, thankfully, their location and ownership details are readily available. They have operated from San Pedro, Costa Rica since they originally opened their doors in 2012. All of their servers and customer service staff are located in the country, but their marketing team and corporate offices are based in Canada. Their parent company is Ideal Media Inc, which is also based and registered in Costa Rica.

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A Personal Opinion on Nitrogen Sports

What We Don’t Like About Nitrogen Sports

As with all sportsbooks that are just several years old, there is always going to be an element of risk. Nitrogen has always paid players and quickly, but the reality is that many sportsbooks under five years old fail. That’s just the nature of the market, the longer a sportsbook is around and pays their players, the more trustworthy they become.

That goes twofold for bitcoin sports betting markets. There’s a long list of positives that go along with bitcoin concerning a currency used for online gambling, but some drawbacks as well. So many sites have opened their doors and left the market in the time that Nitrogen opened their doors, and many of them ran off with funds, stiffing players.

There are also risks from hackers if a bitcoin sportsbook doesn’t have adequate security measures and stores their customer’s balances improperly. Nitrogen claims they store most of their funds offline, in cold wallets, but this has been claimed by other bitcoin sportsbooks as well, and it turned out not to be the case. We believe Nitrogen, but even sites have misled players before.

In February 2015, they did have a complaint filed with Sportsbook Review regarding the ruling on an NHL prop. Nitrogen rules stipulate that all NHL bets are for regulation time only and do not include overtime or penalty shootouts. These rules were not listed on the page where the player made the bet, but they were listed on their NHL rules page.

The player thought he pushed his wager, but the bet was instead graded as a loss. In response, Nitrogen agreed that their rules page could be hard to find and may have caused some confusion for the bettor and others who bet NHL markets.

Though they did not re-grade the wager, Nitrogen credited the player with $100 in bitcoins and has now added a link to their betting rules on every page. They handled the dispute in a matter of three days, which is much faster than most offshore sportsbooks move these days.

In our opinion, the resolution of this issue was excellent. They weren’t trying to scam or mislead players and the additional link on each page of their site makes it much easier for players to check over their betting rules before the placing a wager.

The above blurb on Nitrogen may seem like we have issues with them, but that’s not the reality. Security concerns and a lack of longevity in the market are issues for every bitcoin sportsbook. Nitrogen is the best bitcoin sportsbook in the market today concerning odds and markets and the most trustworthy.

We’re huge fans of them here at Safest Betting Sites, but we’re also straight shooters. There’s always going to be more risk with newer shops and the bitcoin betting market since opening has been susceptible to a lot of scams.

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Nitrogen Sports Review Highlights

Betting Interface

Nitrogen Sports Betting Lines Inside the Betting Software Interface

Like all bitcoin sportsbooks, there’s almost full anonymity when it comes to wagering. However, Nitrogen’s interface and sign up process is one of the best systems around. All bitcoin sportsbooks should adopt their sign up and login process.

If it’s your first time visiting Nitrogen, you’re automatically assigned an account number which is stored in a cookie in your browser. If you visit the site from your home machine, you’ll automatically be logged in under this account number.

They also offer a unique address for each account that can be used from other devices, including mobile devices that are tagged to each player’s account. The ability to log into your account, by simply putting in a customer address is something we haven’t seen from any other sportsbook online, including fiat-based sportsbooks.

If you’re fine with this level of security, you won’t have to create a username and password. However, for extra security and convenience, players can create a username and password that is tied to their account. This is probably better for those who desire a few more safeguards to their account, especially if they are holding a larger than normal balance.

Their software isn’t the flashiest available, but it’s sleek, user-friendly and most importantly is bug-free. Finding the markets you want to bet and placing a wager is painless. Players can choose from decimal and American odds format, amongst several other customizable options.

Refer A Friend and Affiliate Program

Nitrogen is one of the few sites that offers the same program for affiliates and players. It’s a unique program that isn’t based on total revenue or a cost per acquisition. In fact, it’s revenue independent.

Every time a player refers someone to Nitrogen Sports, they will receive a 0.3% of their total wager. This is regardless of the outcome of the bet. Players will be paid the commissions whether the bet wins or loses, and for the lifetime of their account. Commissions from the affiliate and refer-a-friend program will be paid directly into player accounts in Bitcoin.

Reduced Juice

Unlike many sportsbooks online, Nitrogen doesn’t offer a deposit bonus. To many this may seem like a major drawback, but as we discuss in our bonuses vs. reduced juice article, this isn’t normally the case.

An upfront bonus is certainly nice, and players should take advantage of these when available, but reduced juice markets are worth far more in the long run. There’s no comparison between the two. Even if you’re a small time player, reduced juice is worth far more in the long run. At Nitrogen, they offer reduced odds for nearly all their markets. For all major American based sports, all the bases are covered. They offer -105 pricing for NFL, NBA, and NHL sides and totals. For MLB, they provide true dime lines. Pricing starts at -107 for NCAA football and basketball totals.

Forget about the lack of a deposit bonus, Nitrogen’s prices are second to none in the bitcoin world, and they’re right up there against their fiat-based counterparts. Best of all, if you find a price on another site that is better, Nitrogen will match their competitors and offer you an improved price!

Large List of Betting Markets

Nitrogen’s betting markets are vast. They not only offer every major sport in the world, including virtually all American and European-based sports, but leagues from around the world are well represented as well.

Looking for women’s Euro league volleyball? Check. Danish Handball? Check. E-sport betting? Check. Every soccer league on the planet? Another check. For action junkies, that want something to bet every hour of every day; there’s no better shop.

They offer futures, alternative lines, and a host of other odds for most of their sports. However, one area that they lack is their bet types. Parlays and teasers are well represented and have excellent odds to boot, but that’s about it regarding bet types. There are no if bets, reverses, round robins or football pleaser bets available.

These aren’t exactly highly wagered bets by the masses, but it’s certainly something the team at Nitrogen shouldn’t have much trouble adding. As far as propositions, they’re also hit or miss. There’s a lot of alternative lines and variations, but with the selection of player and team props leave a lot to be desired. They rarely offer these bets even for the more prominent sports.

Live betting is perhaps the only drawback to when it comes to betting markets. Their options, currently, when it comes to live markets aren’t that numerous.

Wagering Limits

Nitrogen is an excellent sportsbook for low-level bettors and those who bet intermediate amounts. It’s not yet a bookmaker who takes massive wagers. However, the fact that they aren’t taking huge bets should give bettors a little more confidence. Their betting limits have grown since they opened and as they’ve gotten more customers. This is a natural progression of how an emerging sportsbook should operate in the market.

A member of our staff did a review a few years ago, around the time they opened their doors. At that time, they had just a 1.0 BT limit. Today, most major markets have a 10 BTC betting limit. Smaller markets limits will vary, but for all US-based professional and college sports, along with European soccer, the betting limit will be 10 BTC.

Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin-Only Cashier


It’s worth mentioning again that Nitrogen doesn’t take deposits in any fiat-based currencies. They solely make deposits in bitcoins. If you’re looking for deposit and withdrawal with USD, you’ll need to find another site.

Since bitcoins are the only form of deposits and withdrawals, there are zero fees for deposits and payouts. Nitrogen only requires one confirmation on the Blockchain before they credit deposits, so most are credited in just a few minutes.

The withdrawals process is also quick and automated for the most part. Some larger requests may need approval from management, but even those are done in a few hours or less. Typically, withdrawals are heading back to customer’s wallets in a matter of minutes. Regarding bitcoin processing speeds at gambling, these guys are at the top of the list.

Notable Payment Processors
  • bitcoin
  • bitcoin

Nitrogen Sports Customer Support

Live Chat Available
They’re excellent for withdrawals, but they are far and away the best bitcoin sportsbook and perhaps the best sportsbook online for support. Not only do they have a chat room on their main page that is frequented by staff, but they also have a toll-free phone and email support.

Their response time to emails is 24 hours or less, but it’s usually much faster. They also have threads at many of the largest bitcoin forums online where they also field questions and take suggestions from players.

Nitrogen has a built quite a community around their site, which bodes extremely well for their growth in the market.

Overall – Nitrogen Sports Review

In 2015, there’s no better option than Nitrogen in bitcoin sports betting markets. Heck, they’re a top option across the board. The only knock against them is how few years they have in the industry, but they’ve done everything right so far. No other bitcoin site compares to them in terms of odds and markets, and most fiat-based sites don’t either. If you’re jumping into bitcoin sports betting, Nitrogen Sports is a clear first choice.

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